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Women fingerprints in medicine....... Landmark Women in History of Medicine


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This Mention the Landmark Females all through the medical history,

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Women fingerprints in medicine....... Landmark Women in History of Medicine

  1. 1. Women Fingerprints In Medicine Waheed Shouman Professor of Chest Medicine Zagazig University Egypt
  2. 2. The start was here In Egypt      The Egyptian Imhotep (2667 - 2648 BC) is the first physician in history To him, Edwin Smith Papyrus, the oldest true medical paper, was attributed. It is the 1st surgical textbook that differentiate between medicine and magic He is considered the father of medicine Besides, He was architect and a priest
  3. 3. Merit Ptah
  4. 4. Merit Ptah (2700 BC). She is most notable for being the first woman known by name in the history of the field of medicine, and possibly the first named woman in all of science as well.
  5. 5. Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt (69–30 BC)
  6. 6. Queen Cleopatra She was aware of gynecological diseases and illnesses and had a deep knowledge in pharmacology,
  7. 7. Agnodice or Agnodike Agnodice or Agnodike (4th century BC) was the first female Athenian Physician and Gynaecologist She received her education in Alexandria, Egypt at the University of Alexandria, Some consider her as a myth
  8. 8. The first European female physicians was the Italian Dr Trotula of Salerno in the 12th century, almost 4,000 years after Merit-Ptah Trotula of Salerno
  9. 9. The Bimaristan of Al-Mansouri founded by Memluke Sultan Al Mansour Qalawoon, 1279
  10. 10. I come here today … to tell you that coeducation has proved an absolute failure, from our standpoint. When I tell you that 33.3 per cent of the ladies, students, admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital at the end of our short session are to be married, then I tell you that coeducation is a failure. — William Osler, 1894
  11. 11. "…women are neither physically nor mentally strong enough to cope with the endless medical round…their delicate sensibilities surely equip them to be the handmaids of doctors…"
  12. 12. Dorothea Christiane Erxleben
  13. 13. Dorothea Christiane Erxleben (1715-1762) was the first certified female physician in Germany
  14. 14. James Miranda Stuart Barry (789-1799 – 25 July 1865, ), was a military surgeon in the British Army He is a female and named Margaret Ann Bulkley, this was discovered at her death James Barry began his, or rather her, medical training as early as 1812
  15. 15. Elizabeth Blackwell
  16. 16. • Elizabeth Blackwell (3 February 1821 – 31 May 1910), born in England • 1st women certified as a physician in USA, in 1849 from Geneva Medical College • In 1847, All male students voted yes for her application as a joke • Her sister Emily was the 3rd woman to have medical degree in USA
  17. 17. Elizabeth Blackwell set a precedent for women doctors in the modern world. On a visit to England in 1859 she met Elizabeth Garrett who went on to become the first woman doctor in Britain and also a pioneer of women's medicine in Europe
  18. 18. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
  19. 19. Gerty Cori
  20. 20. • In 1947, Gerty Cori, American biochemist, born in Prague, was the 1st female to win Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine shared with her husband (Carl Ferdinand Cori) for discovery of Glycogen transformation to lactic acid in muscles (Cori cycle) • Marie Curie-Skłodowska won Nobel prize twice 1901 in Physics (shared with her husband Pierre) and in 1911 in Chemistry unshared, not in Medicine
  21. 21. Virginia Apgar
  22. 22. • In 1952, Virginia Apgar, the first full Professor at Colombia University College of Medicine, developed Apgar Score, the best and 1st standardized test to evaluate neonates
  23. 23. Dr Hilana Sedarous(1904-1998) is the first Egyptian female doctor. Born in Tanta  She qualified as a doctor in 1930 and returned to Egypt to work in Kitchener hospital in Cairo  She opened a private clinic specialize in OB/Gyn and she carried her surgical procedures at the Coptic hospital in Cairo.
  24. 24. Dr. Zahira Abdin
  25. 25. Dr. Zahira Abdin, (1917-2002)  A pediatrician and rheumatic heart disease specialist  The 1st female in kasr El-Aini Faculty of Medicine in 1936  The first Egyptian lady to become a member of the Royal College of Physicians (Internal Medicine) in 1948 and later a Fellow of the Royal College  The 1st female to be appointed as Medical university staff in 1949  The 1st female awarded honorary doctorate from Edinburgh University in 1980  The founding of the Dubai Medical College (DMCG) for Girls in 1986  She was awarded the honorary title of Mother of Egyptian Doctors in 1990  She is considered as one of founders of social medicine worldwide
  26. 26. Nazli M. Gad-el-Mawla
  27. 27. She was a pioneer Egyptian oncologist, who, as a member of a small group of oncologists working at the National Cancer Institute in Cairo in the 1960s and '70s helped to build the institute into one of the premier cancer centers in the Middle East. She founded the Department of Medical Oncology in 1970 and, as part of it, developed a strong pediatric oncology program Nazli M. Gad-el-Mawla
  28. 28. Nancy Dickey
  29. 29. In 1998, Nancy Dickey was the 1st elected woman as the president of the American Medical Association (AMA)
  30. 30. Dr. Nada Haffadh, the 1st Arabic and Bahraini minister of health, 2004
  31. 31. Massouma al-Mubarak, the 1st Kuwaiti minister of health, 2007
  32. 32. Fatma Alhamroush, the 1st Libyan minister of health
  33. 33. Maha Al-Rabbat, the 1st Egyptian minister of health, 2013
  34. 34. • In 1905, women were 4% of graduated physicians, in USA • In 1949, they were 12% • In 1965, they were 7%
  35. 35. Saudi Arabia 2004
  36. 36. Saudi Arabia 2004
  37. 37. • In USA, in 2010, 30% of all physicians, 45% of residents were women • 60% of physician women are in 6 specialties: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Psychiatry and Anesthesiology • Between 1980 and 2010, female physicians increased by 447% • Since 1975 to 2010, female physicians increased 6 folds
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