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Rotator Cuff Treatment In Irving


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OrthoTexas, Irving provides advanced treatment for Rotator Cuff injuries as well as disorders. The shoulder specialists use both surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches to repair the damaged Rotator Cuff and restore the joint’s normal range of motion. To schedule an appointment with the shoulder surgeons in Irving, visit -

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Rotator Cuff Treatment In Irving

  1. 1. OrthoTexas, Irving provides comprehensive treatment for Rotator Cuff injuries and conditions.
  2. 2. The shoulder surgeons specialize in performing Rotator Cuff Surgery to restore the normal strength of the joint.
  3. 3. Contd. • Dull & Persistent Pain • Pain While Lifting Arm • Snapping Sensation • Limited Range Of Motion
  4. 4. • Weakness • Inflammation • Pain Increases During Night • Inability To Rotate The Arm
  5. 5. • Rest • Anti-Inflammatory Medications • Physical Therapy • Surgery
  6. 6. (972) 215 - 7700
  7. 7. 2001 North MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 255, Irving, Texas 75061
  8. 8.