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Postcard marketing facts


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Postcard marketing facts

  1. 1. Postcar d Mar keting Facts RLS Printing and Marketing
  2. 2. Postcards are repeatable Repeat mailings cannot berepeated enough. A shot in thedark post card mailing will notchange your business.
  3. 3. VersatilePostcards can be used forbranding, drip marketingcampaigns, of for specificpromotions
  4. 4. Easy to trackTracking sales is easy whenusing “promo” codes on yourmailing
  5. 5. A postcard is much better thansomething in an envelope, and less expensive to mail!You can’t make your potential customer see your message if it’s in an envelope—people go through your mail quickly and throw away what they don’t want, but with a postcard they’ll see the message, even if they throw it away.
  6. 6. Why Postcards? Mailing postcards is lessexpensive and doesn’t require envelopes
  7. 7. The best price is notalways the best postcardMake sure the postcard has good qualityprint and color, is stiff, and has a designthat catches your attention.Don’t underestimate the up-front work thatgoes into the design, but once it’s doneyou’ll have a great marketing piece thatcan be repeated and modified.
  8. 8. A company could grow greatly with just postcard marketing (and a business card).Many companies admit to growing theirbusiness simply by mailing post cardsevery week or month, with most sayingthat the more postcards mailed the morethey grew.If you have the budget for other marketingthat’s fine, but make postcards the core toyour marketing.