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  1. 1. INTRODUCING THE MARKETING PORTFOLIO IN MY LOCAL REALITY My city, my city of joy, of culture, of spirit, of happiness. My city, Kolkata. This city is sure famous for the rich cultural heritage but this richness lacks in the education standards and opportunity for the youth in the city of Kolkata. The city has many college and some of them being as old as the 19th century but none of them except St Xavier’s College has proved to be a frontrunner in the best institutions in the country. Here, our target market (the youth) generally choose to go outside the city to study and those who stay back belong to: 1. St. Xavier’s College 2. Bhawanipur education society college 3. JD birla institute of management(BBA) 4. JD birla institute of management( 5. Shri Shikshayatan college. 6. Institute of engineering and management 7. Scottish church college 8. Techno india college 9. IIPM
  2. 2. 10.MCKV 11. heritage institute of technology These are the few colleges where we can find the type of students that can opt for either international internship or membership in the local committee. These colleges have been consistently supporting AIESEC in their institution and AIESEC has held sessions here. But, the tough part is that the students in half these colleges are either pursuing CA or CS and do not have the inclination to do anything out of it and neither do they have the space to do it. More than 70% of the commerce students in Kolkata are pursuing CA or CS that kills are market directly but even then the brand AIESEC manages to bring these students on board but very few are retained because of their strict time commitment for the course. Engineering students have been very interested in AIESEC and the number of engineers joining AIESEC and going for internships is quite high and this year we chose to expand our market in such areas and explored more engineering colleges in 2014.
  3. 3. The brand created in the city of AIESEC in the past years was confused and the youth never knew that AIESEC was an organization that facilitates internships. This time special care was taken that even during recruitment sessions the focus was on YGEP more than AIESEC’s promotion as a brand. The brand so created this year is solely on the basis of leadership through student exchange. The city is also very conservative and is not open to new things. Parents decide the future for their kids and even till graduation parents are the one who take decisions on behalf of their children. This is the reason why conversions from information seminars and empowerment sessions because even though the message is being communicated right the conversion is low because of lack of independence of students. Parents like to stick to the traditional and conventional form of education.
  4. 4. State of the portfolio in the past 4 years(2011 to 2014) The year 2011(The year marketing happened to AIESEC in Kolkata)
  5. 5. Ritansha bagaria took charge of the portfolio in the year 2011 and the state of the portfolio in the LC was such that no one knew what was to be done here. Ritansha here then took charge and started to understand the portfolio better. The state was such like where a new member in the organization is asked to do RMR without any induction or training. Ritansha being from a marketing background pursuing her BBA started to research and learn what actually had to be done in the portfolio. The state of the LC improved in the year 2011 and we jumped to cluster 2 this year. The base was set and ritansha knew there was too much still left to do)
  6. 6. The year 2012(the year the identity of the marketing portfolio was made, most progressive marketing) This year with Ritansha Bagaria reterming the portfolio jumped leaps and bounds and from this point on there was no turning back and graph kept increasing from the 1st of January 2012 itself. The outreach soared higher than ever and the brand of AIESEC was established this year on and the brand recall value of the organization was astonishing. Relevant and smart partnerships were struck. Right kind of onground activities were undertaken and media appearances grew. Social media saw a great impact and the outreach of the page increased like never before. This year the marketing portfolio won the Most progressive marketing award.
  7. 7. The year 2013(jumping clusters, Evolution) Siddhant Jain was the one who took over marketing from here.The year 2013 was ought to grow further with such an amazing base set. The events were a huge success and the outreach soar yet again. The event “global youth forum” was so successful and it saw a turnout of over 600 people and everyone started talking about the organization. Word of mouth promotion was solid. But, negative marketing soared in the year too where after a successful recruitment in august the retention fell and the negative image of the organization spread. Also, the organization was promoted well but there were harldy any conversions from the creation of brand. PR was amazing in the LC but the conversion from PR activities and conversion to ELD was poor.
