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Clearwater Consulting co profile

  1. 1. 2011 CLEARWATER CONSULTING clear, simple, creative ideas!Who we areClearwater Consulting provides solutions for sustainable brand & business development andimproved organisational efficiencies through innovative thinking and process orientation.Fast evolving business environments need continuous learning, reworking of ideas and realigningof goals to sustain rapid changes. Add to that, daily pressures of achieving operational efficiencyand the workplace becomes challenging. We believe that these challenges can be overcomethrough clarity in vision, goals and understanding the customer.For this, Clearwater Consulting offers an objective view to your business and shares insights onsustainability, scalability and operational excellence. Our expertise in strategic and tacticalbusiness development enables us to provide complete support, right from formulating winningbusiness strategies to implementing efficient business practices.A young, dynamic and ‘new age’ consulting firm, Clearwater Consulting is in touch with today’scustomers, business values and technology advancements. In fact, in many ways, we representthe remarkable changes happening in the marketplace. Add to that our experience, skills andknowhow and we are inevitably unique and relevant in our approach.
  2. 2. What we do We work with you to build an effective management system around your ‘business core’.Business core is the foundation of your business – the vision and goals that you have set forth.We help in developing capabilities around this vision by: 1. Understanding / refining business goals and vision 2. Formulating strategies that bind to the vision 3. Planning actions guided by strategies & innovation 4. Putting processes in place to ensure seamless execution 5. Actively engaging all stakeholders through effective communication “We are India’s only, complete, end to end business management platform that works across all aspects of business development, right from marketing strategy evolution, all the way through to day-to-day sales operations” clear, simple, creative ideas
  3. 3. Our ServicesMarketing planningUnderstanding the market, competition and customer dynamics to develop marketingstrategies, often known as 4Ps of marketing. These strategies than guide the building ofoperational plans for new products/services, new markets, new projects and so onMarketing programs managementWe Partner with our clients to work with their marketing team/s for execution of variousmarketing programs. This included complete monitoring of various marketing activities andsetting up of milestones / checkpoints to reduce risks of resources wastage and inefficiencyVendor managementEnsure service providers such as ad agency, media buyers, print and production etc arealigned with your market objectives and are delivered to you as per the time, quality andvalue requirements of your business clear, simple, creative ideas
  4. 4. Our Services … continues from aboveMarketing effectiveness reviewsReview effectiveness of defined marketing strategies (4Ps) and active marketing programs.Conduct periodic reviews and consumer surveys to ensure marketing is achieving desiredoutcomesSales review & planningFor new businesses/products/markets, sales’ planning includes defining sales objectives,strategies, tactics, resources required and projections. For existing businesses, this involvesreviewing current sales activities and plans, identify problem areas and improvementopportunities, recommend and implement solutions and revised plans.Sales process definitionHow will the sales process work for your organization? There are proven sales practices thatare used in companies globally. These vary between different industries and marketsdepending upon the dynamics of those industries or markets. We help to define the right mixof sales tactics, activities and operational processes that will suit your organization.Sales skills developmentWe help in building sales teams right from assessment of potential candidates, training themon the defined sales objectives, process and skills. This also includes development ofincentive plans that will motivate the team to meet company objectivesSales performance & target achievement trackingThis includes development of monitoring, reporting and review mechanisms to ensure thatsales efforts are channelled in the right direction i.e. towards achievement of set targets.These mechanisms help understand the impact of sales activities on, and subsequentresponse from, market. This understanding helps in streamlining the sales efforts to ensureoptimum outcomes, and in managing the sales function, which is evolutionary in nature.General management supportWe also work with our clients with general management support for improving operationsand management of their organization and, at times, as partners in executing specific timebound tasks such as seasonal campaigns, sales bursts where the objectives are predefinedby clients. clear, simple, creative ideas
  5. 5. Our competenciesWith a combination of real world experience and learning, Clearwater Consulting hasdeveloped competencies that reflect in our work:Strategic insightsUnderstanding customer’s need, identifying your core competencies and deriving your valueproposition are among the first building blocks for sustainable business development. Ourexperience in strategic ideation helps on these core aspects of business planning.Process OrientationEfficiency in operations is achieved through defining processes for operational tasks.Standardisation of operational processes is a must for businesses today in order to remainefficient and scalable. Our emphasis and understanding of process planning helps our clientsin this transitionCommunication & mediaClose to 25 years experience of Clearwater and our partners in communication, design andmedia planning helps us guide marketing teams in creative ideation, communicationplanning and choosing the right media mix for various communication goals.Sales managementOur senior sales consultant/s have a lifetime of experience in planning and running salesteams and operations for large MNCs and small organisations alike. This provides us with awealth of insights and learnings, which we use to develop sales solutions for our clients clear, simple, creative ideas
  6. 6. BenefitOur service benefits are measurable in the short term in terms of improved operationalefficiencies and revenue growth. Our eventual goal, however, is to work with you to developa sustainable business that can withstand the pressures of changing business environmentsand evolving market conditions. Contact Saurabh Shroff P (91) 99200 56574 CEO E W Clearwater Consulting Level 9, Platina Bldg, Plot C 59, Block G, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, IN Thank You clear, simple, creative ideas