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Fashion Scarves and Shawls


Published on has beautiful scarves and shawls in silk, pashmina, velvet, cashmere, wool and hundreds of other styles, colors and fabrics!

Published in: Lifestyle
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  • Thank you for sharing. I allowed myself to add it to 'WOMEN in the WORLD ' Slideshare group . Feel free to join us. Thank you in advance for your participation and sharing your 'favorites'. .. With friendship from France. Bernard
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Fashion Scarves and Shawls

  1. 1.
  2. 2. “Ryan” Unlike all the others this is truly a unique scarf. You can say farewell to the ordinary when you wear this scarf. It was a favorite at our Connect Event at Universal Studios. The celebs raved about this scarf and chose it as their favorite. It is a cotton/viscose blend that is stretchy and soft to wear. Easy to care for and fun to wear. It measures 68 inches in length and is 16 inches wide in a pleated fabric. The fringe is another 4 inches on a flared end.
  3. 3. “Lots of Cats” 100% silk scarf in fun designs of Cats and more Cats. You will love these bright colors. The design comes with three basic background colors. It will liven up any outfit and can be worn as a head scarf or fold it and wear as a head band or even as a band around a hat. There are lots of ways to wear this scarf It measures 50 inches in length and 11 inches in width.
  4. 4. “Pashmina Scarf” A terrific neck scarf that comes in a variety colors. It is a light weight weave of a Pashmina wool and viscose blend. It is worn best folded and worn as a neck scarf. Even though it is light weight it is very warm. It measures 25 inches wide and 70 inches in length.
  5. 5. “Debonair” Dashing and Debonair is what this scarf has to say! A terrific 100% silk aviator style scarf that is dressy and stylish. The silk is an exceptional quality and the pattern on the silk is a swirling paisley design of white on white. Dress up that man in your life by giving him this scarf. It measures 10 inches in width and 60 inches in length.
  6. 6. “The Sheba” You will definitely be the Queen of the Jungle with this gorgeous animal print scarf. It comes with either a black or hot pink silk satin back. This scarf can be worn for work or play. Wear with a great turtle neck sweater and pin it in play with one of our leopard pin brooches or just wear casually at the neck of your coat for warmth. The fabric is 30% silk and 70% rayon. It measures 10 inches in width and 58 inches in length.
  7. 7. “Turban Cap” Pink is lovely and this head scarf cap comes in two shades of pink. It is sort of a turban/cap. The soft poly cotton knit blend is gathered in back and front. A great looking and unique head cover.
  8. 8. “Harvest” A lovely shawl/scarf for this fall with colors of rust, gold and brown on black silk. The fabric is 30% silk and 70% rayon. It has a design of leaves and foral with parts of the design being outlined with hand stitched bead work. It measures 68 inches by 20 inches with a 4 inch beaded fringe.
  9. 9. “Famous Paintings” This is a great 100% silk chiffon scarf The scarf colors are wonderful with a famous painting as the design. See if you can recognize the artist and the painting. It will definitely be a conversation opener when people say how much they admire your scarf. Several paintings to choose from!
  10. 10. “Burnt Velvet” This is a stunning looking silk burnt velvet scarf in an animal print design. Dress up that darling classic black dress with this scarf and you will be the hit of the party. Go casual too and wear with your turtle neck and jeans, just fold it and wear as a neckscarf. It is a 30% silk and 70% rayon blend that gives it a smooth and comfortable feel. Width: 20quot; Length: 68quot;
  11. 11. “Bella Bella” This luxurious cashmere silk shawl will return you to the glamour days of old. The fabric is a very soft 15% cashmere and 85% silk. The exquisitely woven fringe is done by hand and each shawl takes five days to make. These shawls can be found only in your most expensive stores selling for $198.00. This shawl measures 54 inches in length and 22 inches in width. The weave on fringe is 4 inches with the hanging fringe being 14 inches in length.
  12. 12. “Danny Girl” This is a great head cover as it combines the brim of a hat for shade yet has a loose fit of a scarf. The elastic across the back allows for a comfortable fit while you are able to tuck the ends of scarf up under it or let hang down to protect your neck. The fabric is a cotton/blend that you will really like
  13. 13. “Grand Canal” This is a truly exquisite velvet and fur trimmed shawl. It has a lovely design reminiscence of Venice. The front is silk burnt out velvet with a design and the back is a black silk satin. The shawl is trimmed with rabbit fur. You will be the hit of any party with this shawl. It is 68 inches long and 20 inches wide.
  14. 14. “Venice” A stunning silk burnt velvet shawl that will definitely please you. An imaginative design of silk and velvet with accents of hand stitched bead work. The edges are all hand rolled and stitched. This was designed for Italian market and we are the only ones selling this beautiful shawl in the U.S. Make this a gift she will always remember this Holiday. It measures 20 inches in width and 66 inches in length with a beaded fringe that is 4 inches.
  15. 15. “Leopard Print” This is a luxurious velvet scarf that is double sided. The reverse side is solid black velvet. Limited quantity of this designer scarf that you will absolutely adore! Measures 11 in. wide and 64 in. long
  16. 16. “The Opera” A wonderful black velvet shawl with a silk satin lining. The lining is black satin. The fabric is 70% rayon and 30% silk. You will love wearing this out to the Opera or to your favorite Broadway Play. You won't find a better quality anywhere... at any price! It measures 20 inches in width and 70 inches in length. There is no fringe.
  17. 17. “Manhattan” A sensational black velvet shawl. It is a must for you as you know how many times you wished you had a simple but elegant velvet shawl to wear with your evening dress or gorgeous sweater and slack set. This shawl is 30% silk and 70%rayon. It has extra long fringe and a band of satin silk on ends. There is bead work where the fringe is attached. The back is lined with black satin. It measures 21 inches wide and 70 inches in length. The fringe is 9 inches.
  18. 18. “Classic Aviator” Look daring and masculine! This is the classic white aviator scarf. It is a 100% silk fabric that has been folded so it is made of two layers. This is excellent quality silk. Masculine looking for men to wear, generic enough for women to wear. No fringe. This scarf measures 60 inches in length and 10 inches in width. Available in white and black colors. Guaranteed they will quot;lovequot; this scarf!
  19. 19. “Silk Crinkle Scarf” A colorful 100% silk crinkle scarf... ...that can be worn with jeans, that favorite suit coat, or just about anything. It can also be used as a belt with your jeans or slacks. This is a fun scarf to give as a gift. Great for a socking stuffer. It measures 10 inches in width and 58 inches in length.
  20. 20. “True Love” A lovely black or white 100% silk chiffon scarf/shawl that will give you that extra accent you need for your little black dress. A very practical shawl/scarf that you can use for numerous occasions. The length is 70 inches and width is 20 inches. The border is a 2 inch silk satin trim.
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