  8. 8. The year 2014(the year when ELD was focus and PR was right) I, shreyansh rohatgi took over the marketing portfolio in 2014 and from the starting of the year the year my focus was always on ELD. Whatever we do whatever we promote we should breathe, eat, sleep,drink ELD and that’s what resulted in brand creation in the city market that was just right. The AIESEC that students knew in the past years changed and students now remember AIESEC as the organization that facilitates student exchange programs. Project were taken up and OCs were setup that focused on ELD and not branding. 1. Proper segregation was done for the activities that resulted in Branding and the ones that resulted in conversion to ELD. 2. Newer markets were explored and engineering colleges were explored which resulted in good results. 3. ICX promotions were basically raising drives to create a rapid yet sustainable impact in the corporate and social market. These raising drives had OCs made and the drives were planned and resulted in good ELD. 4. Campus ambassador programs resulted in good word of mouth promotion and right message being circulated in the city. 5. Café partnerships utilized just right by creative AIESEC globes posters etc. 6. A behavior for marketing was created in the LC that was strong and brave.
  9. 9. The marketing portfolio in Kolkata is recognized as a leadership factory. Ritansha became an LCP and now an MCVP. I gave 2 leaders to my EB along with myself and 3 members from department are a part of the EB of 2015. A behavior started in 2011 continues and will continue for the years to come. Key project: 1.EP RECUITMENT: This seminar was organised for recruitment applicants and the internship applicants. The attendance was of around 57 students. The concept was such that the people who have bought the forms for recruitment were called after their GD and PI for a seminar on YGEP. There were 2 such EP recruitment sessions done. During recruitments the students were only told about the YGEP program and then at the end were told that they can also be a part of AIESEC but the journey will only be successful if they go for an internship. The students who were interested even after the their GD and PI for membership were called for such extensive session on YGEP and we got many raises for OGCDP from such an activity.
  10. 10. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. Branding for YGEP in the city market. 2. Raises for oGCDP- 12 raises. 3. No. of IXPs rose. 4. Buzz of YGEP in the city. FAILURES: 1. Should have been repeated in august recruitments. INTERNSHIP BOXES The Marketing department of AIESEC in Kolkata decided to put up internship boxes at the different café partnerships we have. These boxes are in the shape of a globe, symbolizing globalization. The main objective to keep these boxes at the counters is to attract the crowd to something unique. The globes have, “Do you want to go for an international internship?” Written on them, with a plane on the top stating, “Give in your name and number”. Paper and pen is also provided at the counter, so that whoever is interested can just put in their names and at the end of every week we’ll go and collect these papers and contact the people interested. Further these names were transferred to a tracker and then the OGX department started contacting them.
  11. 11. Key achievements: 1. 8 raises 2. YGEP brand creation. 3. Brand promotion. Key failures: Not all cafes allowed us for such activities. AIESEC School of language This project is known to everyone. Here we were promoting ASL on our page we got registrations but not enough to sustain the investment we were planning to make in the project. We raised 8 forms on system. We matched and realized them as well. We got 32 students to come for it. Key achievements: Contribution to raises and numbers of IGIP Key failures: 1. Investment planning 2. Loss on realization 3. Failed to bring in students. 4. Bad CRM.
  12. 12. IGIP raising drive: A synergy with marketing and iGIP. Marketing came up with a brilliant idea of making the corporate companies of kolkata aware of aiesec and how it functions. 200 pamphlets were made where all the possible details of hiring an intern was mentioned. The plan was to drop those pamphlets in the company's letter boxes so as to spread knowledge about the functioning of iGIP and why one should go for it. The sectors which were covered were IT companies in sector 5 and newtown, fmcg in DLF newtown and the Chatterjee International Building, Park Street which is mixed market corporate house. Out of 200 pamphlets distributed, response from 20 was received and 5 companies converted. The whole idea was to improve the brand of AIESEC amongst quality companies and making iGIP happen in a more effective way. Key achievements: 1. Brand in the corporate market. 2. Raises for IGIP. 3. Brand recall value of corporates. 4. Good return on investment.
