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Build a Business on Instagram 2016



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Learn to use Instagram for Business with latest techniques.

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Build a Business on Instagram 2016

  1. 1. Instagram for Business
  2. 2. Did You Know? • More than 400 Million monthly active users • 80 Million photos shared each day • 2.5 Billion likes each day • International audience with 75% users outside USA • Rapidly Growing with 4x increase in last two years
  3. 3. Growth Projection by 2019
  4. 4. • Highest Engagement • Better Advertising • Truly differentiating USPs Why Brands Should Be on Instagram?
  5. 5. Engagement Instagram’s audience is highly active when compared to other platforms - Most users regularly visit, upload content and interact with posts from other accounts. • 49% users check instagram daily, 73% at least once a week • 58x more unpaid interactions per post vs. Facebook on average • 120x more unpaid interactions per post vs. Twitter on average • 4,820 likes per post for top brand accounts.
  6. 6. Engagement
  7. 7. • $2 Billion projected ad spend by 2017. • $600 Million spent by brands on Instagram in 2015. Instagram gives a powerful set of tools for interacting with audiences Advertising
  8. 8. • Mobile: 100% of traffic already comes from mobile devices. • Video: Highly visual feed is perfect for showcasing video posts. • Messaging: Instagram direct set to challenge popular messaging APPs. • Curation: Revamped explore feature makes finding new content easier. • Stories(new): Temporary moments from your life which expire in 24 hours, all set to challenge snapchat. USPs
  9. 9. • Instagram Stories • Explore Feature on Desktop • Create New Account on Desktop • Video Views • 60-Second Videos and Videos Ads • Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts • New Logo • Instagram Algorithm Announced Recent Updates - Past Year
  10. 10. The Instagram User Young Mobile-first users High spending power 80% - take pictures from phones to post Avid travelers 50% - took four vacations in the past year Follow brands on Instagram Indians on Instagram Users tend to have higher disposable incomes that peers on other social networks Top Activities on platform Express themselves with pictures Follow trends and celebrities Discover new information on topics of choice Share travel and food experiences
  11. 11. Goals Build Your Brand With Instagram
  12. 12. Strategize • Understand how to use Instagram by using it yourself. • Market research: Check out the best businesses on Instagram, understand what kind content they make, understand other key metrics such as how often do they post or timing of their posts. • Competitive Intelligence: Research on other brands in your industry and understand their strategy, find out what works for them and what does not. Build Your Brand With Instagram
  13. 13. Strategize • Define your business goals • Increase product sales • Increase traffic to your website • Increase brand awareness • Increase branded hashtag mentions • Based on your previous research and business goals, build your own strategy. • This strategy should mirror your broader social media marketing plan, which acts as your business’ guide for social media activities. Build Your Brand With Instagram
  14. 14. Mission Statement We will use Instagram for [ purpose of this social network ] in order to help [ business goal ]. Build Your Brand With Instagram
  15. 15. Content Strategy With your mission statement in hand, you can move onto your content strategy. This will involve: • Choosing how often to post • Choosing what time of day to post • Establishing a content calendar • Choosing your content themes or pillars. Build Your Brand With Instagram
  16. 16. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  17. 17. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  18. 18. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  19. 19. Hygiene Checks Get your audience to participate Build Your Brand With Instagram
  20. 20. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  21. 21. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  22. 22. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  23. 23. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  24. 24. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  25. 25. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  26. 26. Hygiene Checks • Get Discovered: • Instagram’s explore features • Tag People Involved • Use Hashtags Often • Use Geo Locations Build Your Brand With Instagram
  27. 27. Hygiene Checks Build Your Brand With Instagram
  28. 28. Hygiene Checks • Don’t Dismiss Instagram Analytics KPI’s • Track post performance • Monitor Instagram trends • Track comments and hashtag usage • Measure audience engagement • Identify influencers • Report across multiple profiles Build Your Brand With Instagram
  29. 29. • Instagram Ads are created using Facebook Ad account and a Facebook page is required. • You can create ads for Instagram using Ad creation, Power Editor or the Facebook Ads API. • It is not necessary to have an Instagram account to run Ads on it. • Characteristics: • Scalable pricing • Self-serve, instant • Robust reporting, you’re in control • Highly-refined audience targeting Instagram Advertising Basics
  30. 30. CTAs for Instagram ADS • Clicks to Website • Website Conversions • Mobile App Installs • Mobile App Engagement • Video Views • Reach and Frequency • Page Post Engagement Advertising
  31. 31. Clicks to a Website The Link Problem • For organic posts, you can't place clickable links in your posts, brands must direct Instagrammers to the link in their bio. • This calls for a need to use ads with the CTA of clicks to your website to make it easy for the user to lead onto your website. • CTA Copy – Can be custom Advertising
  32. 32. Website Conversions • If you have an ecommerce business and you want to use Instagram to drive more sales, you could use the Website Conversions objective. Advertising
