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           The latest in LCD and LED flat screen and projection technology allows us to ...
When you hire Logic Integration, you’re getting more than
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The 3D experience has come to
blu-ray movies, broadcast TV, sports
and the Internet. Logic Integration is
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Logic Integration Brochure 2010


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Logic Integration Brochure 2010

  2. 2. rESIDENTIAL SoLuTIoNS AMAZING SIMPLICITY WHAT AbouT ALL Picture this: you walk into your theater room and press a single button on your of THE rEMoTES? wireless touchscreen. The lights slowly dim to a soft glow, as the screen curtains open automatically… The audio and video equipment automatically come to life and await your movie or favorite HDTV channel selection. Your cleverly hidden theater screen is revealed, as it lists all of your movies alphabetically. You highlight the movie of your choice, sit back and enjoy. This is the powerful simplicity of an automated home. Don’t spend any more time juggling seven remotes and trying to figure out why you have a picture but no sound. With one main remote to control one or multiple rooms, your favorite TV channels will be easy to access on your touchscreen remote, via easy-to-use color icons. PIANo for THE MuSIC LoVEr Parents can have their own favorites, with a separate A live, classical pianist adds a touch of elegance section just for the kids. to every gala. While most AV companies can Crestron touchscreens, integrated throughout the house, allow you to hear only the background music, add powerful options. Change music or turn off lighting which sounds thin and hollow, we use our and air conditioning zones located across the house, professional recording experience to create a from your bedroom. Activate mood presets, such as superior solution by hiding studio condenser “Quiet Evening”, which automatically dims lights, mics and a professional mixing console closes curtains and turns on light music. Access the within the piano. This allows you to surveillance cameras that surround your property enjoy the fullness and depth of the from anywhere in the house, or over the internet. real sound from the acoustic piano strings anywhere on your property. With powerful new integration options, your ability Coupled with studio-grade speakers, to control every aspect of your system through this creates an unmatched live concert one or more wireless touchscreens is endless. experience in your own home.
  3. 3. THE bIG PICTurE IN SMALL SPACES The latest in LCD and LED flat screen and projection technology allows us to install high-end, THX-balanced theaters in smaller rooms, creating an intimate movie going experience that used to be relegated to a more spacious basement or large living room. Enjoy your favorite films and HD television in your master suite, or in an adjunct to your study. This is also a fantastic solution for downtown lofts and condos. buILDING or rEMoDELING? A building / remodeling project is the ideal time to automate your home or upgrade your system. Involve Logic Integration early in the process to benefit from our coordination with your architects, interior designers and other professionals. We work with the top builders in Colorado to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly into your new or remodeled property. our ProCESS our design-to-finish process was created and refined to make your project flow efficiently and ProfESSIoNAL CArE error-free. Here’s what you can expect: When you invite us into your home to work, our design: our integration consultants work with you to professionals take utmost care to maintain a determine the unique requirements for your project. clean environment. We even tackle the tough jobs, such as hanging this 80 lb. prewire: We install the actual wiring and ensure that both subwoofer over a hand-carved building code and future needs are met. marble sculpture. Installation: The industry-certified integration teams install new components, cabinetry and speakers and integrate with any existing equipment. Custom programming: The programming group customizes your system so it will function according to your needs and specifications. “WE THouGHT THIS rooM WouLD Training: We schedule a personal consultation and show you how to operate your easy-to-use and reliable system. bE Too SMALL for A THEATEr, Maintenance & Support: We provide convenient online buT IT LookS INCrEDIbLE!” support via remote desktop, allowing us to diagnose and fix most issues while you are away. We also provide regular maintenance and component upkeep solutions. Duran family
  4. 4. HoNEY, HIDE THE TV AuToMATED LIGHTING & SHADES Logic Integration designs and installs innovative ways for you to have the best of both worlds – An astounding theater-quality system in any room, without the room Add a lighting and shade system to your home or business and have complete, looking like a theater. precise, control over all lighting – including sunlight. our programmable systems This is the perfect solution for rooms that need to have a clean, also allow you to effortlessly save energy by providing touchscreen and world-wide, uncluttered look – kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, libraries and guest grEEN TECH entertainment areas. We can even hide TVs behind mirrors, in modified secure, internet-enabled control over all of your zones. antique cabinets and behind large paintings and in-wall paneling. The ability to control the lighting in your surroundings is important to setting mood and creating an As with all of our systems, hidden TVs are enjoyable living and working experience. Automated lighting and shades allow you to lower your heating guaranteed to be easy-to-use. There are and cooling bills, while providing finite control and comfort. no new technical features or complicated optimum home theater and television viewing often requires a completely dark room. Logic steps to learn. With just one touch Integration will integrate lighting and shades with your entertainment system, so lights are of a button on your Crestron automatically dimmed and light-blocking shades are lowered to shroud any room in darkness wireless touchscreen, the as your theater comes to life. motorized TV lift will swing into motion and Lighting and shade control also provides long-term practical value. Direct sunlight- your AV systems sensing shades can automatically lower to protect your furnishings and artwork will all turn on from harmful uV light. At night, your pre-programmed shades can be automatically (or off) in perfect lowered to protect your privacy, as your lighting system illuminates the room to synchronization create a subtle, relaxing ambiance in the room.
