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I have a dream

  1. 1. I HAVE A DREAM By Rashmi bansal Presented By: Shrutika Sinha
  2. 2. Rashmi bansalShe is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert. She is the author of twobestselling books on entrepreneurship. ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’features the stories of 25 MBAs who leftlucrative jobs to follow the rough road of entrepreneurship.Rashmi’s second book, ‘Connect the Dots’ focuses on non-MBAentrepreneurs.She is motivational speaker and mentor to the students and youngentrepreneurs.She is an economics graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai and anMBA from IIM Ahmedabad,
  3. 3. Beginning of the Dream"I have a dream... That one day all ofGods children will be able to joinhands and sing... Free at last! Free atlast! Thank God Almighty, we are freeat last!"The author has started the book with such inspiring words from Martin Luther King Jr speech on 28th August 1963.
  4. 4. A Word About The Author“A tree is known by its fruit”and so the author’s note as it defines the book, bestas “These are people like you and me, notMother Teresa. They are using the principles ofbusiness, to create a better world” A worldwhere profit does not equal greed wherepeople come together for a greater commoncause. A world where “I” does not meancrushing “them”
  5. 5. The inspiring story of 20 social entrepreneurswho took up a social cause and made abusiness out of it. Their motive is not to earnmore money, but to make a difference in thelives of people around them. THE SPIRITUAL CAPITALISTC RAINMAKERS CHANGEMAKERS
  6. 6. Rainmakers Social enterprises which generates revenue. A new model of doinggood, not mere charity.Bindeshwar Pathak He conceptualized to realize Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of a “CleanIndia” and his struggle to remove the caste system in 1960s."Sulabh International" who revolutionized the sanitary situationin India.Saloni MalhotraShe setup the Indias first rural BPO DesiCrew, a socially motivatedbusiness process outsourcing company with a double bottom line(financial and social development), connects global clients with low costback office centers in rural India.
  7. 7. Anand KumarAnand Kumar is an Indian mathematician and a columnist for variousnational and international mathematical journals and magazines. He is best known for his Super 30 programme, which he started inPatna, Bihar in 2002, and which coaches economically backwardstudents for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutesof Technology (IITs).By 2011, 236 of the 270 had made it to IITs and Discovery Channelshowcased his work in a documentary.
  8. 8. Dhruv LakraIn August 2008, a chance encounter with a deaf boy on a bus madeDhruv realise that the deaf have limited opportunities foremployment despite their education and skills.Volunteering with organisations working with the deaf, Dhruvwitnessed the poor standards of living resulting from this lack ofincome.Dhruvs solution is to launch a courier service run by under-privilegeddeaf adults in every major metro in India. The Mirakle Courier pilotin Mumbai already employs 50 people suffering hearing loss.
  9. 9. Changemakers Those who cannot just accept what is wrong and make every possiblestep to change the way the society functions Anshu Gupta Anshu Gupta is a social innovator par excellence. He has not only identified social problems that are outside the radar screens of most NGOs and Government funding agencies, he has also been able to structure imaginative solutions to pressing social issues by recycling urban waste resources such as clothing and school materials. GOONJ (which means “Echo” in Hindi) was founded by Anshu in 1998 with only 67 units of clothing. Now its impact reverberates in 21 states of India with over 40,000 kgs of material being processed every month.
  10. 10. Arvind KejriwalKejriwal joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1995.In February2006, he voluntarily resigned from the IRS as Joint Commissioner in ITDepartment. After voluntary resignation from job, he foundedParivartan, a Delhi based citizens’ movement which works onensuring a just, transparent and accountable governance.In December 2006, Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia andAbhinandan Sekhri started Public Cause Research Foundation, whichworks for promoting better local self governance and RTI relatedcampaigns
  11. 11. Bushan Punani"Blind Peoples Association (BPA)" who is an MBA from IIM, butdecided to see if management principles could be applied to the socialsectors and create a change, which he did with BPA.
  12. 12. The Spiritual CapitalistsThese are highly educated guys from IITs and IIMs who felt thatthe service to others and the purity of the self is the wayto achieve eternal liberation from this cycle of birth anddeath, thus renounced their material world.Vinayak Lohani – born 1978IIM Calcutta graduate turned his back on corporate India to dosomething of service to humanity"Parivaar Ashram" - a residential facility for orphans, tribals andthe daughters of prostitutesInspired by spiritual and humanistic ideals of Sri Ramakrishna andSwami Vivekananda, decided to devote his entire life for serving‘Divine in Man’ as taught by Swami Vivekananda.
  13. 13. Madhu Pandit Dasa – Born 1956Student of IIT ,Madhu Pandit came close to committing suicidethen he discovered krishna and embraced the spiritual path"Akshaya Patra" from ISKON Bangalore who feeds one millionhungry children every day, in and around bangalore