Social Media Promotion for TATA Docomo


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Social Media Promotion for TATA Docomo

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Social Media Promotion for TATA Docomo

  1. 1. Social Media Promotion for by Shravan Kumar
  2. 2. Brand Communication objectiveTo increase the MNP to TATA Docomo from other networks and henceincrease sales of TATA Docomo Target AudienceYoung (16 – 28) mobile using population; who may not be addicts but havea good presence in Social media
  3. 3. Social Media•Facebook – The suggested campaign is mainly on Facebook because itallows us to use other apps which we are going to create•Twitter – To be used for communication about the campaign. If we can getthe campaign to trend, then it is one our measure for success (of course itshould be a positive trend)• Google+ - To create awareness and promote the campaign.
  4. 4. The Big Idea As we all know that the primary reason most of the people follow•(Point #1)brands on Social Media is not because they wanted to see the images, boringstories or to answer some of the stupid questions that are asked by brandsbut for the coupons and other discounts that they receive for followingbrands. (Pls remember this) Two things that today‟s youth are fascinated towards (there are•(Point #2)other things as well, although) are „Social Media‟ and „Games‟.•So „the big idea‟ here is to connect the above mentioned points and makemost out of it. We would create an app (game) on Facebook. The game•(Now, pls concentrate)will be available only for 45 days. Users will have to enter their TATADocomo number to play the game. They will be getting free talk time at theend of the day which will be proportional to the points they score.(This is not all. The best part is in the further slides)
  5. 5. How it works•Teasers about the game would be promoted through Social Media few daysbefore launching the game to create buzz among the users.•If the user is already a TATA Docomo subscriber, he/she needs to enterhis/her mobile number before playing the game and at the e.o.d the freetalk time will be automatically updated to the mobile number.•When a user gets a free talk time, he will definitely be excited to excited tocome back to the app the next day.•TATA Docomo promotes itself to be fair player so this app asks the users‟permission to post this on their wall. Users can pos it with their ownmessage/comment. (This adds more credibility)•Everyday when others who are not using the app or who are not thesubscribers of TATA Docomo see their friends‟ post of winning free talktime, they get curious to take a look at it.
  6. 6. Whats in for non TD subscribers•The game has to allow non TATA Docomo Subscribers to play the gamejust for fun. (who would play such games just for fun)•However, We inform the users that they can redeem their points once theybecome the subscribers of TATA Docomo and give a quick link of a TATADocomo‟s web page for MNP. (Now, this must be exciting)•They would also be asked to enter their current mobile number and thepoints can be redeemed on the same number itself. So that they don‟t take atemporary SIM, use the talk time and throw it away.
  7. 7. Add-ons•We can have some add-ons in the app to promote the game as well asTATA Docomo‟s services.•TATA Docomo currently runs „If everybody treated you like a mobileoperator‟ TVC campaign to promote it‟s fairness in service. (The same thing canbe promoted using the add-on)•Users should be asked to create and use a custom cover image of TATADocomo on heir FB profile.•The image format has to read something like “My ‘TATA Docomo logo’ ‘Custom message’ ‘…User’s name in a signature font’ under the message withthe logo of the app”•The custom message can be chosen from the options available they shouldbe something like “does no unfair deductions”, “Doesn‟t cheat with thepromise of unlimited” etc. (These are actual communication messages used in the TVCs) orthe users can be asked to have their own message saying why they likeTATA Docomo.(why would I have TD’s cover image when I have a better cover image of my own)
  8. 8. Add-ons…•Brands should not force the consumers to promote them. They have tocreate interest among the consumers to do it for them.•So, this add-on has to ask the users „Are you in for a surprise?‟ if yes, askthem to have it as their cover image in FB.•Send messages of additional points to the users who have made it as theircover page.•This would definitely surprise them and would let themtweet/communicate about it.•This would in turn promote TATA Docomo‟s services and the game as well.
  9. 9. Prototype of the imageMy does no unfair deductions App -Shravan logo
  10. 10. Conditions•TATA Docomo promotes that it doesn‟t have any hidden conditions. So wemake it clear about the conditions right before someone starts using theapp.•The redeemed points can‟t be used all at once. You can use a maximum of1 hour per day. (I am not particular about the numbers. They can be changed after properplanning)•This allows the user to stay with TATA Docomo for a long periodcombating the competitors‟ strategies.•We can also have a deadline for non TD users to convert to TATA Docomoto avail the free talk time.
  11. 11. Final words•This campaign can be promoted using other social media platforms likeTwitter, Google+ etc.•We can get the micro celebrities/Social Media celebrities to tweet about thecampaign to increase it‟s awareness.•Twitter can be actually used to influence more people towards thecampaignP.S. : The above mentioned campaign needs a good brainstorming beforeimplementing it.