OUIVTs coursestranscendbordersAS the catalyst of knowledge         OUM introduced the MIDT             I became aware of O...
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  1. 1. OUIVTs coursestranscendbordersAS the catalyst of knowledge OUM introduced the MIDT I became aware of OUMeducation completes a person programme conducted fully after attending a guestAlso when the knowledge online beginning with the Januaryacquired is used for the intake this year A first in lecture by Professor Drbetterment of the mankind the Malaysia MIDT is a breakthrough Abtar Kaur who is thetrue meaning of life is attained in the local education milieu The co ordinator of theTherefore knowledge is an ideal unique programme is beingtool to lead an enriched life taught by experts from all over MIDT programme The True to this sentiment Shriram the world including Canada the lecture changed myRaghunathan embarked on his United States Brazil Indonesia outlook on educationtertiary education first japan Korea Denmark and this led me to visitcompleting his bachelor s degree Netherlands Australia thethen his Master s in Engineering Middle East United Kingdom and OUM and signing upand now he is pursuing a PhD in Malaysia for the programmeComputer Science Engineering OUM s e learning channel Shriram Raghunathan A firm believer in lifelong called the Learning Managementlearning he set his sights on System myLMS connects the programmes to make higherOpen University Malaysia OUM geographically dispersed learners education accessible to the Indianto take up his second Master s with the university population I believe that MIDTThe 34 year old enrolled in the On why he took up MIDT will give me an edge in fightingMaster of Instructional Design Shriram said Besides teaching for the causeand Technology MIDT early this Computer Science Engineering OUM said Shriram must beyear my work also revolves around lauded for introducing a niche Shriram is an Associate research and innovation on programme like MIDTProfessor at the Computer emerging computing I became aware of OUM afterScience and Engineering technologies I aspire to bring attending a guest lecture byDepartment of one of the top profound changes to the Professor Dr Abtar Kaur who ishigher learning institutions in community especially the rural the co ordinator of the MIDTIndia BS Abdur Rahman dwellers of Chennai by bridging programme The lecture changedUniversity An Indian national he the digital divide On the other my outlook on education and thisresides and works in Chennai hand I also strive to improve the led me to visit OUM and signingIndia quality of teaching and learning up for the programme One may wonder how Shriram practices of the university where I The true success of anyco ordinates his studies in work I am eyeing the possibilities innovation is when it can beMalaysia despite being thousands of introducing distance learning applied for the betterment ofof miles away society As such I aim to utilise the knowledge gained from MIDT to improve the livelihood of my fellow countrymen predominantly the economically disadvantaged he concluded For enquiries call OUM at 03 2773 2002 or e mail enquiries@oum edu my Alternatively you can visit www oum edu my