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What is conversational interface? What is iMessage? What is iMessage extension?High level overview of iMessage SDK

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  1. 1. iMessage Extension What is it? Do you need to invest in it? SHRUTI MALUGU, MICROSOFT
  2. 2. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  3. 3. Conversation as a Platform (CAAP) We envision a world where digital experiences mirror the way people interact with one another today and intelligence will be infused throughout all interactions. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO Bots offer a better way to communicate with services than using specialized apps or making phone calls. Mark Zukerberg, Facebook CEO
  4. 4. Conversational UI • ~Billion users – Just get it • Communication – first class citizen • Messaging is “real time”
  5. 5. June 13th 2016 iMessage extensions
  6. 6. iMessage • Apple’s IM • Send content over internet • SMS supported inline • Based on APNs
  7. 7. Why iMessage extension Emotional Response: haha, hahaha, lol (laughing out loud), leh (laughing even harder), hee (utter happiness) Agreement: yup, yes, yeah, ya, okay, ok Wishes Happy [Birthday] Planning: dinner, tmr (tomorrow), [are you] free, morning, pm, later, time, going, home, late, meet, here, want [to], go, soon, now
  8. 8. iOS 10 iMessage updates
  9. 9. iOS 10 iMessage Updates - 2
  10. 10. iMessage apps
  11. 11. iMessage Extension Types Stickers Packs iMessage apps
  12. 12. What makes a Great iMessage extension • Provide a fun collaborative experience • Highlight interesting iOS app content • Provide focused content • Design an intuitive interface
  13. 13. iMessage Statistics
  14. 14. Revenue
  15. 15. Top iOS games with stickers by download growth
  16. 16. Xcode support
  17. 17. Xcode support for iMessage
  18. 18. Sticker Packs Creation
  19. 19. Presentation styles Compact Expanded
  20. 20. iMessage SDK
  21. 21. Message Framework Classes Sticker packs MSStickerBrowserViewController MSStickerBrowserView MSSticker MSStickerView
  22. 22. Message Framework Classes iMessage Apps MsMessageTemplateLayout
  23. 23. Message Framework Classes iMessage Apps MSMessageAppViewController • Manages state of the extension • Tracks messages • Works with the presentation styles
  24. 24. Message Framework Classes iMessage Apps MSConversation MSSession MSMessage
  25. 25. iMessage Apps frameworks Native Cross Platform
  26. 26. iMessage Extension cons Cannot directly post into the conversation Out dated iMessages – Race condition in group conversations ◦ Use a cloud for backend Works only on iOS 10 ◦ React native + react native web iMessage extension can launch only the parent app
  27. 27. Summary Sticker packs – very high ROI Build iMessage apps to make sharing of your app’s content simpler Make iMessage app purpose simple and UX concise
  28. 28. Interested in “Who’s In” ? Email me at for a beta testing the iMessage app
  29. 29. References