Global News and Information Network


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Global News and Information Network

  1. 1. Global news & information networks Group 3: Nguyen Thi Hai Nga – TT38A Le Thuy Linh – TT38A Nguyen Le Hoa – TT38A Tran Thuy Nga – TT38B
  2. 2. Structured presentation Terminology Global news and information networks Conclusion News agencies Financial news services International television news International news channels Global radio
  3. 3. Terminology Bureau An office, usually of a large organization, that is responsible for a specific duty. Eg: a news bureau News agency/ News wire/ news service/ wire service An organization that gathers news reports and sells them to subscribing news organizations, such as newspaper, magazines, radio and television broadcasters A news wire is composed of editors and journalists who cover stories for that particular company. Unlike a newspaper, a wire organization does not have its own product. .
  4. 4. Global news & information networks News agencies The Associated Press (AP) Reuters Agence France Presse (AFP)
  5. 5. Global news & information networks AP (USA) Reuters (UK) AFP (France) Worldwide bureaux 237 183 140 Countries covered 112 157 165 Language used 6 23 6 Journalists employed 3,421 2,072 1,200 News output 20 million 3 million 2 million (Table 4.19/ page 151) They are the source of about 80% of the public’s information worldwide & they operate in a commercial environment: “the information business” The dominant position of Western news agencies is based on professional output – a reputation for speed & accuracy in the coverage of international events, though their interpretation may often reflect Western, or more specifically, US editorial priorities The world’s top three agencies
  6. 6. Global news & information networks Financial news service
  7. 7. Global news & information networks Among the major news agencies of what had once been a global cartel, only Reuters has dedicated the major part of its activity to reporting economics and financial news and data for the business community. Reuter’s main rivals, such as Knight-Ridder, Dow Jones, Telerate, and Bloomberg, were set up mainly to serve financial and business markets. Reuters also is the leading international player in financial news and data. But the most important new player is Bloomberg. Bloomberg offers a 24-hour, worldwide, real-time financial information network of news, data and analyses of financial markets and business. It claims: “Our product drive investment decision that affect millions of people- and billions of dollars worldwide”
  8. 8. Global news & information networks Global News Channel Viewership Bureaux Correspondents Ownership CNN international 221 million homes 32 150 AOL- Time Warner BBC world 135 million homes 42 250 BBC Global TV News Agencies Agency Subscribers Countries Ownership APTN 330 110 AP Reuters 310 93 Reuters Holdings (Table 4.20/ page 155) News on television
  9. 9. Global news & information networks Case study: CNN (The Atlanta-based Cable News Network) In the category of news channels, CNN is undoubtedly the world leader. It influents news agendas across the world and indeed shaping international communication CNN played an important role in integrating the media systems of the former socialist countries into the Western fold. CNN’s on-the-spot reporting of global events gave it unparalleled to mould international public opinion and even contributed to influencing the actions of people involved in the events it was covering.
  10. 10. CNN news bureau locations (2006) Countries with a CNN bureau US with a CNN bureau
  11. 11. Global news & information networks Global radio Station Founded Languages Journalists Weekly listeners BBB World Service 1931 44 1037 143 million Voice of American 1942 53 1137 86 million Deutsche Welle 1953 35 1700 ____ Radio France Int. 1975 18 ___ 30 million (Table 4.21/ page 161) Major international radio stations, 1999
  12. 12. Global news & information networks Global radio Radio still remains an important source of information, especially in the South. Major governments continue to support overseas broadcasting. Calling itself “the world’s reference point”, the BBC World Service is the world’s best-known international broadcaster whose aims include “promoting the English language & interest” and “projecting Britain’s value’s worldwide.
  13. 13. Conclusion In the beginning of news agencies, financial news services, international television news, international news channel, global radio formed the global news and information networks, leading to actuating globalization and commodification news and information. US and UK’s media organizations produce and distribute much of the world’s news and information. This leads to the overwhelming of these two countries on the global information system. They easily distribute their Western culture, their standard system – especial those of America – to other countries, which – undeniably – plays the decisive role in creating general rules in mass media in the world
  14. 14. New trends of international communication systems The trend towards the power concentration of media, mainly US 2003 5 companies 10 companies 19971983 50 companies 1987 29 companies 1990 23 companies The trend towards using multimedia in communication The trend towards the diversification of communication contents The trend towards the diversification of the creations & different kinds of the audience The trend towards using international communication in diplomacy