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Advertisement guide

  1. 1. Ogilvy & Mather -J Walter Thompson IndiaMudra Communications Pvt. Ltd.FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd.Rediffusion-DY&RMcCann-Erickson India Ltd.RK Swamy/BBDO Advertising Ltd.Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd.Leo Burnett India Pvt. LtdContract Advertising India Ltd.Euro RSCG Advertising Pvt. Ltd.Pressman Advertising & Marketing Ltd.MAAOberoi Multimedia LtdTriton Communication Pvt. Ltd.Ambience D�Arcy Advertising Pvt. Ltd.Bates IndiaPercept Advertising Ltd.TBWA Anthem Pvt. LtdEverest Integrated Communications Pvt. LtdMadison Communication Pvt. Ltd.SSC & B LintasPublicis
  2. 2. Quadrant Communications Ltd.Interface Communications Ltd.Ushak Kaal Communications Ltd.ConnecturfFountainhead Communications Pvt. Ltd.Airads Ltd.Capital Advertising Pvt. Ltd.Kannan Advertising Service (P) Ltd.Sasi Advertising Pvt. Ltd.Rashtriya Advertising AgencyRam Advertising ServiceGraphisads Pvt. LtdImageads & Communications Pvt. LtdMarketing Consultants & AgenciesNiyati TechnologiesConfluence Communications Ltd.Aman Graphic AdsCrayons Advertising and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.Hindustan Thompson AssociatesBrand-commUrja Communications Pvt. LtdBase Communications Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. Hulward + Rankar AdvertisingMode Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.Concept Communication Ltd.Situations Advertising And MarketingThe top ten advertising agencies of India (2006-2007) Ogilvy and Mather Limited:- Headed by Mr. Piyush Pandey:The most local of the internationals, The most international of the locals are words written todescribe the identity of Ogilvy. Basically, what this means is that the advertising agency followsthe local market, understands the customers needs and then networks worldwide with MNC andother relevant clients.In all its years of business, Ogilvy has struggled to build brands and has proved its ability tobuild brands. The agency does its best to enhance the customer-brand relation. For this, itundergoes the process of scrutiny of the tools and techniques which work well to build a longand lasting association with a brand. Mudra communications Pvt. Ltd:- Head: Mr. Madhukar Kamath:The agency practises the art of communication in order to express ideas that can shape thebrands. As the name suggests, the agency is influenced by the artistic traditions of Indian dance,drama and painting. These, in turn, inculcate feelings, ideas, thoughts and emotions for thesuccess of a brand. Mudra peeps into the local consumer markets, channels and media, and hasits own identity in communication of brands. It looks for the entrepreneurial zeal which causescontinuous and speedy growth for each brand. The advertising agency always believed in doinginteresting work that pleases its clients. Lintas India Pvt. Ltd:- Head: Mr. Pranesh Misra (President & COO - Lowe, India):After the merge of Lintas India Ltd. with Lowe Lintas and Partners group of the UK, it is nowknown as Lowe Lintas. India Pvt. Ltd. The turnover of Lintas is Rs. 750 crore. The advertisingagency inculcates advertising, media buying house, direct marketing, public relations, designconsultancy, market research, events, rural communications and interactive communications.Enterprise Nexus, the agency partner of Lowe in India, continues to be a member and is knownas the ‘Independent Brands’ division which is the only specialist in advertising and marketingcommunications. Lowe Lintas India is a successful agency which is inclined towards qualitycreative advertising and works for the benefit of its clients.
  4. 4. JWT (Hindustan Thompson Associates Pvt. Ltd.):- Head:Mr.Colvyn Harris (Chief Executive Officer):The advertising agency has a special portfolio which includes creativity, innovation, clients, casestudies, awards, well-thought out leadership and talent. Clients perceive the agency as a resourceof ideas which tell the brand’s story to the customer, dealing with market research. In thisprocess, the agency includes innovative ideas. FCB-Ulka advertising pvt. Ltd:- Head Mr. Anil Kapoor (Managing Director and CEO):FCB, being one of the the top three advertising agencies in the USA, ranks number 10 in theworld. FCB-Ulka has made its mark in India as Ulka Advertising. It was founded in 1961. On thecreative front, Ulka is known to stand out. FCB-Ulka has made a smooth transition from acreative shop to a large mainstream agency. Around the mid-seventies, FCB-Ulka had becomethe fifth largest agency in India and has sustained this status till date. The efforts of FCB-Ulkadeserve praise. It also gave recognition to those brands that were not in the limelight earlier butare now completely above other market players. Santoor soap did thorough research and focusedon advertising which gave growing sales figures against stiff competition from Levers and P&Gbrands. Not surprisingly, FCB-Ulka is seen as a turnaround specialist - an agency that does brandbuilding and more. Rediffusion DY&R Pvt Ltd:- Mr. Mahesh Chauhan (President):This advertising agency places its people first. It believes that the strength of a brand lies in theefforts the people of the organization make. Rediffusion DY&R follows system-driven ‘thinking’in its culture. The agency attracts right minds because it thinks of a perfect balance betweencreativity and strategy. RK Swamy BBDO Pvt Ltd:- Mr. Srinivasan K Swamy (Head)It is the agency of the worldwide-renowned BBDO network. The advertising agency suggestscomes up with solutions for its clients regarding their marketing communication problems andprovides them with intelligent solutions and supports them in attaining their goals. The symbolor logo of the advertising agency is Hansa and is known to separate milk from the water.Similarly, RK Swamy of BBDO is capable of deriving the essential elements from the irrelevantones in order to promote each brand. The agency practises high level of commitment and spiritedteamwork for a common cause. McCann-Ericsson India Ltd:- Sorab Mistry (Head)This advertising agency is a leading global agency and has the power and passion to achieve itsmission .McCann-Ericsson is known as a world class advertising agency and has foundoutstanding talent in its employees. Leo Burnett:- Mr. Arvind Sharma (Chairman and CEO):
  5. 5. The advertising agency is totally idea-centric. It generates big brand ideas. It regards the pencilas its engine no matter the size - it is the means through which it can generate plenty of creativeideas. The agency is never too satisfied with its endless efforts in building up a brand. It believesthat the brands can become and remain leaders by building better ideas. Its no wonder that thefounder of the advertising agency, Leo Burnett, regards the pencil as a metaphor for the kind ofideas he was coming up with for his clients. Grey worldwide (India) Pvt Ltd:- Mr. Nirvik Singh (President south east Asia & chairman South Asia, Grey Global):The agency handles above the line advertising for the Grey group. It has launched Dominos inIndia. It has had Ambuja cement, Thums Up, Arrow, Lee and many more brands in its portfolio.The mission of the agency is to remain the largest global integrated agency to leading brandideas.The list of the top ten advertising agencies is not always stable and remains interchanging. Theadditions and deletion of a few of them formulates the list. But each of them are making theirway to becoming the best, and their efforts are making are each making a mark in the Indianadvertising scenario.Works of mudra communications – State Bank of India
  6. 6. Works of Ogilvy and Mather Limited :Founded in 1928, we were the first advertising agency in India. 76 years hence, we continue torelentlessly pursue our passion for building and nurturing, enduring brands. Over the years we havehelped create some of Indias most successful brands like Asian Paints, Cadbury, Fevicolamong them, and in recent times- Perfetti, Hutch, Close Up and manymore.Kotak Mahindra ‘ kotak securities , mentos , center shock , mentos ;Fevicol ; asian paints ; L.g.;Social cause message – goli ki humjoli ; Vodafone ; bajaj discover