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  1. 1. 11 Nov, 2009 Mr. ………………………………….. ………………………………………. ………………………………………. Kathmandu, Nepal Dear Mr. …………………., Sub: Proposal for organizing Fair at DECC In response to your query, for organizing Capital Expo 2009 at Direction Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) from 25 – 26 December 2007, I take a pleasure in enclosing the details of the venue and other facilities available along with the financial offer. Direction Exhibition and Convention Center provides all types of facilities, utilities and support required to organize any kind of exhibitions. Apart from this, it also provides various value added services to its clientele through its expertise and knowledge base in the filed. DECC provides all this in a very affordable rate without any hidden cost. Being an experienced exhibition organizer ourselves, I believe we can understand and relate more to your requirements and aspirations. Thus, I am confident that we can fulfill all these requirements and aspirations. Regardless of how far you have developed your plans, we would like to have an opportunity to work with you and assist you in your endeavor. As a generous effort to build a long lasting business relationship with you, I am pleased to offer you an exclusive rate for our proposal. Please refer to attached documents for detail price proposal. Also, please find documents consisting of service details, DECC profile and terms and conditions. Thank you very much for your kind co-operation and consideration. Sincerely Yours, Dipak K Thapa Director – Business Development Financial Proposal
  2. 2. S.N Days No of Area (sqm) Rate Per day Total Amount days (Discounted) 1 Friday, Saturday and 3 Stall (3x3) Sunday = 60 stalls (Full Exhibition hall) 150,000.00 450,000.00 2 Seminar Hall (For 1 Theater: 150 pax Opening Ceremony capacity 15,000.00 - Total 450,000.00 13% VAT 58,500.00 Total 508,500.00 Above cost Includes: • Full Fabricated Exhibition Hall (every stall includes 1 table, 2 chairs, fascia) • Wireless Internet connection • Business Center facilitated with media , secretariat services and stationary items • 24 Hours Security Services • Continuous Housekeeping • Drinking Mineral water for visitor/exhibitor Additional Facilities provided: S.N Particular Total Amount Per pax 1 Buffet Lunch Set 550.00 2 Hi Tea 280.00 3. Lunch and Hi Tea Set 500.00 * menu attached S.No Particular Rate Per day 1 Telephone facility (in every stall) 2,000.00 2 Liason Office 1,000.00 3 Business chambers 2,000.00 4 VIP Room 1,000.00 5 Seminar Hall 15,000.00 6 Multipurpose Hall 15,000.00 Conditions:
  3. 3. • The amount stated above is in Nepalese Currency. • Payment of Rental o Advance payment equals to 25% of the total rental shall be paid at the time of booking of the space. Balance 75% of the stated rental must be paid 15 days prior the opening date of the Exhibition/Event. o Extra 20% of the total rental should be submitted as security deposit, which will be refunded upon the issuance of no damage note and account clearance note of the extra facilities used by DECC. o The booking of hall will be confirmed after advance payment of total rental i.e. 25% of total rental. o All payment shall be made by banking channel only. • Rental Refund: In case of cancellation of the exhibition/event following condition will be applied: o In case of the receipt of prior written notice before the 15 days of the event, refund shall be made after deducting 25% of the rental amount. o In case of the receipt of prior written notice before the 7 days of the event, refund shall be made after deducting 50% of the rental amount. o Henceforth no claim or refund shall be made.
  4. 4. MoU CONTRACT FOR EXHIBITION HALL SERVICES This agreement is entered in to this 11 Day of November 2009 and shall be treated as the official “Instruction to Proceed” till the end of ‘Capital Expo 2009’ 24 – 26 December 2009. Between DIRECTION EXHIBITION & CONVENTION CENTER (DECC), having its business address at 4th Floor, United World Trade Centre, Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel: +977-1-4117101~104 Fax: +977-1-4117105 duly represented by Mr. Dipak K Thapa, Director – Business Development, hereinafter referred to as “The First Party”. And ……………………………………………... having its business address at ……………………….., Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel: +977-1-4269782, Fax: +977-1-4250289 duly represented by Mr. ………………………………., ………………, hereinafter referred to as “The Second Party”. NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, both the parties have agreed the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Terms of Reference i. “The First Party” means DIRECTION EXHIBITION & CONVENTION CENTER (DECC). and its successor in title or assigns. ii. "The Second Party" means ……………………………….. with whom a contract incorporating these relation, terms & conditions is made. iii. "The Exhibition" means the exhibition referred to on the application form. iv. “The Contract" means the Application/Contract Form and these Regulation Terms and Conditions. v. "The Regulation" means the regulations, terms and conditions in this agreement. 2. Participation i. The signing of the Contract shall constitute an offer by The Second Party. The acceptance by The First Party shall be made by sending an acknowledgement whereupon The Contract shall forthwith have effect in accordance with the terms hereof. Any variation of The Contract shall be in writing and shall be signed by both parties. 3. Application for Hall Booking i. To book the hall, The Second Party shall submit the written application along with the application form provided by The First party duly signed by the authorized official of The Second Party. ii. Rental Amount: Total rental amount is NRs. 450,000.00 (Exclusive of VAT)
