[e-Government Program City Paper : Dhaka, Bangladesh]


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[e-Government Program City Paper : Dhaka, Bangladesh]

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[e-Government Program City Paper : Dhaka, Bangladesh]

  1. 1. Bangladesh in Asia Population: 150 million (2011) with 322 Municipalities Source: Census report published by the Bureau of Statistics
  2. 2. Introducing BMDF  A Govt. owned company  Established: 1999  Registered: 2002 under the Companies Act, 1994  Administrative Ministry: The Ministry of Finance  Objective: Planned Urban Development  Governed by: A eleven member Board of Directors  Working partners : Municipalities & City Corporations (ULBs) of Bangladesh  Project implementing authority : ULB
  3. 3. Vision Self reliant Urban Local Bodies Planned infrastructure for comfortable urban livelihood Reduction of urban poverty and conservation of environment Digital hub for information sharing
  4. 4. Submission info@bmdf-bd.org Current Status
  5. 5. Submission bmdf@bmdf-bd.org BMDF Board for Approval File work and review the BMDF funding criteria Current Status
  6. 6. Implementation Flow Chart BMDF examines financial and borrowing as well as institutional capacity of ULB ULBs Prepare Application following consultation with WLCC and TLCC BMDF Board Accepts or Rejects ULB Application ULBs prepare Project Proposal complying Environmental & Social Safeguard Issues BMDF appraises and prepares Subproject Appraisal Report (SAPR) and shares with WB ULBs prepare Draft Bidding Documents (DBD) for sub-projects BMDF reviews DBD and submit prior review packages to WB ULBs Prepare Final Bidding Documents WB clears DBDs
  7. 7. Implementation Flow Chart BMDF and ULB sign Sub-Project Agreement BMDF approves BER and submit prior review packages to WB ULBs issue Invitation for Bids (IFB) ULB Bid Evaluation Committee Prepares Bid Evaluation Report (BER) BMDF WB approves BER for prior review packages ULBs issue Notification of Award (NOA) ULBs and Contractor sign Contract Agreement (CA) BMDF with support from the M&S Consultant monitors and supervises ULB sub-project implementation
  8. 8. Sub-project Cycle Subproject Identification Subproject Planning Subproject Preparation Implementation Appraisal/Review Inclusion and Participation Transparency and Social Accountability Social screening including disclosure and consultation SSR /SMP prepared SIA done & RAP prepared No safeguard issues identified Safeguard issues identified Subproject SSR/SMP, SIA/RAP reviewed for standard as per SMF SSR/SMP, SIA/RAP comply with SMF MGSP Social management actions and RAP implementation and M&E Independent Social Review and Evaluation
  9. 9. Physical Progress Bangladesh Municipal Development Fund (BMDF) 100 Pkgs at 25 ULBs under BMDF IDA Credit No. MGSP-BD Package-Wise Physical Progress Status UP to October 30, 2013 Sl. No. Name of ULB Contract Package Number Uni t Qty/ Nos. Estimat ed Amoun t (Mill. Tk.) Contract /Revised Amount (Mill- Tk.) Tender Opening Date Starting Date of work Original / Revised complet ion Date Target of Progres s (June 24, 2012) Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress (%) up to June 30, 2012 Achieve d up to May 31, 2012 Achieved up to June 30, 2012 Remark's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 Amtali-B W-AF105-BMDF-64- AMTALI-10-04452-R- D/01 km R-2.013, D-0.87 20.00 21.67 24-Aug- 11 17-Oct- 11 10-Jun- 12 25% 25% 35% 20% Fine Sub-Total 1 20.00 21.67 25% 25% 35% 20% ProjectMonitoring&Evaluation ULB Engr. M&SC BMDF WBGoB
  10. 10. Program Section Finance Section SPA = Final Bill (Road+ Drain) Road- 5KM, Drain-3 KM Frulpur-Ruppur Rasulpur-Mirpur Pakg-007 Road(1st Bill+2nd Bill+ Final Bill) Drain (1st Bill+2nd Bill+ Final Bill) Pakg-001 Bill Send to ULBs Current Status
  11. 11. Current Status
  12. 12. Current Status
  13. 13. e-Government Procurement (e-GP) System • Centralized Registration of Contractors/ Suppliers/ Consultants • Workflow Management • e-Tendering (e-Publishing/e-Advertisement, e-Lodgement, e-Evaluation, e-Contract award) • e-Contract Management (e-CMS) • e-Payments • Procurement Management Information System (PROMIS)
  14. 14. o Local Citizen will be more informative o To establish “Good Governance” in Municipality through automation of property tax assessment. o Help produce contemporary technology / knowledge based human resources to run full fledged e-Governances in the near future. o Complain and solution from a single point o Easily help out strong decision making by the Municipal Authority. Future Project Municipal Service Center
  15. 15. BMDF Requires Application for  Project Management Information Systems o Project Monitoring and Evaluation o Project Account System o Project Physical Progress Management o Project Investigation, report, complain and suggestion.  Letter and Document Management Systems  Task Management System  E-Tendering o Flow the procurement policy and PRMF guideline o Link with e-GP, SEPA  Web portal for BMDF
  16. 16. Challenges  Huge demand from ULBs  Fund constraints of BMDF  Obstacles for develop Application and implementation  Skilled Workers
  17. 17. Strategies to overcome  Under MGSP BMDF will cover at list 25 ULBs  Preliminary Development Project Proforma (PDPP) for Aided Project  Develop Systems Requirement Specification (SRS)  Application Development and Train up the User
  18. 18. Thank You !