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Smehta Victoria\'s Secret


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Cross-Industry Integration Pitch

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Smehta Victoria\'s Secret

  1. 1. Who Says Luxury Can’t Be For the Masses? A proposal to integrate Firestone Diamond’s resources with Limited Brand’s, Victoria’s Secret
  2. 2. Luxury For the Masses VS Overview largest segment of revenue under their owner, Limited brands operates over 1000 stores in the US - primarily in malls top performer for the conglomerate within the lingerie/loungewear industry has three sections of operations: store, catalogue, and beauty products
 over 3.7 billion in annual revenue (2007) with current yearly growth forecasted at 14.80% 

Victoria's Secret LLC Company Profile. Rep. Yahoo Finance. Web. <>.
  3. 3. Luxury For the Masses Opportunity Firestone Diamond utilize non-moving diamonds to gather diamond dust in high volume use diamond dust as product design attribute with Victoria’s Secret beauty team Victoria’s Secret work with product design team to physically manufacture diamond dust packaging sell concept as a luxury gift item set, promote for holidays or valentines day
  4. 4. Luxury For the Masses Price Points firestone diamond must define price point for diamond dust in volume allowing a reasonable end product to be affordable for existing Victoria’s Secret consumers (average a $15 increase) Victoria’s Secret Current Price Points (beauty products) Sexy Little Things Dream Angels Parfums Intimes ($20-$60) ($30-$60) ($35-$55)
  5. 5. Luxury For the Masses Prototype prototype based off parfum intemes and a spin off the “sexy little things” label possibilities for diamond dust integrated with product design
  6. 6. Luxury For the Masses Prototype
  7. 7. Luxury For the Masses Key Points firestone diamond must validate volume price point assuring ROI marketing and life cycle strategy must be clear prior to execution (seasonal, limited edition, etc.) Additional Possibilities add personalization touch for value added purchase (i.e. engraving on gift set at store or via orders placed online) create a birth stone collection “different color dust” for each birth stone expansion of diamond dust into other products (lingerie, totes, etc.)