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Presentation on google by shivansh

  2. 2. FOUNDERS OF GOOOOOOOGLEFOUNDER OF GOOGLE Larry Page (American) Surgey Brin (Russian) In 1995 At Stanford University
  3. 3. H I S T O R Y O F G O O G L E • Google Inc. was founded in 1995 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. • They were computer science students at Stanford University and became friends while attending a school event. • In 1996, they developed their first search engine called “BackruB”. This attempt was not very successful • Brin and Page continued their efforts and in 1997, Google came to life.
  4. 4. • They wanted the name of their new search engine to represent an infinity of information. • the word “google” is made up from the mathematical term “googol”, which is used for the numBer represented by the numerical 1 followed by 100 zeros • By the end of 1998, google was named one of the “top 100 weB sites” By pc magazine. • Google entered the NASDAQ stock market on Aug. 19, 2004. • The price of their stock on the very first day was $85 dollars.
  5. 5. F I N A N C I A L S • Google has been a very profitable company as a whole. • Exactly one year after entering the stock market, the price of Google stock was $280.oo dollars. • By October of 2007, it has reached $707.00 dollars. • google’s average stock price presently, sells at about $480.00.
  6. 6. 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Total Revenue: 23,650.56 21,795.55 16,593.99 10,604.92 6,138.56 Gross Profit: 14,806.45 13,174.04 9,944.90 6, 379.89 3,561.47 April 2010, 1st Quarter reported revenues: $6.77 billion dollars July 2010, 2nd Quarter reported revenues: $6.82 billion dollars
  8. 8. RECOMMENDATIONS Diversify earnings not products Country Revenue % US 61% UK 14% Rest Of World 25%
  9. 9. COUNTRY ANALYSIS Country Users (Mn) Usage Growth (2000-2007) US 210.00 120.80% China 162.00 620.00% Japan 86.30 83.30% India 42.00 740.00% Brazil 39.15 682.8% World 1173.00 225.00%
  10. 10. Global Market Share in Search 53.30% 20.10% 13.60% 13% Google Yahoo MSN Others Total search in year 2006  99.57 Bn Google is doing 138.1 Mn search per day
  13. 13. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Advertising
  14. 14. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Video Blogging
  15. 15. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Social Networking
  16. 16. Top Competitors Being from partners to rivals, Apple is one of the toughest opponents for Google in the year 2010. Today, Apple and Google have been locking their horns in the field of Smartphone, Mobile App Store, OS, Mobile Ad, and Online Music and so on. Likewise, Apple is more than up to the task of battling Google in these areas as well as browsers, where Google Chrome competes against Apple Safari. But battle between will intensify, as the market for the digital music and smartphones is all set for growth in 2010. google’s music search along with its partner MySpace and Pandora are looking to compete with apple’s itunes, which was the no 1 music retailer in united states in 2009. further, google’s android will have tough time as apple’s iPhones continues to grab hold of the market all round the globe 1. APPLE
  17. 17. 2. MICROSOFT Microsoft has one of the most dominant impact in the IT industry. So without a douBt it is google’s Biggest adversary in 2010 and these two giants will be locking their horns for market supremacy in areas such as search, collaboration tools and browsers Talking of these two giants, Google has reigned as leaders in search, but with release of BING in May 2009, Microsoft has raised few questions amongst in google’s management team. with features such as ranking search results based on relevancy to other users, Microsoft has linked Bing-related deals with Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo. Microsoft have enhanced Bing, adding image search and mapping. But in response Google have unveiled real time search. In December, Google also added a photo search capability, a dictionary and a translator that finds relevant content in 40 languages. Entering 2010, Google still dominates search, with more than 70% of the market. Apart from search, the battle is likely to focus on cloud based collaboration tool.
