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Services Marketing


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Published in: Business, Education
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Services Marketing

  3. 3. 2 Small RoomsEverymanCinemas
  4. 4. RESEARCH AIM To explore Everyman’s cinema services1. To investigate Everymans service consistency2. To analyse customers perception of the cinema’s services3. To understand the reason why students do not go there
  5. 5. SERVICE PERFORMANCE MoviesCatering service Online and off-line services Private hiring service
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY Research Desk Research Field Research Non-Academic ObservationAcademic Review Website Company’s website
  7. 7. OBSERVATIONAL FINDINGS Aspect Number of “like”Choice of movies IIIIDécor/Comfort IIIIIIIIIBar IIIIIService IIIIII
  8. 8. PRIMARY RESEARCH: MYSTERY SHOPPER Mystery shopper Focus 1: The audience Focus 2: The customer service
  9. 9. Stage in Relax at Greet Buy Take a Watchprocess customers tickets the seat movie bar/lounge Order a Further snack/drinks orderWaiting 1 2-5 10 2 25 100time(min) Customer Customer CustomerParticipants service service service Staff Staff StaffVisible Decor , Furniture, Furniture,evidence Staff Movie list, Menu card Furniture appearance Ticket Receipt“Line ofvisibility” Staff Cleaning, Or Staff CleaningInvisible training training deringprocesses Accounting process, procedures Preparation of food
  10. 10. SERVICE GAP MODEL gap1 Everyman Cinema recommendation + gap 2 Entertainment + Pleasant cinematic experience = gap 3 gap 4
  11. 11. LIMITATIONS Service availability (members of staff) Limited choices (films) Facilities (maintenance, facilities for disable) Technology (soundproof system/ screen/ phone application) Location (business people and students) Feedback (website only)
  12. 12. LIMITATIONS ( PA R T 1 ) Limited choices of movies (Gap 2)
  13. 13. LIMITATIONS ( PA R T 2 ) Facilities maintenance (Gap 3)
  14. 14. LIMITATIONS ( PA R T 3 ) Evaluation / feedbacks (gap 4) Limited ways of evaluating customers’satisfaction (FB, Twitter,website) They depend on others to havecustomers views (Tripadvisor, viewlondon) Only one way of becoming a member
  15. 15. DISCUSSIONFindings Service Gaps Causes Impact Customers