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Brochure workshop - leveraging operational excellence


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Now there are 1 day, 2 days and 3 days programs in Operational Excellence. These are in-house programs conducted in the form of workshops with definite outcome in the capability of teams.

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Brochure workshop - leveraging operational excellence

  1. 1. Leveraging Operational Excellence Learn How to make Big Operational Improvements that give Quick Business Benefits Cost Effectively The ever more complex and chaotic world presents too many issues to be addressed too fast. It forces leaders and managers to switch from one issue to another, only to dramatically dilute their attention. As a result, even their best efforts which seem to improve performance of several parts of the organization, don't often benefit the business as a whole. It is forcing organizations to make operational improvements central to the core strategy. And, early adopters are already treading the path of Operational Excellence to build a decisive competitive edge in this business environment. In the meanwhile, the first ever insider account of Operational Excellence in Indian Industry has been assembled in an exclusive book titled - The Path: Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World. In a breakthrough approach, 'The Path' has been co-created by more than 100 practitioners of Operations Management from different organizations, to provide a reference point on Operational Excellence for practicing managers. 'Leveraging Operational Excellence' presents a set of workshops that are action and result oriented. They are designed and structured to deliver fast paced sessions with Management Games, Videos, Case Studies, Problem Solving and Presentations. They provide real learning for teams to make direct and quick improvements to business results, while avoiding the long drawn, painful and costly way of the usual continuous improvement programs. Category of Workshop Duration Expected Outcome New Paradigm in Operational Excellence One Day Understand the breakthrough methodology of Operational Excellence Roadmap for Operational Excellence Two Days Conceptualize roadmap for pursuing Operational Excellence Program Capacity Hunt Program Three Days Build key capability to identify hidden capacity in the organization The workshops are led by Dr. Shridhar Lolla, a practitioner of Operational Excellence; and a specialist in Organizational Effectiveness and Focused Management. Earlier in his career, he held leadership positions with the Swiss conglomerate ABB in its manufacturing, service and R&D businesses. He is the author of two game changing books, 'The Path - Leveraging Operational Excellence in a Complex and Chaotic World' and 'Building Manufacturing Competitiveness- the TOC Way'; and a co-creator of the book, 'Business Model Generation'. An engineer by qualification, Shridhar holds a PhD from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi. For detailed offer on Workshops: write to or call +91 94480 70081. #2304 Nandi Park, Gottigere, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore-560083. INDIA, web: