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Smart dust


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Smart dust

  1. 1. Smart Dust By Pushkar Vaidya Shounak Katyayan
  2. 2. SAND / DUSTComponents that arefound EVERYWHERELandAirWaterHuman Body
  3. 3. Feature of DUST Very Small Found Anywhere Blown away Light in weight Remain suspended in air
  4. 4. Smart DustSmart Dust is a nano structured siliconsensor based on Particle Science,supporting VLSI that can spontaneouslygather and relay information on the localenvironment
  5. 5. Sensors Humidity Temperature Pressure Acceleration Light Magnetometer
  6. 6. Components
  7. 7. 2008 Kristofer S. J. Pister2001
  8. 8. Progress
  9. 9. Cost Silicon $0.30 Inductor $0.01 Crystal $0.15 Battery $0.16 Total : $0.62 approx. Rs. 30/chip
  10. 10. ApplicationsEnvironmental Protection Radiation Containments in water DisasterHabitat Monitoring AnimalsMilitary Applications Detect presence of Enemy troopsMedical Applications Detect Damaged CellsAnd Many Others…
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