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online vs offline shopping


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brief description and method to do analysis on online and offline shopping modes

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online vs offline shopping

  1. 1. EXPLORING SHOPPING MODES: ONLINE VS OFFLINE SHOPPING OF GARMENTS IN JODHPUR Norin Deshwali Shivani Yadav Shreya Chaudhary Sunanda Ghorai Guided by Mr. Yuvraj Garg, Dr. Ankita Shrivastava National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Jodhpur
  2. 2. • Growth of Internet • Advancement in technology • Online shopping Vs Offline shopping Introduction
  3. 3. • To find out consumer motivations to engage in online shopping versus physical store shopping. • To find out the perceived benefits and drawbacks of internet shopping versus physical store shopping. Objective
  4. 4. • Survey method • Qualitative research • Target population: 18 years to 50 years • Sample size: 50 • Primary data: Questionnaire Research Design
  5. 5. Online shopping Offline shopping Accessibility, socialization, convenience, Reliability, trust, security Complete product information Quality, touch and feel of the product Varieties and more brand products available Source of entertainment Motivational Factors
  6. 6. • Surveys are very useful in collecting data • Shopping is a socio-economic issue • Survey done through questionnaire Rational For The Choice of Methodology
  7. 7. • Limited to the shopping process • Not focusing on the industries or the companies • Concerned with the decision of the consumer for shopping mode. Limitations
  8. 8. Data Analysis Findings and Analysis
  9. 9. • Most of the people covered in our survey were students who opted mostly for online shopping. • Online shopping has various factors which affect the consumers: – Product Information – Time – Access of internet – Attractive advertisements • Physical shopping is still a trend in the local people of Jodhpur because of: – Quality – Assurance – Source of entertainment. Conclusions
  10. 10. THANK YOU