  5. 5. 4. Duration and Time of the Exhibition i. The duration of the contract shall be for the days stated in the contract from 24 – 26 December 2009. ii. The opening hour of the exhibition hall for the organizer is from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. 5. Payment of Rental i. Advance payment equals to 25% of the total rental payable by The Second Party must accompany a Contract Form for the booking of space. Balance 50 % of the stated rental must be paid 15 days prior the opening date of the Exhibition/Event. ii. Remaining Balance payment of 25% of the stated rental must be paid before the completion of the exhibition. Only after which The Second Party will be allowed to clear the exhibition venue. iii. The First Party will not be obliged to provide the hall against the non payment of the contract amount as per the sub clause i, ii, of clause 5. iv. In case of any damage to the exhibition venue due to the negligence of The Second Party during the rental period, The Second Party shall either replace or repair the damage to bring it to it original stage or pay for the same as per request of the first party. v. All payment shall be made through account payee cheque only. 6. Rental Refund In case of cancellation of the exhibition/event by The Second Party following condition will be applied. i. Prior written notice received before the 15th day of the event shall deduct 25% of the rental amount. ii. Prior written notice received before the 7th day of the event shall deduct 50% of the rental amount. iii. Henceforth no claim or refund shall be made. iv. In case of cancellation of the exhibition/event by The First Party except than in the case describe in the clause 14, The First Party shall refund all the payment received from second party till that date. 7. Space Allocation & Use i. The First Party reserve all powers to allot space and all decisions to such effect shall be final. ii. The Second Party shall inform The First Party for any changes within the design of the booth allocation at least 15 days in advance of the commencement of works on-site. iii. The First Party reserve the power to close any machine, device at any time during the installation period or any time during the Exhibition, if in the opinion of The First Party, such machine, and device is of a dangerous character, or is not in accordance with any regulation provided. Promotional Displays: Promotional displays are not allowed outside the exhibition hall. It can be done with in the space located by the first party with its coordination.
  6. 6. 8. Booths & Exhibits i. Booths are all of uniform design, the fascia board with Exhibitor's name in particular. Alterations or additions can be made to the standard fascia and lettering with the permission of The First Party. ii. The Second Party or Exhibitor may employ his own contractor to erect and decorate his own booth. iii. No booth should be designed to go beyond 2.5 m. in height. Exhibits and displays should not exceed this limit without the permission of The First Party. iv. The Second Party or Exhibitor using his own workers to erect, decorate or dismantle his booth is responsible for the removal of all waste and rubbish resulting from such erection or dismantling from the Exhibition Hall before the opening of and immediately after the Exhibition period according to the arrangement of The First Party. v. No storage facilities shall be provided for packing cases, surplus materials or other properties of the Exhibitor. vi. In coordination with The First Party, The Second Party can decorate the hall without causing any harm. Nailing, drilling, painting is strictly prohibited on the wall and ceiling of the hall and stand. vii. Extra furniture beyond the capacity of the hall shall not be allowed. Noise Level: Many exhibitors use loud speakers for playing music, making announcement and other promotional means for attracting visitors. While doing so, it is essential to ensure that nuisance/ disturbance is caused to other exhibitors and annoyance to the visitors. Hence, the sound level is not allowed to exceed 7 decibels. Cleanliness: The 2nd party has to maintain cleanliness of the hall during the exhibition period. Disposal of the wastage/ garbage shall be made on the allocated location. Fooding: Food is strictly prohibited inside the exhibition hall. Any stalls are not to be used for sale of foods, beverage, ice-cream, etc. Smoking Prohibited: Smoking at DECC premises is strictly prohibited 9. Security i. While The First Party shall provide general security during all hours of the Exhibition, The First Party shall not be responsible or liable to The Second Party or to anyone for loss, theft or damage of Exhibitors' products and materials on display during exhibition hours. ii. The Exhibitor shall insure his displays against loss or damage by theft, fire and any other natural calamities, or any cause whatsoever. iii. Each Exhibitor is responsible for indemnifying the Organizers and their agents against liability to the owners of the Exhibition premises, any public authority or department of the NEPAL Government and each and every other Exhibitor in respect of any action, cost, claim and demand of whatever nature consequential to any act or omission of the Exhibitor, his staff or agents. iv. The Exhibitor shall be responsible and pay as per venue management billing for any damage to the structure floor, wall pillar and any a part of the Exhibition venue caused by his staff or contractor in the transportation, Removal of refuse and/or decoration works. v. The First Party shall not be responsible or liable to The Second Party or to anyone at the booth or in the Exhibition hall for any accident happening or injury suffered or for any damage to or loss of any chattel sustained in the areas of the Exhibition. vi. The first Party will be liable for the payment of loss or any damage of exhibitors’ products and materials on display after and before the exhibition hours.