  33. 33. Mobile App Installs • Get people to install your mobile App. Advertising
  34. 34. Mobile App Engagement • Get more activity on your mobile App by directing uers to open it. • Eg. CTAs – ‘Book Now’, ‘Play Game’or ‘Learn More’ Advertising
  35. 35. Video Views • If you have a product that needs some explaining, you could create a video tutorial and use the Video Views Objective to get people to watch it. Advertising
  36. 36. Reach and Frequency • Achieve predictable reach and greater control over message frequency. • Designed to optimize cost and delivery. • Used for remarketing Advertising
  37. 37. Page Post Engagement • If you haven’t launched your business yet but you want to build your community, you could use the Page Post Engagement objective to grow your Instagram following. • Boost an existing post. Advertising
  38. 38. • #Hashtags make you more discoverable and expose you to a large audience. • Posts with at least one #hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement than those without. • Find the right hashtags: • Check out what hashtags your competitors are using • Use hashtags that influential people in your industry are using • Consider related hashtags - [ ] • Use Instagram’s search function #Hashtags
  39. 39. How many Instagram hashtags should you use?
  40. 40. • Don’t use too many or irrelevant hashtags. • Use specific or niche hashtags. • Don’t forget about popular hashtags. • Keep your brand hashtags short, simple, and easy to spell. • Hide your Instagram hashtags • Include them in the comment section below your post. Once other people leave a few comments, the hashtags won’t be viewable unless the option to See all is selected. #HygieneTips
  41. 41. • Encourage users to share great content and use that, in return tag them in your posts. • Instagrams visual nature makes it perfect for UGC. • Highly effective when done right. Benefits • Low Cost • High external creativity • High engagement • Better SEO • Strong Community User Generated Content
  42. 42. User Generated Content @beautifuldeastinations
  43. 43. UGC – The Heart of Social Media
  44. 44. • Built the foundation of word-of-mouth recommendations. • Allows you to target an audience of like-minded people that follow an influencer they trust. • Who can these Influencers? • Fashion bloggers to show off their style. • Interior designers to display their portfolio. • Travel photographers to catalogue their adventures, and even chefs to publish their recipes. • Personal trainers are using Instagram to share their workouts. Influencer Marketing
  45. 45. Influencer Marketing
  46. 46. Influencer Marketing – In Practice 1. Choose Relevant Influencers Find the right influencers • You can also quite often find influencers on the accounts of other brands. Look for posts where they tag someone else as the content creator. • Use tools such as Whalar
  47. 47. Influencer Marketing – In Practice 2. Do Your Homework Reseach the competitiors and use ‘Whalar Labs’, which allows you to see metrics on your Instagram account and then compare it with up to three others.
  48. 48. Influencer Marketing – In Practice 3. Set a Clear Brief • Your campaign will be more successful if you allow the influencer the creative freedom to produce content that they know their audience will love. • Supply a ‘mood board’ with the brief. (optional)
  49. 49. Influencer Marketing – In Practice 4. Agree On a Collaboration Structure • Timeframe • Output • Content Usage • Payment Terms
  50. 50. Influencer Marketing – In Practice 3. Set a Clear Brief • Your campaign will be more successful if you allow the influencer the creative freedom to produce content that they know their audience will love. • Supply a ‘mood board’ with the brief. (optional)
  51. 51. • Two Domino’s Pizza employees posted a spoof video onto YouTube. • Inexperienced in the ways of online reputation management, their management chose to ignore it. • By the time they had realised their error, the original video had been viewed over 1 million times and the damage to their brand was done. • by using basic social monitoring services for online reputation management, Domino’s could have greatly minimised the damage caused by the incident. Online Reputation Management – The Situation
  52. 52. Decide what you want to track What are the primary ‘keywords’ relating to your company that you want to track in online conversations? • Company name • Company website address • Names of products • Names of senior employees and Directors • Names of close competitors • Common expressions – e.g. “[Company] is rubbish”, “company is great” Online Reputation Management – How To
  53. 53. • Set up accounts with social media monitoring tools • Set up your alerts and searches Engage • Act quickly • Be nice • Be pro-active Online Reputation Management – How To
  54. 54. Used Instagram Ads when launching the GLA, which was their first compact SUV. Case Study - Mercedes-Benz Post Copy for Ad “What would you pack in your GLA?”
  55. 55. The Results • The automobile company saw a 14pt lift in Mercedes-Benz Instagram ads • 54% increase in website visits from Instagram • 580% increase in website visits when Facebook and Instagram ads were combined with Facebook direct response ads. Case Study - Mercedes-Benz
  56. 56. Scheduling • Buffer • HootSuite • Latergramme Tools
  57. 57. Audience Tracking • Locowise • Crowdfire • InstaFollow Tools
  58. 58. Editing • VSCO Cam • Canva • Overgram • Squaready Tools
  59. 59. Metrics & Performance • Simply Measured Tools
  60. 60. Metrics & Performance • Iconosquare Tools
  61. 61. Metrics & Performance • Sprout Social Tools
  62. 62. Social Media Calendar • Trello • CoSchedule • Evernote Tools
  63. 63. • App Overview • Ads • Hiding #Hashtags @domperignonofficial • UGC @beautifuldestination • Influencer @watchanish Hands On Live Session
  64. 64. • • • • • • • • References
  65. 65. TAKE A LEAP