  5. 5. SuPErIor SErVICE & TECHNoLoGY When you hire Logic Integration, you’re getting more than a piece of hardware – you get real customer service and professional systems engineering that stands out. our staff is passionate about home automation, and we care about every project we install. our team has had years of hands-on experience working in the industry, and has gone through rigorous training to achieve industry-standard technical certification. What if the system has a problem? Many of our systems can be updated or troubleshot from our offices via the Internet. This huge advantage allows you to avoid multiple inconvenient appointments and frustration. SuPErIor TrACk rECorD WHErE DoES THE WE fIX MESSES Logic Integration has maintained an A+ rating with the better EQuIPMENT Go? Did another company do business bureau, with no complaints. our industry recognizes us a sloppy job, or does your Logic Integration designs equipment enclosures as a best-practices leader – we have received numerous accolades equipment malfunction or just specifically for your system. Most equipment can be and invitations to speak at industry conferences. We receive the vast plain not work? Logic Integration operated throughout the home or business, allowing majority of business through referrals, because we follow up to make can fix and improve your system. us to place it out of your way. It can be hidden in the certain our customers are happy. The picture to the right shows the basement or in a closet. or, we can build gorgeous in-wall cabinets to prominently display your system. wiring when we arrived. The “after” picture is above. oNLY THE bEST brANDS When we select equipment and partner with product companies, we look for three qualities: The company must continually innovate and bring leading products to our sector. The manufactured product must be top-quality and virtually error-free. The company must provide a top-notch service and support policy – so we can keep you up and running. OUr pArTNErS INClUdE:
  6. 6. rETAIL & CoMMErCIAL SoLuTIoNS DEPENDAbLE & rELIAbLE business owners and Developers trust Logic Integration to do the job right, the first time. We deliver the unbeatable advantage of superior technical experience, business-friendly service and quality of workmanship that keeps your business up and running. We have expertly prewired and installed We use top quality wiring that meets systems in hotels, new commercial current and future networking specs. our structures and have retrofitted office Clear labeling and color-coded wires Work space, restaurants, retail spaces and help the builder and subs quickly churches. We can either start at the identify the device it will control and INCLuDES beginning of the project, and create the the room or area of the structure it is restaurants networking schematics, or we can jump coming from. in at the last minute to quickly prewire a fitness Centers We also label ports, switches and structure or complete the install when you everything in your equipment rack to Churches are in a bind. Customers call us for their eliminate annoying guesswork and next project, because we go the extra mile: wasted time. retail Stores We install commercial-grade equipment Difficult runs are no problem for Logic Spa & Wellness Centers in commercial spaces. Everything we Integration. We’ve run wiring in log spec is designed to be dependable buildings, through solid rock and in Hotels and survive the rigorous conditions “LoGIC INTEGrATIoN INSTALLED A SYSTEM THAT’S EASY and continuous use that is extremely tight corridors. Government Agencies To uSE, AND EXTrEMELY rELIAbLE. DEPENDAbILITY common in office, community and retail spaces. Corporate Headquarters IS VErY IMPorTANT To uS, SINCE our STorE IS Conference rooms oPEN 14 HourS A DAY, SIX DAYS A WEEk.” “SELECTING A TruSTED orGANIZATIoN Apartment Complexes brian, Highlands Wine Seller WAS IMPorTANT To uS.” and more…
  7. 7. NEXT-GENErATIoN WE INTEGrATE THE LATEST TAbLE ToP TECHNoLoGY Custom-designed conference room tables often do not include panels for MEETING rooMS video and data ports. We will integrate all of the communications gear you need – conveniently built into the table top. by integrating with all of the equipment in the room, our table designs make meeting setup and preparation a breeze, without all of the cluttered, unprofessional wires. As business travel quickly becomes more and more expensive, the need to clearly We will create a clean, integrated look with built-in touchpanels, pop- communicate with remote clients and colleagues is crucial to getting business up power, control, network and AV connections. Your conference call participants won’t have to shout anymore. built-in microphones can be done. Logic Integration offers the latest technology advances which have made the distributed