Tips and techniques for golf beginners


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For those golfers who are just starting their hobby, beginner golf is definitely for you.
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Tips and techniques for golf beginners

  1. 1. Tips and Techniques for Golf Beginners By Josh Stamos
  2. 2. For those golfers who are just starting theirhobby, beginner golf is definitely for you.With that being said, it does not mean thatyou cannot go to a golf course and practicethere, because you can. Everyone iswelcome to play golf anywhere. Butprobably, the best place for beginner golfwould have to be the driving range.
  3. 3. A better venue for practice should be done indriving range would be because for onereason, it is so much cheaper rather than togo to a golf course, rent a golf cart, rent atrainer. It is so much more affordable to go todriving range; since you are just a newbie atgolf, a driving range is enough. But if moneyis not an issue, then go ahead and drivethrough that golf course.
  4. 4. For a beginner, golf driving range candefinitely help you in your focus because thetrainer will be right next to you and can guideyou with each mistake. It would also be moreconvenient because usually, there are teegirls who would prepare the ball for you.Unlike in a golf course where you have to doit all on your own unless you hire caddieswho would carry your golf clubs, give you theballs, and drive your golf cart.
  5. 5. An obvious warning is that golf is a veryexpensive sport, equipment alone costs a lot,and then you have the venue then the peoplewho would be helping you. Of course aftereach golf experience of game, your golfclubs would be dirty, that is no surprise giventhe fact that it has everything to do withconnecting to the ground or the soil.
  6. 6. No matter what you do, your golf clubs willget dirty, and here are some materials thatyou will need for cleaning your golf clubs.Whether your golf clubs are new or not, youstill have to clean them. As a newbie, you donot want anyone to know or see your golfclubs filled with dirt. You must disciplineyourself even as a beginner because golfrequires a lot of this attitude.
  7. 7. In cleaning your golf clubs, you do not need to purchaseexpensive cleaning materials. You can use the stuff thatis found inside your home. A liquid detergent, ascrubbing material like toothbrush and of course an oldtowel to dry the clubs is the things that you actually needto clean them. Although there are golf club cleaning setsavailable, but these stuff will certainly give the sameresults without the need of spending much money. It isnot a matter of what type of cleaning kits you use, but onhow you maintain the cleanliness of the clubs after eachgolf game.
  8. 8. An important skill that you need to acquire inplaying golf is to have a humble heart and beopen to criticisms. You are not a professionalyet, no matter how many books for golf youhave read, you still have a long way to go, sobe patient and humble.
  9. 9. When your trainers correct you for doing awrong swing, follow through, backswing orwhatever, be open and accept it with fullhumility. After all, you wont be corrected forsomething if you are doing it right. Beinghumble is a must-have attitude for a beginnerfor golf is not only a sport but it teaches theright values and attitude as well.
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