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Mystery Of Pradosha Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Mystery Of Pradosha Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar

  2. 2. PRADOSHA is a twilight period around sunset. Some say it is from 4:30 pm to 6 pm, some say it is a period of 2 hours and 24 minutes after sunset and some say it is 3 hour period including 1 hour before and 2 hours after sunset, especially on 13th day (actually the tithi called Trayodashi) of Shukla and Krishna pakshas. Shukla paksha means the white or bright and pertains to the first 15 days of month during which the moon goes on increasing in size till the full moon day. Krishna paksha means second half of the month associated with decreasing size of the moon till it becomes a no moon day or moonless nigh called Amavasya. The PRADOSHA associated with Trayodashi and Saturday is called SHANI (Saturn) PRADOSHA and that associated with Monday is called SOMA (Moon) PRADOSHA. It is aptly said that Shiva (the cosmic consciusness) performs the TANDAVA nruttya (the cosmic dance); during the period of PRADOSHA. The mythological story of churning of the nectar ambrosia points towards the accentuated process of ascent of consciousness from the eternal churning of the ocean of mortal life!! The story of war of the devas (divine i.e. innate or global aspects (manifested from Shiva; who represent the conquerors of shadripus viz. kama, krodh, lobha, mada, moha, matsar), named Skanda (son of Parvati), Sravana (son of Goddess of forest)), Kartika (son of Krittika), Kumara(son of Ganga), Mahasena (son of Agni) and Guha (son of Shiva); (Kartika also called Subramanian, Murugan) and their victory over danavas (devils mentioned above i.e. in essence superficial and petty aspects named Taraka, Surapaada and Simha- mukha).
  3. 3. The story of Dharmagupta and Shuchivrata from the names themselves; clearly appears to be the victory of the virtues over the devilish vices through the PRADOSHA pooja as advised by Shandilya Muni, probably a thorough scholar of holistic physiology. The story of protecting Markendeya; the son of Shiva; the cosmic consciousness Himself; is associated with Mruttyunjaya Mantra (“ Om; Trayambakam yajaamahe; sughandhim pushti vardhanam; urva-rukmiva bhandanat; mrutyor muksheeya maa-mrutat”-- I worship Trayambakam who encompasses, A+U +M representing three levels consciousness; Vaishvanara, Tejasa, Prajna, physical existences; "bhooh" "Bhuvah" and "svah"; and knowledge viz. Rigveda, Yajurveda and Saamaveda and emanates pleasant fragrance and blossoms us in every way!) that confers freedom from subjectivity and pettiness and from body consciusness and meanness! VRATAS are certain specific and disciplined modifications in behavior and diet conducive to composure and blossoming of one’s spirit. The astrophysical and astrophysiological aspects may be studied by the experts in the fields. I am sure many interesting and mysterious facts about the beneficial aspects of PRADOSHA period through electromagnetic and and/or gravitational influences on individual health and consciusness would be unraveled! Hence there is a precept to perform the pooja of that cosmic consciusness viz. SHIVA in the form of the LINGA which is actually the symbol of the creativity of universe and help us connect with cosmic consciusness i.e. Shiva. The worship of Shiva; (along with Parvati, Ganesh and Nandi (also called Nandikeshwar) who are His prakruti) and recitation of
  4. 4. Mruttyunjaya or Mahamruttyunjaya Mantra is actually a pooja of the cosmic PURUSHA; of Whom; we are “extensions”. Bharatha Natyam dancers bow down before Shiva, the cosmic orchestrator, who performs the TANDAVA nruttya (the cosmic dance); during the period of PRADOSHA. The moon particularly is believed to have a direct influence on the mind. Lord Shiva (cosmic consciusness in every individual) is said to be happiest (i.e. easy for access from superficiality and pettiness) at Pradosha time. Ancient Rishis probably experienced this, which was described as, “PRADOSHA time being the most helpful and efficacious time for propitiating the deity and during this auspicious period all the hosts of celestial beings and celestial gods come down from the heavens and attend the worship in their subtle forms!” The celestial beings and celestial gods are most probably the counterparts of human consciousness in the cosmic consciousness or vice versa. PRADOSHA is probably the best time to connect with these “celestial beings and gods”! PRADOSHA VRATA elucidates holistic comprehension, insights, wisdom and the genius of application of; connecting with physiological counterparts in the universe and deriving vitality from these deities and deriving the ambrosia from the cosmic consciousness and blossoming together!