Weight loss techniques


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Bariatric surgery or weight-loss surgery is considered to allow patients to get long-term, considerable weight loss. The surgery significantly diminishes the caloric intake through either restricting the quantity of food patients can consume or allowing for a small amount of malabsorption of ingested food.

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Weight loss techniques

  1. 1. Time for new strategy to losing the weight.
  2. 2. What is weight loss? o Weight loss is nothing But is a reduction of the total body mass. o It can happen by coincidence due to an primary disease or can happen from a mindful attempt to improve an actual or supposed overweight .
  3. 3. Methods for losing the weight • Normal way. • Medical Way.
  4. 4. Normal way of losing the weight • Instead of the fixed 3 meals in a day, eat only when you are really hungry, and eat what you want but try to be well. • Avoid cake, chocolate, brownies, potato chips, fizzy drinks, ice cream, or any junk food especially high calories food.
  5. 5. Continue… • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. • Avoid the food that contain a lot of sugar like sodas or juices. • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, especially when you feel bit hungry.
  6. 6. Continue… • Take one spoon of honey with the warm water daily in the morning . It will help you a lot. • Don’t forget to do the exercise daily in the morning around 1 hour.
  7. 7. Medical way to lose the weight. • weight loss surgery also known as Bariatric surgery includes a range of procedures performed on person who are overweight. Weight loss is possible by minimizing the size of the stomach or through removal of a portion of the stomach.
  8. 8. Continue… • Weight loss surgery is one of the best and most effective method to reduce the weight.
  9. 9. Type of Weight loss surgery • • • • Gastric Banding. Gastric Bypass. Gastric sleeve resection. Biliopancreatic Diversion.
  10. 10. Advantage of Weight loss surgery • The biggest Advantage of weight loss surgery is that, it is long term and permanent solution. • It will help you to remove the Type 2 diabetes. • 50-60% excess weight loss. • gastric band surgery is a low risk procedure.
  11. 11. Presented By: Dr. Saurabh Mishra. http://www.lapsurg.in/
  12. 12. Thank You