Streamline and Scale: LinkedIn Management with Shoutlet


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Streamline and Scale: LinkedIn Management with Shoutlet

  1. 1. Shoutlet, Inc. 2013 • v13.011 • • AND SCALE:LINKEDIN MANAGEMENT WITH SHOUTLETTARGETED STATUS UPDATES, CONVERSATION MANAGEMENT AND COMPANYPAGE REPORTING INCLUDED IN INTEGRATION WITH SHOUTLET’S ENTERPRISESOCIAL MARKETING PLATFORMWith 200 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. Roughly2.6 million businesses are currently using the network to connect with customers, prospects,employees and potential new employees through LinkedIn Company Pages.Weaving LinkedIn into your social media strategy can start new conversations and achieveadded results for your social program – and your business’s overall objectives. Enlisting the helpof a social marketing platform that supports LinkedIn makes this process efficient and effective.ELEVATE YOUR EFFORTS WITH SHOUTLET’S LINKEDIN CAPABILITIES:PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY PAGE WITH SHOUTLET’S SOCIAL DESIGN TOOLSShoutlet’s Social Canvas™ lets your team build rich, interactive social media contentand publish it to Facebook, your website or standalone web pages. Eight LinkedInsocial tools are included in the Shoutlet Social Canvas™ drag-and-drop designinterface, including Company Page follow, share and recommend buttons.SIMPLIFY POSTING WITH SHOUTLET’S ROBUST PUBLISHING TOOLSETWith support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and YouTube,Shoutlet streamlines LinkedIn management. Schedule posts to bothCompany Pages and individual LinkedIn profiles, manage these postswithin a universal content calendar and create and edit updatesalongside posts to your other social presences in one place.MAKE CONTENT MORE RELEVANT WITH TARGETED COMPANYPAGE STATUS UPDATESTake advantage of all the post targeting options LinkedIn allowsCompany Page administrators. Make updates more relevant tofollowers by segmenting messages by company size, location,seniority, job function and industry.
  2. 2. Shoutlet, Inc. 2013 • v13.012 • • THE REAL IMPACT OF YOUR LINKEDIN UPDATESBy posting to LinkedIn via Shoutlet, your team can take advantage of built-inlink tagging capabilities for Google Analytics, Omniture and other leadingweb tracking platforms. See which LinkedIn posts are leading to actions onyour website. Added insight is available through Shoutlet’s partnership withKenshoo Social, which allows mutual customers to see more detailed attributionabout how LinkedIn updates are driving results.ADD LINKEDIN UPDATES TO YOUR EXISTING APPROVAL WORKFLOWSShoutlet’s Social Enterprise feature allows companies with thousandsof social presences for franchises, locations, agents and branches workwithin a cohesive post and design approval workflow structure. IncludeLinkedIn updates as part of that review process.GAUGE CHANGES IN FOLLOWERS AND UPDATE ENGAGEMENTShoutlet includes metrics for all your LinkedIn Company Pages so youcan see trends in followers and post engagement. Get an at-a-glanceview of your followers (by industry, job function, location, etc.) andsee totals of impressions, clicks, likes, comments and shares for yourCompany Page updates over time.STAY ON TOP OF WHAT’S HAPPENINGON YOUR COMPANY PAGELinkedIn is integrated with Shoutlet Social CRM, giving you a side-by-sidelook at conversations happening here and on your other social pages.Get email notifications, review likes and comments and tag any commentwithin Shoutlet to organize responses from your followers.READY TO START MAXIMIZING YOUR LINKEDIN EFFORTS?CONNECT WITH US:Request a demo at Shoutlet.comEmail: sales@shoutlet.comLinkedIn: @shoutletFacebook: