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Smehta Celebrating Green


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A project proposal presented to a diamond company to promote celebrating the green revolution through the jewelry design outlet.

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Smehta Celebrating Green

  1. 1. This presentation entails information regarding project Green for Firestone. Firestone is a company within the Jewelry industry. I took on a freelance opportunity relating to a “green line” concept they wanted to implement towards existing accounts. My involvement dealt implementing the assignment and executing a powerpoint to pitch an innovative idea to accounts. The following presentation is for viewing purposes only. © 2008 shradha mehta
  2. 2. Celebrating Green
  3. 3. How these products support green Assurance [] We use resources that adopt to strict environmental and social standards [] No resources from gold mines where children dig for gold under harsh working conditions [] We follow the conflict free criteria placed under the Kimberly Process assuring no usage of “blood diamonds”
  4. 4. How these products support green Proceeds [] The proceeds received upon purchasing a product from the collection will go to one of the green charities selected - consumers choice [] Also providing the option of a personal “This donation was made by ....” upon the purchase [] An informational postcard given with the purchase regarding the selected charity, their organization, and how one can get involved
  5. 5. How these products support green Products [] The design concepts of our products revolve around the idea of longevity [] The products are icons suggesting empowerment of balance, peace, growth, harmony, organic structures, floral motifs, and nature oriented forms [] Each piece in the collection has a name and a brief narrative about how the specific design attributes of the piece further symbolize a greener future
  6. 6. How these products support green Packaging [] Our packaging serves as an informational guide on sustainable practices in the world of jewelry, as there will have fine print with facts about this specific green purchase [] The paper used for packaging will be plantable flowering seed paper [] The packaging form can be a simple brochure, similar to seed packaging with the jewelry piece in a small bag substitutive to seeds [] The packaging form can be driven by origami paper art, along with a small insert of fine print about sustainable practice regarding the purchase
  7. 7. How these products support green Brochure
  8. 8. How these products support green Origami