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grand opening program


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Money Man 4 Cash Advance offers funding against all receivable types, not just credit cards. We can customize a program that fits your business's different forms of payment.

No credit card acceptance required.

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grand opening program

  1. 1. Grand Opening Programhttp://www.moneyman4cashadvance.c
  2. 2. Grand Opening Program Money Man 4 Cash Advance understands that many start-up businesses lack the cash flow needed to succeed once they have opened their doors. They require sufficient capital to get underway and to attract primary customers at the beginning, for this purpose businesses choose to kick off with grand opening.
  3. 3. Grand Opening Program To provide assistance to these business owners Money Man 4 Cash Advance presents a special cash advance program available to merchants.
  4. 4. Grand Opening Program . The Grand Opening Program is intended for new eating and drinking founding, top class beauty salons and spas, which are capable of getting big early sales and future growth. 
  5. 5. Grand Opening Program As the name entails, the Program provide the cash advance to the businesses for their opening phase, once they are able to see five well-built consignments from the client’s processing. 
  6. 6. Grand Opening Program Furthermore, the grand opening program offers the support to any eating and drinking enterprise, high- end beauty salon or spa that has the running life time period of less than nine months or completely taken over by the new management.
  7. 7. Grand Opening Program  This business cash advance program is not a traditional type of loan, in fact it is kind of need based finance product that requires the acquisition of future debit and credit card receivables.
  8. 8. Grand Opening Program Grand opening program requires no personal collateral, the principle eligibility criterion is based on the strength of owners business.
  9. 9. Grand Opening Program The basic requirement for the grand opening program is to show the financial strength of the owner to get his doors open. Money Man 4 Cash Advance do not provide any start-up business cash advance prior to opening in this offer.
  10. 10. Grand Opening Program  The main theme of this program is not to facilitate the fresh owners to get their business doors unlocked, instead it provides the assistance to the owners to endure the initial critical months.
  11. 11. Grand Opening Program
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