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No Longer Lonely


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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No Longer Lonely

  1. 1. Josephine Eddie and Donna were sitting down for their Wednesday chess game, as they did every week at the Shady Grove Home for the Elderly. “I wish I had a bond with someone like you have with Josephine,” Donna said. Eddie smiled as he said, “Check.” Donna looked at a painting on the wall of a field. She admired the rich colors in the painting and the way it made her feel. The painting brought back memories of how she used to paint, when she was younger. She really missed those days of being young and in love with her husband, Earl. When Earl passed, she knew she’d be alone forever. “Donna, it’s your turn.” Eddie realized Donna’s thoughts were wandering. Donna nervously laughed, “Oh, I’m sorry. Where was my mind?” Earl watched as Donna got herself out of a bind and was no longer checked. “Clever,” Eddie said as he sat, staring at the chessboard. Donna couldn’t stop her thoughts from wandering, “So how is Josephine? I’m surprised I haven’t seen her around here yet today.” Eddie grinned, “My little lady? She’s doing very well. She’s probably napping right now. We’re not the only ones getting older everyday.” Donna knew that all too well. Everyday, each new ache or pain would remind her how old and lonely she really was. She always wished that Earl could have made it just a little longer, even if it was just to ensurethat she would not have to be alone for so long.
  2. 2. Donna swept her hand through her hair and took a deep breath. As she moved her knight, she noticed there was a chip on the steed’s nose. “You know, it may be a wise investment to get a new chess set,” Donna commented as she moved the piece. “Yes, I suppose you’re right,” Eddie said quietly. He was acting a little jumpy. Donna figured that his stomach must have been acting up. “Your move,” Donna said, noticing Eddie leaning over in his chair. It appeared as if he was looking for someone. Donna looked intently at Eddie as she asked, “Everything alright?” Eddie snapped out of it, “Oh, yes. I guess you just made me think of Josephine…where do you suppose she is?” Donna raised her shoulders to show that she did not know. “Perhaps I should call her,” Eddie said as he cupped his hands around his mouth, “Josephine! Josephine, darling!” No one came. Eddie began to look nervous. “Josephine! Where are you Josephine?” Eddie was very concerned, which made Donna worry. “Josephine!” Donna joined Eddie. “Here, Josephine. Here, Kitty,” Eddie yelled, as Josephine, a small Bengal cat with a ring around her collar came running. “Ah, here’s my little lady,” Eddie said. Donna was puzzled, “What’s that around her collar?”
  3. 3. “Well, Donna,” Eddie said as he looked at Josephine, “We would like to invite you to join our family.” Donna threw her arms around Eddie and got teary eyes as she realized thatshe would never know what it meant to feel lonely again. Author: Morissa Schwartz To Read More Short Stories: