One last visit


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One last visit

  1. 1. One Last Visit
  2. 2. The day we brought Heart home from the local breeder was the happiest day of my five year olddaughters life. She waited on pins and needles for Heart to be born and to get old enough so wecould welcome her into our home and family. Heart instantly became an important member ofour small family. Heart was a short hair miniature Pinscher who had a jet black glossy coat witha chestnut brown patch on her lower neck. When I asked my daughter her reason for naming hernew puppy Heart she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and responded, "Because when Isaw her she melted my Heart. I am in love with her, Mommie." My daughter got moreenjoyment out of playing with her new found friend while I took on the task of routine feedings,baths and house training sessions. This energetic three pound ball of fire kept me busy. She wasso tiny that everyone in my household feared stepping on her by mistake. To ease this fear Ipurchased her a pink blinged out collar with a small bell attached and put it around her neck. Wecould hear her coming from a distance afterwards.Heart also became an important part of my extended family. She was the star of every familygathering. She went with us on family outings and to major family events. She managed to be thelife of every party. She would playfully entertain us by standing on her hind legs and dancearound on command showing us something special.The sound of her jingling bell as she walkedaround the house was a joyous sound that I grew to love.After we had her for about four years I noticed that Heart was listless and shedding hairprofusely. I knew that she was becoming ill because clumps of her hair were falling out when Iwould gently rub her. Within a matter of a week she seemed to be very weak and would trembleat times. Her glossy black coat was beginning to look dull and she wasnt as active. I becameextremely worried when she stopped eating and could not stand or walk. I quickly wrapped herup in her favorite pink blanket and rushed her to the vet. The vet informed me that she wassuffering from Addisons disease. The common name for this condition is hypoadrenocorticism.This adrenal insufficiency causes potassium levels to elevate and disrupts the normal functionsof the heart. This caused her kidneys to not function correctly. I could not afford to keep heralive without allowing her to suffer. Thus, I made the tough decision to put her to sleep.
  3. 3. I looked at her wrapped in the fluffy blanket and knew this would be my last farewell to mybeloved pet. I tenderly unwrapped her and gave her a kiss and gently unsnapped her pink collarwith the small bell attached. Not only was she my daughters first pet, but she was my first pet aswell. I carefully wrapped her back up and handed her to the vet. I tearfully made Hearts finalarrangements and placed the pink collar into my purse. The drive back home was sad for bothmy daughter and I.For weeks I was in a depressive state because I missed having her at home and hearing the softjingle of the small bell as she pranced around the house. It was hard for me to go into Heartsroom without shedding tears. A member of my family was gone and I was having a hard timecoming to grips with the void that lingered. One morning I was home alone relaxing in the tub.For a brief moment I heard the jingle of a small bell. As I listened carefully I continued to hear itfaintly. I knew that sound very well. It was the same sound I heard when Heart would walkaround the house. I tossed my head back and allowed the warm bath water to engulf my body upto my chest. I felt the feeling of love rush throughout my body. Heart came back to let me knowthat she was okay and healthy again. I smiled as I closed my eyes.Location: USARead more short stories:http://www.shortstoriescorner.comPlease check out the E-Book Store for more fabulous books. courtesy of Image courtesy of Download ”Download “Pinscher Dog” by graur razvanionut