  13. 13. Failures: 1. Should have tried in more corporate houses but by then need for raises was gone. CAMPUS AMBASSADORS: AIESEC in Kolkata took the initiative of recruiting Campus ambassadors from different colleges and class representatives. They were inducted and trained to spread the message of YGEP among the students and act as a medium of communication between the both. this initiative helped us get 13 raises for the winter cycle which looks promising and was taken up to go deep into untapped markets using these ambassadors. KEY achievements: 1. AIESEC brand was built. 2. 13 raises. 3. YGEP branding. 4. 3 raises for ogcdp. KEY failures: none. It was a successful project. PROMOTIONS •THE PROMOTION FOR THE CAMPUS AMBASSADOR INTERNSHIP WAS DONE THROUGH FACEBOOK AS WELL AS THROUGH OFFLINE SOURCES LIKE WHATSAPP AND OTHERS. •THE PROMOTION WERE MAINLY DONE THROUGH POSTERS WHILE WE HAD LOADS OF CALLINGS TO DO FROM VARIOUS LISTS. INDUCTION •EACH AND EVERY MEMBER WHO HAD COME FOR THE CAMPUS AMBASSADOR WAS INDUCTED ABOUT THE ORGNISATION AND ITS WORKING. •VIDEOS WERE ALSO SHOWN DURING THE INDUCTION LIKE WHAT WE DO AND WHY WE DO, GLOBAL VILLAGE AND OTHERS. INTERVIEW •THE INTERVIEW WAS TAKEN EITHER BY CHEYUS, AAMIR, TANISHQ OE RIA. THE QUESTIONS WERE ASKED DEPENDING ON WHAT THE PERSON HAD FILLED IN THE APPLICATION •AN ACTIVITY WAS DONE THAT THE PERSON HAD TO CALL UP HIS OR HER FRIEND AND CONVINCE THEM TO APPLY FOR THE ROLE OF CAMPUS AMBASSADOR. MANY FAILED TO DO SO.
  14. 14. This project was created with the aim of impacting & bringing about a change in all those social sectors relevant to the city. The Organizing Committee started off with issue segmentation post which raising started.
  15. 15. As a result, we partnered with the following NGOs 1. Hamari Muskan – This NGO deals with empowerment of trafficked women and their children. Kolkata’s ‘Sonagachi’ being the world’s largest red light area, partnering with this NGO made utmost sense. We have been given 4 raises from the organization. It’s website is, more details & MOU can be accessed here For matching the following poster was used
  16. 16. 2. Behala Shantinalay Welfare Society – This NGO deals with Old Age Women Care. Its not just any old age women care, but care for those women who have been abandoned or have lost their family in tragic accidents. Again with Kolkata having maximum old age population in the country, such a partnership is relevant. More details and MOU can be accessed here Following posters were used for matching
  17. 17. 3. Paripurnata – This NGO partnership again is very relevant to the city scenario. Paripurnata deals with care and counseling of women suffering with dementia and those who are mentally ill. These women come from various walks of life, those women who have bssn traumatized and need psychological care and counseling. The official website of the NGO is More details & MOU can be accessed here. This NGO provided us with 5 raises. The following posters were used for matching
  18. 18. 4. Care & Counseling 5. Sir Sayed School Both the above NGOs/Schools partnered deal with a similar issue, i.e, Care & Teaching of Less Privileged Disabled Children. This issue is again relevant to the city because Kolkata as a city has a high number of children being trafficked and afflicted with physical harm. Both the partnerships are good starts to impact these issues. Further details & MOU can be accessed here & here. No specific posters were made for matching these projects. Apart from above partnerships, and 17 raises from them, we achieved 3 raises from old clients in field of dancing. For matching 2 Matching Mania’s were held. They’re as follows
  19. 19. Although there were no conversions from the Matching Manias they did attract the EPs for later matches. A lot of effort was put in Facebook/Offline matching. But because of Timeline delays & GIS shift, much wasn’t achieved. All in all the City Issues Project has established itself strongly to become a Local Project in 2015 for the LC. Total raises- 35 SUCCESSFUL PROJECT
  20. 20. Teams that contributed majorly to my term as a Chief Marketing Officer 1. My Executive board UDAAN If they were not there I would have lost my patience by now. 2.My department ‘The Marketeers’
  21. 21. My support system. My life. They defined my AIESEC journey. 3.The godfather family: this Y2B and GV OC taught me what learning from mistakes is. my planning for the event I thought was correct and I did whatever I could but I later realized that I can never always be right. Biggest learning phase in my life till today. They taught me what hitting rock bottom is when you see 150 people sitting in the audience where your target was 1000. They taught me what failing is.