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Harnessing a Digital Mind-Set - Is it Digital HR or HR in a Digital World? - Takeaways from SHRM Tech'16


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Like in many parts of businesses, technology is playing a dual role of an enabler and a disruptor in HR. Digitization is bringing about sweeping changes in the lives of individuals and businesses. The entire approach to social interaction and communication is now driven by the mobile and social platforms. Digital technologies are radically impacting the manner in which employees and clients connect and communicate with organizations. What does this shift mean for HR? What are some of the fundamental shifts that the function needs to be ready for? How can we keep Outcomes, Experience and Analytics at the heart of this new paradigm?

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Harnessing a Digital Mind-Set - Is it Digital HR or HR in a Digital World? - Takeaways from SHRM Tech'16

  1. 1. Blink And The World Changes…
  2. 2. Contact:Yuvraj.Baghwala 3 MEGA-FORCES WILL CHANGE OUR TALENT LANDSCAPE IN 2 SIGNIFICANT WAYS Disruptive Technology Mobility, Advanced Robotics, Analytics Big Data Analytics Micro tracking Natural Language Programming Millennial Workforce Social Trading ‘security’ for flexibility Talent Supply Chain Will become DISAGGREGATED, NON-LINEAR, ON DEMAND Employees Will Shift From Being An “Aggregation” To MICRO TARGETED CONSUMERS 1 2
  3. 3. Talent supply Chain will become dis-aggregated, non linear, on demand…high degree of automation driven by Digital 1
  4. 4. Blockbuster went from 60,000 employees to 0 in 5 years
  5. 5. Contact: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Non Existent Demand Talent strategy for tomorrow – Buy, Build or Borrow?! Extent of ‘retooling’ that will be needed! Rapid automation will re-define the skill value chain…as it can eliminate large swathes of processes Basic Skill Training – Redundant ? Attrition Metric irrelevant ? Skyrocketing demand for niche skills Rise of the “independent workers” IMAGINE if rapid automation were to wipe out all jobs in skill levels 1-5 within 2 years … (and maybe some higher skill jobs as well!)
  6. 6. Employees will shift from being a largely (faceless) “aggregation” to a micro-targeted “consumer” ….driven by Big Data Analytics 2
  7. 7. Contact: … in the context of a multi-generational workforce! Today – Our policies, processes are largely based on the “principle of homogeneity” With the rise of social media & big data analytics, we can track data dynamically… & create customized employee “experiences” Can dramatically increase effectiveness of practices… especially in the context of a multi- generational workforce! Micro-targeted “consumers” will no longer just be a B2C marketing strategy… but applied to employees as well
  8. 8. Indicative algorithms to apply predictive analytics Psychometric profiling at hiring + comparison to team profile = Predict “team fitment” Linked in network + campus alumni association = Target network Referral Talent Acquisition Browser history + certifications + aspirations in appraisal = Push suitable internal jobs Weather patterns + traffic patterns = Predict productivity & attendance Mail patterns ...Level of “tribe” association =Predict engagement / performance RFID tags … satellite tracking … time and shift analysis = Give car pool options VIC Data + SLA performance= Push notification on customized trainings (leveraging MOOCs) Commute time+ variable earning = Share options for mobile learning Performance Management Employee Engagement Learning & Development
  9. 9. For example…predictive analytics for employee retention Earlier • Attrition analysis was based on basic employee demographics – tenure, Education, Shift, R&R etc. • Basic HR / People Practices were universally applicable • Attrition Risk Assessment (EWS) effectiveness was dependent on Supervisor effectiveness In the Future… • We can track engagement levels dynamically for every employee based on exponentially more data elements….82% prediction accuracy vs 45% for manual assessment • Drive customized engagement initiatives…cafeteria approach vs. fixed policies
  10. 10. Contact: AS ‘EMPLOYEES’ SHIFT TO ‘CONSUMERS’ APPLY ‘DESIGN THINKING’ TO INDIVIDUALIZE EVERY ‘MOMENT OF TRUTH’ Design Principles to Deliver Consumer Grade User Experience Analytics beyond ERP User Centric Design Speed Vs.Scale Cloud is Step 1
  11. 11. • Onboarding Cycle time down from 6 hours to < 60 min…..using Taleo Onboarding & BGC • 96% adoption by candidates in pilot runs • New Hire/Candidate ‘Engagement App’ being launched …will push pre joining content thru app & engage candidates from sourcing to onboarding Example : New Hire Day 1 Experience enriched through One- touch online submission of joining documentation
  12. 12. • Cloud based ‘iperform’ appraisal system improved employee adoption substantially • New ‘Genpact iPerform App’ launched • Anytime feedback • Simple Interface… just 2 buttons…Ask & Give • Event based or whenever needed • Disrupts traditional twice yearly feedback cycle Example: Performance Management process Simplified though Cloud based system and a new ‘any time feedback’ app
  13. 13. Example : Floor Management through Double Robotics for User Controlled Live Feed of Floor…Mobile access/control Contact: • iPad on Wheels for remote monitoring & live Cam • Remotely controlled & transmits thru WiFi • Self-balancing base on wheels. Multiple ingenuous uses • Virtual Floor Walks • Virtual presence at meeting • Showcasing Operations floor to the clients • Remote Interactions with teams • Pre Hire Orientation iPad Self Balancing Wheels Blue Tooth WiFi
  14. 14. In summary …Aggressively Embracing Mobile Digital Social to disrupt proactively & treat the new ‘employee consumer’ as King Contact: What’s Next ? • Adopting Social e.g. Facebook @work • Natural Language Processing for Automated Helpdesk on Mobile • Delve – Knowledge Management • Wearables – Assist employees with Proactive Health care
  15. 15. Thanks