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reflection of who I am and what I repersent

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  1. 1. In that moment when your hand is interlaced  What this poem captures is the momentwith mine. when a person is most happy.In that moment when your heart falls insync with mine.  How everything else around you isIn the moment when you kissed me for the irrelevant.first time.In that moment when you held me in your  Emotional, hopeful, inspirational.arms so tightly.In that moment when your smile mademy soul shine brightly.In that moment we are untouched byspace, and forever linked in time.In that moment we become unified, piecesof you reflect off of me.In that moment a instant became oureternity.In that moment we are what theother needs...I pull strength form you, and you loveme endlessly.
  2. 2. What is the difference between me lovinga man or you loving a woman?  This poems identifies how there should not be any discrimination againstWhy do people frown if they see two girls anyone based on sexual orientation.holding hands while walking down the street?Arent we more than the labels others  Acceptance is something that shouldchoose to define us? not have to be fought for.Fag, dyke, how insignificant these wordsare when we go beyond the bigotry that  That every human being wants to haverestrict our souls. that connection with one another.what I see is no different from whateveryone else desires in their lives.When she holds her, she feels warmth.If he kisses me, I melt.Because of who we are, does this make ourfeelings any less.I dont have all the answers, but what Ido know is that if I live my life throughanothers eyes then Ill never find whatsright for me.What I and every "human," being wants isthatconnection, to be loved for just beingthemselves.
  3. 3. I am not the norm.  What this pome expresses isI stand out because blending in is individuality.beneath me.I am the one that others whisper and  How we need to accept the things thatpoint at, which I enjoy because clearly you make us different.cant keep me off your mind.I embrace the unconventional. Common  How people can find the strength within themselves.is my kryptonite.I am the one that speaks out when othersdont think I should.I dont kneel to others, but rise above them.I am as diverse as the colors I wearday in and day out.I know you wish you could rock them like me.I am everything that stands againstsociety.I also know that deep down inside...you wish you could be a little outcastlike me.
  4. 4. Laying in an open field, grass brushing  Looking at how simplicity can take youagainst my bare feet. out of a moment.I look up and see these white puffsfloating by.  I hope that when people read this theyEverything is so peaceful, I am wide feel calm.awake, but feel like Im in a dream.How easy it is to lose yourself in something  How we all need to take time to enjoy all the finer things, relax.so common, so simple.Looking up at the sky it seems thattime is standing still.All other problems begin to drift awayand we are free to dive into the creativityof our imagination.Forms begin to take shape.The puffs turn into boats, kitty cats, andfunny shape hearts.For those moments that fell like theycan last for a lifetime we unlocksomething that we thought was buried.And that is innocence.We remember what it was like to becomewhatever we wanted to be.We were clouds.
  5. 5. To look inside another and see what they  This poem reflects how we should takefeel is the foundation of our humanity. time to reach out to one another.Identifying with others, we are able torecognize what we have within ourselves.We are linked by our willingness to  How we are all connected, and canunderstand. learn from each other.Once we go beyond the scope of whatwe see with only our eyes, we can embrace  Exploring the depth of human emotion.a part of us that often times we ignore.To understand empathy in its fullest fromwe have to look at the positive as well asthe negative.Being moved to tears when seeing someonein pain or hearing how they struggle, hits anerve or something deeper within us becausewe are all vulnerable at one point in our lives.When others try so hard to mask theirinsecurities, we reflect on our own shortcomings and self-worth.When others are successful, we become motivatedto do more with our lives, while at the same timebeing proud for that persons accomplishments.Being happy for the sole reason that the peoplearound you are happy fills you up with anindescribable joy.Once we are able to absorb all of thiswe will find ourselves enlighten.We become free of limitations that bound ourminds and evolve as human beings.
  6. 6. No more noise.No more people staring at you likesome sort of freak.  This poem expressesNo more being chased, and having fear, sorrow, hate, bigotry, and loneliness.to hide in an ally.No more having to hear, die youfucking faggot!!  What I wanted to convey with this poem is howNo longer will your soul be consumed people are made to feel worthless because theywith sorrow and fear. are different, and pushed to do unthinkableNo longer will you have to listen to your things.parents fight about if you are goingthrough some kind of phase.  No life is greater than another, so to degradeThe walls are caving in all someone because you lack understanding is thearound you. most dehumanizing thing you can do.You hear a voice telling you that youhave to end it.That you have to escape and giveyourself freedom.You stand in the bathroom and stareat a reflection of a boy with tearsrunning down his face, wishing therewas another way. After you swallow 2 times the amountof sleeping pills, the voices start tofade away.Its over, youre finally free.your mother will walk in to see you layingthere, on the counter sits a note simplysaying..."Sorry, I couldnt find another way."