Time2Change- The Hub of Operational Excellence


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Over 100 practitioners from different organizations are rewriting the rules of operational excellence.

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Time2Change- The Hub of Operational Excellence

  1. 1. Time2Change The HUB of Operational Excellence An initiative to build breakthrough competitiveness in Indian manufacturing organizations by dramatically improving productivity at faster pace.Increasingly, organizations realize that just trying to improve operations is not enough; ratherthey must significantly speed up the process of improving operational performance. Promptedby the need to cause the desired organizational changes faster, practitioners of operationalmanagement from different industries have gathered at time2change.co.in. They are redefiningthe rules of achieving sustainable growth in an ever more complex and rapidly changingbusiness environment.The immediate outcome of this effort will be a co-created book about achieving breakthroughperformance, called Time2Change. The book is India centric and will provide organizationswith the insights of achieving an order of magnitude of improvement in their performance,without taking too much risk and without exhausting costly resources.The initiative is not about picking up how to dos of various tools and techniques that are already apart of continuous improvement programs. Rather, it is about making a leap in performancelevels by figuring out the way to build operational excellence in individual organizationalcontext. This is based upon the truth that no single tool or management technique can solve allthe problems of an organization all the time.The initial draft of the book and the background work, has received high praise from leadingpractitioners and implementers of operational excellence programs. In fact, insights from thebook are already being adopted within organizations by some of the early readers of the draftcontent.Certainly, Time2Change is about things much beyond the book. By knowing about the Indiacentric approach of operational excellence taken by the initiative, IIPE, the Indian Institution ofProduction Engineers has associated with Time2Change in its quest for improving productivityof Indian manufacturing organizations.IIPE has now started rolling out seminar series on Building Manufacturing Competitiveness forIndian Industries and has already kicked-off events with Time2Change. The seminar series waslaunched in Bangalore on 20th Jun 2012 and will now be rolled out across other major cities.These seminars and workshops will equip Indian manufacturing fraternity with the approachcreated by the practitioners of operational excellence. Mastering of such an approach willprovide a big leap to the productivity levels in Indian factories quickly, without exhausting thelimited resources and without taking too much risk.Based on one of the fundamental elements of Time2Change, IIPE has also launched a bookBuilding Manufacturing Competitiveness- the TOC Way. The book is authored by Dr. ShridharLolla, who is leading the Time2Change initiative.Currently, at time2change.co.in - the Hub of Operational Excellence, over 100 practitioners arecommenting, contributing, modifying and discussing various aspects of operational excellence.It seems…the real co-creation is happening in India…online…at a time when it is most needed.Very soon, the initiative will be seen in action on the ground… in the factories.Copyrights 2012 © CVMark Consulting. All Rights Reserved.