Tanzil Rehman - ''Assessing Talent Strategies With Data''


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Tanzil Rehman speaks at SHRM India Annual Conference 2013 on 'SAP Success Factors Workforce Analytics - Assessing Talent Strategies With Data'.

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Tanzil Rehman - ''Assessing Talent Strategies With Data''

  1. 1. Common workforce analytics and planning challenges cited by HR leaders
  2. 2. What Metrics Are Typically Available? What Decisions Does the CHRO Make? Recruiting • • • •
  3. 3. • • • • • • • •
  4. 4. Hmmm…so if HR isn’t doing analytics, what happens to all that data?
  5. 5. than low performers to be users of analytics Source: “Analytics: The New Path to Value”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, October 2010. Top-performing companies are 3X more likely
  6. 6. Solution Critical Roles Turnover Report
  7. 7. “ “ We know from our workforce planning that nearly 1,000 engineers are needed by 2020 and within that time up to one third of our engineering workforce could retire. This is one of the biggest challenges we face as a business. STEVE HOLLIDAY, CEO
  8. 8. “ “ • Providing scholarships to technical officers • Building pipeline in school age children and increased graduate program • Introduced flexible career paths for critical roles • Auditing operating risks and expenses for real-time adjustments to policies and programs •40+% of critical job roles at risk of retirement by 2020 •Decreasing supply of engineers •Olympics, rail system, clean energy increased demand for new/different hires • SuccessFactors Workforce Planning • Created multiple supply and demand scenarios • Identified skills and talent gaps and action plan to address EXECUTION GAP SOLUTION RESULTS
  9. 9. How do we do it?
  10. 10. •Branding and advertising •Improve customer satisfaction •Improve employee satisfaction •Improve service delivery •Access new markets •Attract and retain top-tier employees •Ensure workforce demographics mirror customer base •Emphasize performance management expectations •Assess Total Cost of Workforce •Identify pockets of excessive turnover cost •Managing salary growth •Strengthen non-financial EVP •Average Manager Tenure •Employee Retention Index •Managerial Quality Index •Staffing Rate - Expatriates •Training Hours/FTE •Voluntary Termination Rate - HIPO •Employee Retention Index •Managerial Quality Index •Employment Brand Strength •Ethnic Background Staffing Rate •Performance Rating Distribution •Voluntary Termination Rate •Market Compensation Rates •Net Hire Ratio •Return on Human Capital Investment Ratio •Operating Profit per FTE Corporate Strategy Business KPIs HR KPIs Functional Strategy Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Hire Top Talent Diverse Workforce Reduce Turnover Manage C&B Improve PerformanceGrow Market Share Reduce Operating Expenses
  11. 11. CRM Recruiting Survey OperationsHRIS Financials Labor Stats Talent Workforce Planning Workforce Analytics 2,000+ Metrics, Reporting, Analytics, Workforce Planning Benchmarks & Peer Networking Performance Integrating data from disparate sources, providing out-of-the- box content and insights
  12. 12. “Is there a positive correlation between pay and performance?” “Which managers best align people’s goals with our strategy?” HR EMPOWEREMENT EXECUTIVE INSIGHT BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT “How well do I develop high performers compared to other managers?” Dashboards and KPIs
  13. 13. SAP-SuccessFactors Supports Your Growing Needs WORKFORCE ANALYTICS WORKFORCE PLANNING Key metrics: retention, mobility, headcount, diversity, etc. Analyze correlation across talent, HR and business metrics Measure business impact of HR Forecast skills gaps Predict financial impact Scenario simulations Build workforce strategies to mitigate execution risk REPORTING & TALENT INSIGHT Reporting: query, design, distribute Dashboards: real-time overviews Insight: Benchmarks, time trends, pivots, relations across processes, etc. Performance Learning Development Compensation SuccessFactors BizX Suite Recruiting Employee Central Process insight Business impact insight Future insight Workforce demand and supply data Pay-roll & benefits Financials Employee Surveys Budgets, cost & revenue projections, etc. Strategic targets, risk assessment, org. changes, etc. WORKFORCE DATA WAREHOUSE 3rd party talent apps HRIS
  14. 14. 300+ 100 Successful implementations Days to implement workforce data 30 Years as domain leader
  15. 15. Combining natural language with analytics and metrics for improved decision making