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  1. 1. Cloud….A significant revolution in the world of internet for web users everywhere making a lot of revenue tothem but……Some people even don’t know What is Cloud? So meaning of cloud, uses of cloud, functioningand working of cloud, comparison of cloud with other techniques…. Everything is professionally explainedhere about cloud for the web users to get best from it..What are you waiting for Let’s get started and enhanceyour knowledge and skills…One of the cloud computing news now days is that the revenue for the server hardware is aboutto increase. International Data Corporation has predicted that the revenue expect to grow from$582 million, which was in 2009 to about $718 million in 2014. In addition, for the private cloudcomputing this revenue will shoot up from $2.6 billion to nearly about $5.7 during the sameperiod. This increase in the revenue clearly indicates that the cloud computing now will have tospend much more money on the server hardware.Cloud Computing has emerged from the existing parallel processing, distributed computing andgrid computing technologies. They may although a bit similar to each other but their functionsare different from each other. This technology is from the past few years but it is only that theidea of cloud computing has evolved as an emerging technology in the field of computer science.The name of cloud computing is being derived from the existence of data and applications on a“cloud” of web servers. In simple words cloud computing can be defined as getting the workdone by sharing and using resources and applications of a network environment without beingconcerned who is the owner and manager of these resources and applications. Now with help ofthis technology Resources and data required for the work to be done is no longer restricted toone’s personal computer but are hosted elsewhere enabling it to be accessible at any time and atany location and this advantage lifts the bar of time and place on the work to be done and hencemake the user to work on it anytime and from anywhere.Both applications being provided by the data centres as services on to the internet to the varioususers of it as well as the hardware and the system software that are being used to provide thoseservices are included in the Cloud Computing. And Cloud is referred tothe hardware and software that are being used by the data centre to provide the services. In recenttimes only the Cloud Computing has emerged as a new thing and is gaining popularity amongthe people. As an essential feature of cloud computing, the nodes in it are differentiated in such alogical manner as each node behave like a unique machine and also it makes the virtualisationtechnology more easy and simple to use for the user. And above all cloud computing overridesthe limitation of grid computing technology by connecting various bifurcated computers totransform it into a one big logical computer that has the ability to process various computationsand to handle a huge amount of data. As this technology makes each node a separate machinethereby providing users an additional advantage of loading software and operating system oneach node separately according to the specifications of each node and configuring the same foreach node separately.
  2. 2. Other Cloud Related Technologies from which it has evolved its existenceGrid ComputingIt can be described as an extension of distributed and parallel computing in which a super andvirtual computer consists of a numberof networked and loosely coupled computers that act together to perform huge tasks.Utility computingWhen the resources used in computing process are packaged as a metered service same aselectricity, a traditional public utility.Autonomic computingThose systems that is capable of self management.How cloud works and its usesCloud Computing uses information technology as service over the network. Cloud Computingconsists of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) Hardware as a Service(HaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS). It also possesses the service of renting a server orservers and of running a geophysical modelling application that can be made available anywhere.Cloud Computing also enables the user to rent a virtual server, loaded with software and turn iton and off according to the sweet will of the user and it can also be cloned to meet an immediateworkload demand. Cloud Computing also stores a large amount of data that can be accessed bythe authorised users with the authorised applications. A base is being provided by the cloud thatsupports this technique and on this base regular changing workload is being dealt with by anautomatic change in the scale according to the requirement of the workload.A cloud is used as a storage medium which handles applications, business, and personal dataalso. Cloud Computing also possesses the ability by which only a few web services are beingused to coordinate photos, maps, and GPS information to present the front page in users webbrowsers.Cloud Computing has an important feature of workload shift so, personal computers are no morerequired to run these applications. There is a network of computers that handles the cloud itself.It significantly decreases the use of hardware as well as software on the front of user as all theprocessing and handling of data is done by the cloud. All the applications are being run by theinterface software that is the only thing that the user’s computer ought to know. The latest
  3. 3. interface software used in today’s world is Internet Explorer 9 apart from previous versions thatis Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 .Actually , the internet users have some knowledge of this technology already as even if a personhas an e-mail account with any of the web based e-mail service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail the user is aware of what is cloud computing. The users don’t run an e-mailprogram on their system rather they login to the e-mail account on the web because of theemergence of cloud computing. There is a cloud on the service’s computer which possess thesoftware and the storage for the account of the user and not the local computer.Key characteristic of Cloud and its roleAs for now there is no specific definition cloud computing and it will take some time to developits characteristics and a standard definition based on the ongoing practices in this field. Thebelow mentioned two key enabling technologies based on the practices in the areas of serviceprovisioning and solution design would play a very significant role in the revolutionary phase ofcloud computing:Virtualization techniqueThis technology works on the handling of how the image of the operating system, middleware,and application procreated and allocated to a physical machine or part of the server stack away.This technology also provide assistance in reuse licenses of operating systems, middleware, orsoftware applications, as soon as the user releases their service from the Cloud Computingplatform.Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)Cloud Computing is basically a collection of services which communicate with each other. Thecommunication of services with each other involves either simple data passing or it couldinvolve two or more services that coordinate with each other to perform some activity. In theprocess of these communications some or the other means is definitely needed. As against in theearlier decades time when most of the applications stand alone and are designed for a single useonly now the system is evolving towards service oriented. The users can now take the softwarefor its use on rent and this is because of the magnificent growth in the internet usage and theavailability of internet technology with the help of cloud computing. Several big companies suchas Google, Microsoft, Sun and even Amazon have the capability of providing services instead of
  4. 4. directly selling the software to the user.SOA is that software which assists inaddressing multicomponent, reusability, extensibility and flexibility. Those companies that aredesiring cost cuts through choosing to rent rather than purchasing surely need thesecharacteristics.Still there are certain issues like security, cost, integration, and availability that will keep thisapprehension to linger on for some more time. Best book cloud computing for those who areeither beginners or the ones aware of the concept and wish to explore more, I would prefer tothem personal technology books, good technology practice book, deep technology books, cloudand arch. Book, career mgmt. books, and many more other books will help the reader to enhancehis/her knowledge and expand his information horizon on this topic. Moreover, surfing internetmay also be beneficial as it is a place for vast information on any topic.The Information Security Magazine says that both the practitioners as well as the securityanalysts tell us to proceed but with care. All the sensitive corporate data that is prone to riskapplied to cloud computing.Although implementing these security policies meeting theirrequirements are not easy.So everyone has an advantage of cloud computing unless and until theuser follows all the legal restrictions and take due care required.What is cloud computing?Cloud computing changes the way we think about technology. Cloud is a computing modelproviding web-based software, middleware and computing resources on demand.By deploying technology as a service, you give users access only to the resources they need for aparticular task. This prevents you from paying for idle computing resources. Cloud computingcan also go beyond cost savings by allowing your users to access the latest software andinfrastructure offerings to foster business innovation.