  18. 18. 3.AMAZON in 2009, google’s effort of scanning millions of out-of-print books and incorporating them in online search did gain up some momentum and helped themselves to publish over 500000 digital books for free to customers of Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook, which is due in January. Further, there claims of opening up Google Editions, an e-book store, has opened up new rivalry with Amazon. 4. FACEBOOK Facebook, probably the most popular stuff in the internet right now, has attracted 350 million active users in just six years and is subject of interest for the guys at Google too. In 2010, Google and Facebook rivalry is likely to heat up based on question that about the way people will find their information in future. With ever increasing use of social networking and the rise of faceBook, google’s worry seems to Be a viaBle one
  19. 19. Orkut offers Google Friend Connect, a tool for Web publishers to add social networking content to their sites, in direct competition with similarly named Facebook Connect 5. MOZILLA With release of Google Chrome, Google has stepped into ever so popular browse battle. Mozilla has been in the markets for years and now this step from Google is likely to create the conflict of interest between these two. Of late, the war between the two has heated up even more. The battle has now gone to the default search. Mozilla now has shown intent to kick Google out from its default search engine status. The latest rumours on the internet show that Mozilla is now eyeing to get a deal with Microsoft to make Bing as its default search engine in Firefox
  20. 20. 6 YAHOO when it comes to search, one of google’s Biggest competitors Besides Microsoft is Yahoo. Yahoo has been in the market with variety of products in areas of email, Messenger, News, Search and Analytics services. So without doubt it will be a fearsome competitor for Google. In 2009, Yahoo made some improvements by integrating search with its rich content. Users can watch videos or stream music straight from the Yahoo search results page.
  21. 21. 7 IBM By now it’s quite crystal clear that 2011 will the year where Big internet giants will be trying to gain whole lot of market share that will be up for grab in areas of collaboration tools. So, 2011 is likely to reopen google’s rivalry with iBm with the release of new collaBoration tools such as Google Wave. Google has stepped into the battle field with its low cost hosted collaboration tools such as Google Apps. Google will compete against iBm’s lotus lives, which has attracted more than 2 million businesses in the last two years 8 TWITTER no douBt if faceBook is in rise, than it’s no difference with twitter. if social networking is the way to go, then Google will certainly find Twitter in its way Twitter, a micro-blogging site, has in a way volutionized the way we communicate these, google’s friend connect will face tough competitions for twitter’s connect in 2011 as twitter looks to move up the rank in the areas of Social
  22. 22. STRENGTHS ANALYSIS Weaknesses Analysis
  23. 23. GOOGLE PRODUCTS Weather Who links to you?
  24. 24. Financial information SITE SEARCH
  25. 25. Music Cached information
  26. 26. Shopping Books
  27. 27. The Googleplex
  28. 28. Image search
  29. 29. Video result Video search
  30. 30. Google Code
  31. 31. BLOGGER ( & BETA)
  32. 32. Gmail groups
  33. 33. Picasa web
  34. 34. Google Talk
  35. 35. Google Apps Google Trends
  37. 37. Introduction to Android • Open software platform for mobile development. • A complete stack – OS, Middleware, Applications. • An Open Handset Alliance (OHA) project. • Powered by Linux operating system. • Fast application development in Java. • Open source under the Apache license TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON ANDROID :2011 40
  38. 38. Android Architecture TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON ANDROID:2011 41
  39. 39. Android has many components TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON ANDROID:2011 42
  40. 40. What is the Open Handset Alliance TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON ANDROID:2011 43 → It's a collaboration of several companies.Its a group of 79 hardware,software and telecom companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices.
  41. 41. Different versions of Android OS Android 1.5 Code Name: Cupcake Release Date: 30 April 2009 Major Features:  Uploading videos to YouTube and pictures to Picasa directly from the phone  New widgets and folders that can populate the Home screens  Bluetooth A2DP support  Ability to record and watch videos through camcorder mode  A new soft-keyboard with text-prediction.  Animated screen transitions.
  42. 42. Different versions of Android OS Android 1.6 Code Name: Donut Release Date: 15 September 2009 Major Features:  An integrated camera, camcorder, and gallery interface  Gallery now enables users to select multiple photos for deletion  Updated Voice Search, with faster response and deeper integration with native applications, including the ability to dial contacts  Updated search experience to allow searching bookmarks, history, contacts, and the web from the home screen.  Updated technology support for CDMA/EVDO, 802.1x, VPNs, and a text-to-speech engine.  Support for WVGA screen resolutions.  Speed improvements in searching and camera applications.  Gesture framework and GestureBuilder development tool.  Google free turn-by-turn navigation.