  7. 7. 10. Electrical Work i. Each stall shall be allowed to use two computer, 2 spotlights, and one multimedia projector. ii. The First Party shall provide the minimum backup for the stated items in clause 10 (i). iii. For the additional use of electricity, The Second Party must inform with written application to The First Party, 7 days prior to the exhibition and will be charged accordingly. 11. Additional services i. Additional facilities to be used like – mike, sound system, multimedia, etc, 2nd party shall inform with written application prior to 7 days of the exhibition. ii. Payments for the additional services must be made to The First Party on submission of invoice and delivery of services. If The Second Party wishes to adjust the additional service charges payable, against the security deposit, a copy of the invoice with the endorsement that the amount may be deducted from the security deposit, may be returned to The First Party. 12. Move In & Out Exhibits i. All the exhibits brought need gate pass compulsorily to be taken out. The exhibits should be removed within 24 hours of the execution of the program; otherwise 1st party will not be answerable. ii. The First Party shall provide The Second Party with a schedule for the moving in and out of exhibits and decoration items which must be strictly followed. In the process of moving the said items in, the Exhibitor must arrange for authorized representative to be present at his booth to receive the goods as The First Party shall not be able to accept delivery on anybody's behalf, nor can they be responsible for the subsequent safe keeping of any item. iii. All exhibits and decoration materials shall be removed immediately after the exhibition according to the arrangement of The First Party. All exhibits and decoration materials left behind shall be deemed forsaken. The costs incurred for the removal of any such items shall be born by The Second Party. 13. Termination i. If services found misused or violated, 1st party can terminate the contract and such termination shall take affect after the formal written information about the termination to the second party ii. This contract will be automatically terminated after the completion of the exhibition by the second party. 14. Maintenance/Force Majored Cause i. Other than damages due to unforeseen calamities, 2nd party will have to bear all the charges for the maintenance and repair. ii. In the event, that the Exhibition has to be adjourned, cancelled, terminated earlier or later than scheduled due to war, strikes, "band', riots, curfews, or due to acts of God including but not limit to storm, typhoon, rainfall, flood, earthquake, fire howsoever caused or closing down of the Exhibition venue beyond the control of the first party or other unforeseeable circumstances or for compliance with any order of the Nepal Courts or for compliance with the laws, regulations and directions of any government authority or otherwise under Nepal Law, in which event, The First Party performance under this Contract shall be absolutely discharged and The Second Party hereby agrees that notwithstanding any statutory provisions to the contrary the first party shall not be required to refund any payments made by the second party to the first party in relation the Exhibition
  8. 8. before the discharge of the Contract under the circumstances aforesaid and that such payments are not recoverable from the Organizers who shall be entitled to retain the same as agreed remuneration for performing this Contract up to the date of discharge under the circumstances aforesaid. It is expressly agreed that The Second Party shall be responsible for taking out such insurance as The Second Party may deem appropriate to cover the contingencies aforesaid. iii. Beyond of clause sub No. ii of 14 Condition. The program will be postponed by mutual understanding by the both party in appropriate available date, where as the first party will not charged to the second party to conduct the same event. 15. Others i. Any work carried out in must be in accordance with the current Nepal Government legal regulations. Any contravention of these conditions will be stopped immediately. The First Party will not be held responsible for any extra cost or delay so caused. ii. Failure of The Second Party at any time before or during the Exhibition period to comply with any of the Exhibition rules and conditions shall automatically deprive. iii. Any dispute or difference arising out of the interpretation of these regulations or regarding the rights, duties and obligations shall be resolved by discussion on the matter by both parties. However, in case if the mutual understand can’t be reached, the decision of the first party shall be final. DIRECTION EXHIBITION & ………………………………….. CONVENTION CENTER (DECC) Tripushwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. …………………………..Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel: +977-1-4117101-104 Tel: Fax: +977-1-4117105 Fax: BY: ______________________________ BY: _______________________________ Mr. Dipak K Thapa Mr. ……………………………. Director – Business Development ……………………….. Date: ___________________________ Date: _________________________
  9. 9. CONTRACT FORM I ___________________________ wish to confirm that _______________________________ [Name of authorized person] [Company Name] will book the Exhibition Hall at DECC from ______, ______, 2009 to _______, ______, 2009 For the Exhibition ______________________________________________________________ [Name of Exhibition] for amount Rs. _________________, Rupees ________________________________________________________________________ [In words] ________________________________ ______________________ [Signature] [Date] All communication regarding this contract should be directed to: Contact Person: _______________________________ Position: ________________________ Company Name: _______________________________________________________________ Street Address: ________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________ GPOBox: ____________________ Tel: ________________________________Fax: _____________________________________ Email: ______________________________ Website: _________________________________ Description Of Your Company and The Exhibition: Please provide a brief description below _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Note: * Booking will be confirmed only after the receipt of initial payment as per the contract * Payment should be made through A/C payee cheque to DECC