Shortlistdirect (for job board providers)


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Shortlistdirect introduces its revenue enhancement model for Job Boards and Job Board PLatform Providers.

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Shortlistdirect (for job board providers)

  1. 1. The Job Board’s Value Adding Recruitment ServiceCommercially Restricted . All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Client Wants... What EveryShort List DirectON TARGET
  3. 3. Short List DirectON TARGET WHAT HOW Shortlistdirect (SLD) is SLD offers services on a an e-commerce solution ‘white label’ basis which which is embedded Job Board clients can within a Job Board’s directly access at the click of an icon. platform.
  4. 4. Short List DirectON TARGET BENEFITS IMPLEMENTATION SLD provides the Job Board SLD implementation with a significant additional provides a swift and revenue stream and an significant ROI both for the enhanced product offering Job Board and the and provides the Job Board Job Board Provider. Provider with an attractive revenue share.
  5. 5. Short List DirectON TARGET 3 Product Proposition SLD offers a simple range of products designed to directly meet the needs of a Job Board’s clients to help them quickly search, match, prioritise and obtain accurate short-lists of candidates for any given role…
  6. 6. PRODUCTSShort List DirectON TARGET
  7. 7. Short List DirectON TARGET Product Objectives ‘Generating the best response’ ‘The client seeks and sees only the best’ ‘Broadening the field of play’ ‘At the lowest possible cost’
  8. 8. Short List DirectON TARGET Professional Advert Writer (PAW) Generating quality response requires a well written, ‘search engine optimised’, legally compliant advert. Most employers lack the skills to create this effectively so SLD generates high-quality, SEO optimised and compliant text on their behalf. [This service is also offered as an adjunct to the other services]. ‘Generating the best response’
  9. 9. Short List DirectON TARGET Candidates applying for a given role are managed swiftly and professionally by SLD. Responses are made, profiles reviewed and prioritised and the most appropriate candidates are passed to the client as a short-list. Less relevant candidates are regretted but are made available to the client. ‘The client seeks and sees only the best’
  10. 10. Short List DirectON TARGET Search & Match (SAM) SLD interrogates a Job Board’s database of previously registered candidates on the client’s behalf to find other candidates who are not actively job hunting, thus increasing the pool of talent. These are added to the advertising responses and are then screened and prioritised as per RMP. ‘Broadening the field of play’
  11. 11. Short List DirectON TARGET Revenue Model The SLD revenue model generates an additional revenue stream for Job Boards and the simple augmentation of their existing product offering beyond ‘advertising’ extends their value per client potential. The SLD revenue model also generates residual income for Job Board Platform Providers that adopt the SLD products into their software upgrades and/or incorporate SLD into new client site builds.
  12. 12. What Every Client Wants... Contact: UK +44 7880 633 336 France +33 977 85 88 91 South Africa +27 82 927 6783Commercially Restricted. All rights reserved.