  43. 43. Different versions of Android OS` Android 2.1 Code Name: Eclair Release Date: 26 October 2009 Major Features:  Optimized hardware speed  Support for more screen sizes and resolutions  New Browser UI and HTML5 support  New Contacts List  Microsoft Exchange support  MotionEvent class enhanced to track multi-touch events  Bluetooth 2.1  Improved Google Maps 3.1.2  Built in flash support for Camera  Digital Zoom  Live Wallpapers
  44. 44. Different versions of Android OS Android 2.2 Code Name: Froyo Release Date: 20 May 2010 Major Features:  Android OS speed, memory, and performance optimizations  Application speed improvements courtesy of JIT implementation  Integration of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application  Increased Microsoft Exchange support (security policies, auto- discovery, GAL look-up, calendar synchronization, remote wipe)  Improved application launcher with shortcuts to Phone and Browser applications
  45. 45. Different versions of Android OS Android 2.2(Continued....) Code Name: Froyo Release Date: 20 May 2010 Major Features:  USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality  Updated Market application with batch and automatic update features  Quick switching between multiple keyboard languages and their dictionaries  Voice dialing and contact sharing over Bluetooth  Browser can now display animated GIFs  Support for installing applications to the expandable memory  Adobe Flash 10.1 support
  46. 46. Different versions of Android OS Android 2.3 Code Name: Gingerbread Release Date: 2 Feb 2011 Major Features:  Support for WebM video playback  Support for Near Field Communication(NFC)
  47. 47. Different versions of Android OS Android 2.4 Code Name: Icecream sandwitch Release Date:October 19, 2011 Major Features:  UI inspiration from Honeycomb for Phone form factor  Gaming improvements  Cloud Music  Tight Cloud integration to backup apps, app data, preferences.
  48. 48. Android Market You can publish your application and allow users to install it any way you choose, including from your own web server or from Android market. Android Market is a service that makes it easy for users to find and download Android applications to their Android-powered devices. To publish your application on Android Market, you first need to register with the service using a Google account and agree to the terms of service. Once you are registered, you can upload your application to the service whenever you want, update it as many times as you want, and then publish it when you are ready. Once published, users can see your application, download it, and rate it. If you plan to publish your application on Android Market, you must make sure that it meets the requirements listed below, which are enforced by the Market server when you upload the application- 1)Application must be signed. 2)must define both version code and version name. 3)must define android icon and lebel.
  49. 49. How is Android environment growing?  Google's Android was expected to become the world's second most- used smart phone OS by 2012, after the Symbian OS.  5 months ago 200,000 Android devices were activated each day. Today, it’s 350,000 per day. In fact for every baby born in the U.S. each day, 30 Android devices are activated.  Now Android OS is running on several no of devices .
  50. 50. Devices Running Android OS Dell Streak A tablet computer by Dell, running on Android 2.2  Fast 1GHz Snapdragon ARM-based mobile processor from Qualcomm  A sharp 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA (800x480)
  51. 51. Devices Running Android OS Olive Pad A tablet computer by Olive 7” Capacitive Touch screen Running on Android 2.2(Froyo)
  52. 52. Devices Running Android OS
  53. 53. Devices Running Android OS Even Washing machine and oven runs on Android !
  54. 54. Distribution in different versions Android 1.5 - 2.3% Android 1.6 - 3.0% Android 2.1 - 24.5% Android 2.2 - 65.9% Android 2.3 - 1.0% Android 2.3.3 - 3.0% Android 3.0 - 0.3%
  55. 55. GOOGLE FUN FACTS Google staffs more than 2, 668 employees who are known as Googlers. The company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA is the Googleplex. Google’s chef has also worked for the rock band The Grateful Dead and George Clinton. In 2002, American Dialect Society members voted “Google” “the most useful” Word of the Year. The verb “google”, was added to the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006.