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Yuvacro innovation 1 indore


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Yuvacro innovation 1 indore

  1. 1. Biomass Gasifier Innovation I Mr Sudhir Puloria
  2. 2. Biomass Gasification Process
  3. 3. Biomass that can be used…Very wide variety of feedstock can be used with simple processing in terms ofsizing and moisture reduction to less than 20%, bulk density of above 100 kgs/m 3& free flowing nature. Agri-residues like Cotton / Shells of Arecanut, Rice husk (as is basis & Soyabean / Mustard stalks, Almond, Cashewnut, no need to briquette) Corn Cobs Groundnut, CoconutWaste Wood, Wood chips, Branches & Twigs Bamboo pieces & Pine Plywood & Saw mill needles wastes Sugarcane bagasse & Wild bushes and weeds Greening of waste lands Sugarcane trash like Prosopis Juliflora, though production of (briquetted) Lantana, Invader Bush etc. sturdy Energy species.
  4. 4. Multiple Routes to Renewable Energy From Biomass Resource • Agriculture • Forestry • Animal Waste Use • Muncipal Waste • Biopower • electricity • heat • CHP • BiofuelsConversion Gas Cleanup / • methanol• Thermochemical Upgrading • ethanol / DME • gasification • Particles • F-T liquids • pyrolysis • Tar, organics • pyrolysis liquids• Biochemical • Sulfur • hydrogen • anaerobic digestion • NOx • SNG • alcohol fermentation • CO2 • Bioproducts • activated waste • many …… treatment
  5. 5. Applications Power Generation Thermal Applications• Irrigation Pumping • Hot Air Generators• Village Electrification • Dryers• Captive Power (Industries) • Boilers• Grid-fed Power • Thermic Fluid Heaters• Simultaneous Charcoal and • Ovens Power Production • Furnaces & Kilns
  6. 6. Environmental Aspects Used in re-circulation mode with zero discharge. OcUsed in re-circulation mode with zero discharge. Occasional ph adjustment and simple treatment may beWater needed.Occasional ph adjustment and simple treatment may be needed. Gasifier does not release gas to the atmosphere. Combustion in user equipments (connectGasifier does not release gas to the atmosphere. Combustion in user equipments (connected to gasifier) is much cleaner Air compared to liquid fuels.connected to gasifier) is much cleaner compared to liquid fuels.
  7. 7. Environmental Aspects (contd.) Charcoal can be sold as fuel. Solid Biological ash can be returned to the soil. Waste In case of major user equipment i.e. genset, noise level is lower than with 100% liquid Noise fuels. Biomass materials contain negligible Sulphur
  8. 8. Can be a system for Village / Rural Electrification
  9. 9. Biomass Gasification Sustainable Economic Development of Rural India• Wealth from Waste.• Large-Scale Employment Generation.• More Equitable distribution of incomes & employment.• Great boost to Rural Entrepreneurship.• Positive Impact on migration to urban areas.
  10. 10. The Proposed Focus can be… …• Gasification is being recognized as an attractive technology for Decentralized, Distributed Generation (DDG).• Large scale implementation of Distributed Power Generation Systems of 500 kWe to 2 Mwe.• Preferably connected to tail ends of the rural, 11 KV grids.• Small Power Packs available from 10-kWe onwards for individual Village Electrification.
  11. 11. Benefits…• Green Fuel & electricity.• Use the systems to also generate steam, chilling, hot water, hot air.• High PLFs about 80%.• Quick and modular solutions with no pollution.• Generate high energy, high value charcoal & biochar as by-product.