How Hot Topic Tracks Social Media Conversion


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Learn how Hot Topic leverages Shoutlet and IBM Digital Analytics to prove direct social media impact on sales.

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How Hot Topic Tracks Social Media Conversion

  1. 1. Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.02 • • HOW RETAILER TRACKS SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSION SHOUTLET AND IBM DIGITAL ANALYTICS INTEGRATION PROVE DIRECT SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT ON SALES GOAL UNDERSTAND SOCIAL CONTENT DRIVING CONVERSION EVENTS Mall and online specialty retailer Hot Topic has more than 600 stores in the United States and Canada, specializing in music and pop culture-related clothing and accessories. With 5.5 million fans on Facebook and 300,000 on Twitter, Hot Topic looked to understand what social media content drove conversion events, including sales, adding product to wishlists, and account log ins. CAMPAIGN 4-MONTH CONTENT CAMPAIGN WITH SHOUTLET-IBM DIGITAL ANALYTICS INTEGRATION For four months, the team posted content to Facebook and Twitter with Shoutlet utilizing the link tracking integration with IBM Digital Analytics (previously Coremetrics). Content ranged from latest movie releases to classic rock bands, Disney, and vinyl, drawing a diverse customer base. Each link was automatically appended with unique parameters that explain the conversion path and consumer behavior for each piece of content. The data was pulled back into Shoutlet for the team to analyze in real-time.
  2. 2. Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.02 • • ABOUT SHOUTLET, INC. Shoutlet is a leading independent enterprise-class cloud-based social marketing platform that enables marketers to publish, engage, and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and YouTube. Its industry-leading, enterprise class functionality includes tools for social CRM, creative design, social listening, ads, workflow management, contest design and execution, and top-notch analytics for easy integration with the industry’s leading web analytics tools from Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Omniture, and Webtrends. Shoutlet’s SaaS-based model gives customers the control and flexibility they want and need, and is rooted in a strategic partnership that provides the necessary resources and counsel to execute successful social campaigns. RESULTS FACEBOOK: 3X CONVERSION EVENTS PER POST THAN TWITTER 56% HIGHER REVENUE PER ORDER – CONTENT WITH SPECIAL OFFER 6X HIGHER REVENUE PER POST – CONTENT WITH SPECIAL OFFER 12 CONVERSION EVENTS PER POST Because of the ability to easily monitor trends in social conversions through Shoutlet and IBM DDX, we’ve become quicker to react and smarter in our posting strategy. This will help us decide which posts to promote which is very important with the decline of Facebook’s organic reach. Katherine Hernandez Hot Topic The team gathered valuable data on conversion events from social media. Not only are total orders and total order value important, but because of the young demographic, wishlist items and accounts log ins are critical to understanding the level of influence social media has on orders. Overall, Hot Topic content drove more than 12 conversion events per post, and their Facebook posts influenced three times the conversion events than Twitter posts. The type of content driving the most sales included promotions and special offers, but the team also discovered that posts with a sense of urgency performed higher. With this data, the team can make quick decisions on what type of posts are more effective, and in the future, tie into their advertising strategy for cost-effective social ads. SOLUTION The team used the Shoutlet and IBM Digital Analytics integration to gain insight into high performing posts that drove actual revenue for the company. IBM Digital Analytics parameters were automatically appended to each outbound link sent from Shoutlet to their social media accounts. IBM Digital Analytics then recognized the activity on their website, and tracked brand, channel, campaign, order, and revenue data. These data points were packaged up and delivered back to the Shoutlet platform, so the social media team could immediately see timely feedback on how their campaigns performed and then optimize content to drive more efficient revenue.