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Make clean cimate go green


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Briquetting plant is one of the best and eco-freindly way to save environment.Briquette plant through we can make briquettes which are eco-friendly and replace oil and coal.

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Make clean cimate go green

  1. 1. Make Clean ClimateGo Green
  2. 2. Briquetting Plant • Basically, bio fuel is produced by using natural resource and divested material like agricultural dung, leaves from forestry, jute waste etc. • These all material are available naturally so it is sustainable and more helpful to keep the environment clean and healthy. • Basically, bio fuel is produced by using ethanol from naturally grown plant.
  3. 3. Save Earth • From the above picture we can judge that in future petrol and convectional source of energy will be perished. • so this is right time to save petrol and try to put in practice biomass briquetting plant.
  4. 4. Need Of Fuel • In this 21 century, there is a burning issue about fuel. There is a question arises that our upcoming generation can avail the benefit of electricity and fuel or not? • So we should think about this serious problem. The Radhe industrial corporation contributes its share towards the economy.
  5. 5. Continúe….. • It means we have introduced one of the best briquetting plant with an object to save the environment. • As compared to black coal, lignite, this plant does not pollute the environment.
  6. 6. Replace Fossil Fuel • The main role of briquette press machine is to convert waste into solid fuel. • Biomass Briquetting is an ideal fuel which substitutes coal, fire, wood lignite, and other conventional source. • Now white coal is in great demand because of scarcity of black coal, wood and lignite. • Biomass Briquetting is proved to be the best alternative source of renewable energy.
  7. 7. Use Of Biomass Energy • The most common use of Briquetting plant is producing energy in an economical way. • In underdeveloped countries like Kenya, Bangladesh there is no easy availability of electricity so they use this plant very satisfactorily.
  8. 8. Briquette Plant Project • The most significant reason to produce briquetting plant is we can generate electricity. • Briquettes are also known as white coal. As it is cylindrical in form and create zero percent pollution when it burns. • So we Radhe always ready to participate in the project of green earth.
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