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Mood board

  1. 1. Hot Sexy Tight clothing Very few Cliniqual
  2. 2. There are very few women in action adventure roles/films. Therefore those that make it into action films are repeatedly seen. For example Anglina Jolie has been seen doing many action adventure films as they suit her were as Lindsay Lohan doesn’t star in any. Most female protagonists are seen wearing tight and small clothing or leather. This creates a sensual nature. Futhermore there is still a sexist nature in these films, for example in @mr & Mrs Smith’ Brad Pitt has his hide out under his shed, were as Jolie has hers in the kitchen.
  3. 3. Muscle Get the girls Blunt Fights Ego Hot shot
  4. 4. On the other hand there are many more men in action adventure films, as this is some what of a tradition and whats more is that most actors will at some point in there career star in an action film. A typical action adventure acot tends to be muscular and have a temper/ego, but this is not always the case. Samuel Jackson has starred in many many action films but has an air of calmmness. Furthermore they tend to wear rugged, torn and tight clothes that emphaise their muscles but this too has exceptions, eg James Bond – tux. Finally men tend to have fist fights or use hand guns, their female counter parts use throwing knives or snipers.