around the table, eliminating background noise and “dead spots”. conference room friendlier and multi-location meetings easier to manage than ever! The most important feature in a meeting room design is the flexibility to adapt to business change. We build in the custom communication infrastructure so the use of the facility can grow as your needs change. We combine the top microphone and telephony technologies to provide crystal clear audio. our HD video communications tools allow your colleagues and customers to see your presentations in detail. This takes remote presentations to a whole new level! Share your desktop with the room and beyond. Easily give demos, share documents or provide support solutions on the fly through real-time desktop sharing. Control everything, including lighting and curtains, with rESErVE THAT rooM a single, simple-to-use Crestron wireless touchscreen. Crestron’s new conference room booking system takes Logic Integration builds secure and “classified” the pain out of conference room management. Check conference rooms for businesses, government and availability via the easy-to-use interface, then schedule military installations that need to discuss sensitive your next meeting right from the touchpanel, and the information. Enjoy the same level of AV teleconferencing system automatically alerts all of the participants via their with the added benefits of increased security. outlook calendar.
  8. 8. PubLIC fACILITIES “our NEW CrESTroN SYSTEM MAkES IT So EASY To HAVE SEAMLESS TrANSITIoNS IN our CHurCH SErVICES.” ryan bayne, Smoky Hill Vineyard Church uNIVErSAL A HEALTHY DoSE of MoTIVATIoN At any gym, adding new members and keeping old members coming is the key to success. We understand that, and we have custom- SurVEILLANCE designed AV systems for gyms, fitness centers and recreation centers that deliver. Logic Integration has installed pro-quality systems for Life Time fitness, Colorado Athletic Clubs, and other smaller health clubs. knowing what is going on is more important than ever. keep tabs on your Hotels, fitness clubs, civic centers and churches trust Logic home, reduce business liability and protect your valuables with an Integration to install commercial-grade, easy to manage internet-enabled universal surveillance system. AV and networking technology. Secure, digital surveillance is available for your review anywhere you have an internet Nothing grabs a visitor’s attention like a well designed interactive connection – including via your phone. View cameras from your smart phone such as the information or advertising presentation on a Logic Integration system. Apple iPhone and iPad. The mobile applications are especially handy for emergencies. With years of experience helping organizations inform, captivate Switch views, pinch-zoom and pan the cameras in real time to verify and entertain their customers, we know what works and what information you were told while on a call. doesn’t. our experienced system designers will recommend The latest digital surveillance technology also assists you in record the right speakers; TV size and placement; and the control management and retrieval. Easily review footage for up to two system that would give you the most bang for the buck. months in the past, or archive footage for digital storage. Since so many people may use the system each day, it must reliable and be easy to use. our team understands the unique needs of large facility AV and networking “our DIGITAL SurVEILLANCE SYSTEM management. We implement the best practices in secure, multi-user environments and assign a tech support liaison HAS ALLoWED uS To rEVIEW AND to ensure that your system runs trouble-free. CorrECT PrESSING ISSuES rEMoTELY.”
  9. 9. 3D TV IS HErE The 3D experience has come to blu-ray movies, broadcast TV, sports and the Internet. Logic Integration is already installing the latest high-end 3D technology. Golf, basketball and football literally leap off the screen! See popular 3D movies as they were intended to be viewed. Ask about new Active 3D technology, which uses a high-resolution projector or television combined with powered 3D glasses to offer a truly immersive 3D HD experience. Get in on the 3D TV revolution. We are installing these cutting-edge, cinema-like 3D TVs and 3D projectors in homes to create the ultimate home theater experience. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE A PERSONAL CONSULTATION 303.484.8237 303.942.3594 FAX AUDIO, VIDEO, NETWORKS & COMMUNICATION © 2010 Logic Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. The company names and trademarks used in this brochure are the property of the individual companies, and are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws. Interiors and exteriors photographed and used with permission. Marketing & Design by feverish LLC