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This Is Dharma Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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This Is Dharma Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar

  2. 2. DHARMA embodies a transtemporal, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent super conscious phenomenon of uniting and harmonizing the universe, its knowledge, its realization and consequent intellectual, emotional, instinctual and physical behavior by people leading mutual blossoming into cosmic consciousness. DHARMA is neither religion nor science. It is not non religion and not non science. It embodies and encompasses science and religion however! DHARMA incorporates not only mankind belonging to different religions and regions; but whole universe and its inmates! DHARMA is blossoming of living beings beyond their subjectivity and actions for individual and universal blossoming!
  3. 3. ADHARMA is the opposite. It is full of subjective, superficial, petty, mean and disruptive; thinking, feelings and actions. The proportion of manifestation of DHARMA and ADHARMA keep varying from time to time. When more people become increasingly aware of super conscious uniting phenomenon uniting their hearts with the hearts of the rest, then the proportion of DHARMA becomes more and ADHRAMA becomes less. When more people consciously or unconsciously function according to DHARMA; (individual and universal blossoming) right from the birth to death, in every season, through out 24 hours and in any corner of the world; the DHARMA becomes prevalent.
  4. 4. SATVA GUNA propels people to yearn for understanding and realizing the DHARMA and deal every problem in a holistic fashion. Holistic vision brings about blossoming of; religious, cultural, artistic, sports, entertaining, scientific and ideological and even martial; thinking; feelings and activities; into DHARMA i.e. the supreme experience of the innate universal unity and harmony, by inmates of the universe. The RAJOGUNA leads to lopsided, analytical and reductionist thinking bereft of holistic perspective. This thinking leads to a kind of animosity between theist, atheist, spiritual, material; and different ideologies and different religions. Intellectual conviction, without emotional appreciation and instinctual fervor, leads to thinking in one way, feeling in another way and yearning through passions in yet another way! This is
  5. 5. precisely the cause of chaos in the global and individual life. TAMOGUNA leads to prevalence of dark forces of fanaticism, bigotry, lethargy, adamancy, indiscriminate hatred, malice, viciousness and coercive, cruel and indiscriminate violence to impose their opinions, whims, fancies, so called religion, philosophy or ideology on others! Preponderance of RAJO GUNA and TAMO GUNA promote the ADHARMA. It is said that NAMASMARAN, i.e. remembering one’s true self or objective true self; is one activity that lets us identify and gradually blossom at individual and global level and experience the innate universal unity and harmony triumph the ADHARMA.
  6. 6. One may; if one chooses to; grab the golden chance; verify this statement.