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1 day program operational excellence in service business


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This is a result oriented workshop, based on the concepts discussed in the game changing book, 'The Path : Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World'.

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1 day program operational excellence in service business

  1. 1. Operational Excellence in Service Organizations Learn How to make Big Operational Improvements that give Quick Business Benefits Cost Effectively ONE DAY PROGRAM FOR Leading in todays rapidly and unpredictably changing business environment demands improvement in organizational PRACTITIONERS performance at an ever faster pace. Organizations are, therefore, evaluating all alternatives to bring faster change in the way they work.Executives in Service and Solutions business also realize that theirofferings are increasingly becoming productised. What counts now Knowledge Baseis not just how many skill sets or services they offer, but at a morefundamental level, how fast work moves through the organization. 1. Operational ExcellenceInterestingly, these organizations are closely scanning patterns in 2. Theory of Constraints (TOC)other industries, where significant improvement in the flow of workhas given unbelievable business benefits. In fact, in software 3. Business Model Innovationdevelopment, BPOs, Banking and Healthcare industries, early 4. Systems Thinkingmovers have already taken a head start. The Program Operational Excellence in Service Organizations, introduces the concepts of dramatic improvements in performance levels and how they are being adopted in Service Organizations. It will introduce an actionable approach for operations to directly and quickly contribute to business results, while avoiding the long drawn, painful and costly way of the usual continuous improvement programs. The Program is led by Dr. Shridhar Lolla, a specialist in Organizational Effectivenessand Theory of Constraints. He is also an external consultant to Goldratt Group, the pioneers of Theory ofConstraints. Earlier in his career, he was a part of the team that built the IT centric Corporate ResearchCenter of the Swiss Conglomerate ABB at Bangalore. There, he was a Member of the Management Teamand served as the Head of Applications & Solutions Group. He is author of two game changing books, ThePath: Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World and Building Competitiveness- the TOCWay. Content Key Learning 1. Operation Centric Business Model 1. How to make quick improvements 2. Responsive Operations 1. Reveal Hidden capacity 3. Designing Responsive Operations 2. Improve Cost Effectiveness 4. Simplifying Operational 3. Improve On Time Delivery 4. Build Responsive Operations Improvements- the TOC way 2. How to Align Operations 5. Identifying Growth Opportunity 3. How to sustain Improvements 6. Causing Quick Improvements For detailed offer: please write to, or call +91 94480 70081.#2304 Nandi Park, Gottegere, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore-560083. INDIA,web: