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United Spirits Ltd


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United Spirits Ltd

  1. 1. 1. Gaurav Patel (65) 2. Tushar Patil (66) 3. Kunal Banthia (75) 4. Rakesh DhalBisoi (90) 5. Mangesh Gade (23) 6. Shravan Bhumkar (100) 7. Kishore Gulhane (74) Group No. 6 Team Members
  2. 2. Presentation Flow  About Founder  Mission of USL  About USL  Brands of USL  Marketing Strategy  Technology  Distribution  Achievements  Conclusion
  3. 3. About Founder  Vittal Mallya (1925 – 1983) was an Indian entrepreneur best known as the former Chairman of the India-based United Breweries Group.  Mallya slowly and steadily built the UB Empire and diversified into a host of allied businesses. His business acumen was evident when he defied all odds to acquire a host of breweries during the heady days of prohibition of the Janata Party regime of Morarji Desai.  In the early '80s, Mallya started handing over the mantle of control - primarily beer and spirits - of the large UB Empire to his son Vijay.
  4. 4.  Dr. Vijay Mallya is the face of the $2 billion UB Group. 52 year-old Dr. Mallya took over the reins of the United Breweries Group in 1983 at the tender age of 28 and has, since then, steered the UB Group to a multinational conglomerate.  He was conferred a Doctorate in Philosophy in Business Administration (honoris causa) by the University of Southern California and nominated as a Global Leader for Tomorrow.  In recognition of Dr. Vijay Mallya's contribution to the development of Trade and Industry in Karnataka, the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry conferred upon him "Sir M. Visvesvaraya Memorial Award" for the year 2001. About Founder
  5. 5. About Founder  Dr. Vijay Mallya is a Member of Parliament and on the board of several public companies in India and abroad.  His personnel interest :  Business o Breweries o Airlines  Association with sports o Formula One o Football o Cricket o Horse racing  Political career  Auction purchases  Achievements
  6. 6. Mission  "To be the most admired global leader in the spirits industry by creating unique high-quality brands for consumers, driven by highly motivated employees and supported by best-in-class processes and continued innovations. United Spirits is and will continue to be responsible towards its stakeholders and the society.“
  7. 7. United Spirits  United spirits Ltd., the Rs. 5500 spirits arm of multi-billion dollar UB Group.  United Spirits Limited (USL) is the largest Spirits Company in India and among the top three spirits companies in the world.  USL has done India proud by crossing 90 million cases for year 2008- 2009 in terms of volume inspite of the economic meltdown.  USL has global footprint with exports to over 18 countries.  USL has a committed 7500 strong workforce spread across its offices and distilleries in the country.  The Company is known to be an innovator in the industry and has several firsts to its credit such as the first premixed gin, the first Tetrapack in the spirits industry in India and the first single malt manufactured in Asia.  USL was earlier McDowell and Company Limited.
  8. 8. USL <= Merged Entity  USL represents the merged entities of erstwhile • McDowell & Co. Ltd.(1951) • Phipson Distillery Limited (1963 – national presence) • Herbertsons limited (1973) • Triumph Distilleries • Vinters Private limited • Baramati Grape industries Limited • United Distillers India Limited • McDowell International Brands Limited • Liquidity Inc. (Specialty vodkas – Pinky vodkas) • In 2007, USL announced the all-cash acquisition of scotch whisky maker Whyte & Mackay for approximately Rs 6000 Crore • Shaw Wallace Distilleries Limited (2007 – secure supply and reduce cost along with improving the margins significantly) • Bouvet Ladubay (2006 – wine business entry which is France based co.)
  9. 9. Facts & Figures Particulars Total numbers Comments Brands 140 19 of these are Millionaire brands. SKUs 2992 Distillery-state-Brand-Pack combination Distilleries/Bottling units 74 27 owned manf.,40 contract unit Depots 48 Break-bulk points for finished goods distribution Retail outlets 64000 Inc. both on and off premise outlets.
  10. 10. 19 Millionaire Brands  USL Millionaire Brands (Those that sell more than a million cases per annum) Whisky Brandy Rum Vodka & Gin  Bagpiper  McDowell‟s No.1  Director‟s Special  Old Tavern  Haywards  McDowell‟s Green Label  Gold Riband  Royal Challenge  DSP Black  Signature  McDowell‟s No.1  Honey Bee  John Ex-Shaw  Celebration Rum  Old Cask Rum  Old Adventurer Rum  White Mischief  Romanov  Blue Riband
  11. 11. Products Continue … Black Dog  Largest selling Premium Scotch with 45% market share  USP: 123 year Brand heritage Authenticity Consistent quality Antiquity Blue Rare Premium Whisky  Finest & most expensive Indian whisky  Won several blend awards  Several International awards for superior packaging including  Ultra-premium variant of Antiquity Rare, has established itself as the new benchmark in the super premium whisky segment  USP : Finest Indian whisky with world-class Credentials, Specially imported blue bottle in line with brand ‟s super-premium image
  12. 12. McDowell`s No. 1  4th largest selling Whisky in the world  Market leader with 60% market share  Smart Pack won a Silver at the 2005 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards and also got special Citations at 18th DuPont Awards for Innovation in Packaging  USP: India‟s favorite whisky, Constant innovations in packaging, marketing, promotions and consumer events has helped maintain leadership Signature  One of the fastest growing brands in the USL portfolio  Exquisite whiskies from Scotland have been combined perfectly with the finest aged Indian malts  USP: World-class blend, Attractive & Unique packaging, Sharply positioned on „Success is Good Fun‟ Products Continue …
  13. 13. Bagpiper  World‟s largest Whisky  Market leader with 29% market share  30-year-old flagship brand of USL  USP : Popular and widely accepted, Trustworthy, Strong blend, Bollywood connection McDowell`s Brandy  World‟s largest selling Brandy  With 40% market share in India  USP : Popular and widely accepted, McDowell‟s lineage, Consistent quality Products Continue …
  14. 14. Royal Challenge  Largest selling Premium whisky of India  24-year Heritage  Market leader with 33% market share  USP : Finest Indian Whisky, Widely accepted for over 2 decades Director`s Special Whisky  Second largest selling Regular Whisky  With 7% market share  USP : Blend, Heritage, Wide acceptability Products Continue …
  15. 15. White Mischief  Market leader  Fastest growing vodka  5 year CAGR of 34%  USP: Brand name, Frosted bottle, Blue and white color, Sharp and edgy communication, Excellent for preparation of cocktails Romanov  Re-launched the new blend in brand new contemporary packaging  USP: World class Triple-distilled blend, Spanking new International packaging Products Continue …
  16. 16. Product Blue Riband Gin  Market leader  Has been delighting consumers for 47 years  Recently launched in new and contemporary packaging  USP : Blend, Heritage, Wide acceptability and brand loyalty McDowell`s No. 1 Celebration RUM  4th largest rum in the world  Market leader  USP: Unique blend that is widely accepted, McDowell‟s lineage
  17. 17. Marketing Strategy  Marketing Strategies − New Product Development − Brand Positioning − Packaging and Labeling − Ads and promotions − Representing brands through sponsorships − Innovative ideas for bottling
  18. 18. New Product Development  Romanov Red - a prestige vodka - 85,417 cases in year of launch  Whyte & Mackay Special - Scotch whisky  Pinky Vodka - a premium vodka  Four Seasons Wines in 6 varietals
  19. 19. Bottling
  20. 20. Packaging
  21. 21. Brand Ambassadors
  22. 22. Technology Technology has helped USL to consolidate 140 products as well as operations and sales force.  Every teams are equipped with PDAs and riding on a SAP enabled network providing real-time data, enabling smooth workflow in production, distribution and marketing.  Latest technology pertaining to production process, formulation, packaging option etc. which company ensures that in future production capabilities keep pace not only with sales forecasts but also other innovative production and packaging options to satisfaction of consumers.
  23. 23. Distribution  USL products are distributed across 64000 retail outlets in India.  USL also launches “Spiritz & More” co. retail outlets, this model outlet is designed by a reputed retail design house “Foley Designs". These stores provide several opportunities for consumer interaction from Spirits Advisors for knowledgeable shopping decisions, to whisky guides and also retailing of other brands and services of UB group.  Co. partners with other retailers to modify their stores with latest model designs stores.
  24. 24. Outlets
  25. 25. Achievements 90 Million cases in sales in the year 2008-09  USL - 88.30 million  W&M - 1.68 million  Bouvet - 0.36 million  Pinky - 0.01 million  USL - 90.35 million cases
  26. 26. Q-1 Results (09-10)
  27. 27. Conclusion  Value for Money  Quality  Innovation  Planning  Technology  Marketing of Product  Mergers & acquisitions  Distribution “to Accomplish great things we must Act, but also Dream not only Plan, but also Believe” - Dr. Vijay Mallya
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