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The Rec Center is expanding!Realizing the expansion of your Student Recreation Center is creeping closer and closer to rea...
Unleash your inner animal;                 be active at the Rec.                                         Intramural Sports...
Swim the Pac-10                                                                                             challenge is  ...
New fitness options.New workout formats have been added to theRec Fitness Program to continue to challengeyour fitness lev...
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University of Oregon Student Recreation Center Spring 2011 Newsletter


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University of Oregon Student Recreation Center Spring 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. om e e lc W to Te rm ng te r! p ri he C en S at t on a ti ec re nt R tu deS Rec center news Spring 2011 Edition
  2. 2. The Rec Center is expanding!Realizing the expansion of your Student Recreation Center is creeping closer and closer to reality every day. We now have a final report on our campus consultation from the firm Brailsford & Dunlavey (B&D) that took place over the span of nearly a year. The report documents the Campus Consultation to expand both the EMU and the SRC. Included in the report are: a conceptual program of spaces for each facility, the projects construction and operational costs, pro forma modeling for each facility, peer institution benchmark data and results of campus needs assessment and valuing surveys.My thanks go out to each of you who participated in the process. The turnout on our campus was unprecedented in the experience of our consulting firm B & D with 7,947 students, faculty, and staff responding to this fall’s valuing survey. This number represents 27.5% of all enrolled students, and 36.1 % of faculty and staff. In addition, 79% of students and 82% of faculty and staff surveyed indicated they were very likely or somewhat likely to support the projects.You have spoken and the strength of your voice is being heard. We have formed a design usergroup made up of students, faculty and staff. We will be selecting the architecture firm whowill design the SRC expansion this spring. The intense Schematic Design work will begin once students return for fall term. The train has left the station... SRC enthusiasts... and our expansion is on the move! Congratulations to each student who is graduating this spring. It is always our desire(and the purpose of our existence) that your participation in facilities, programs, and classes ofthe SRC will have a positive and healthy lifelong impact. As our Core Purpose states, we are all about Active Balanced Lives and we hope that will always be your experience as you launch the next stage of your life. Here’s wishing each of you a healthy and happy Spring Term and beyond! Dennis Munroe Director, Physical Education & Recreation
  3. 3. Unleash your inner animal; be active at the Rec. Intramural Sports. Interested in Officiating to earn some extra cash? We are Spring term has a full slate of looking for individuals interested Intramural Sports for Students, in officiating Softball and Soccer. Faculty and Staff. Superior skill We will train you! No experience levels or previous sport needed, just knowledge of the experience are not prerequisites sport. The general information Pac 10 Well-U for participation; there is a place meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, for everyone from the novice to March 29 at 6:00pm in Challenge, April 18-22. the advanced competitor. SRC Multipurpose Room #4. Activities are offered in men’s,Join the PAC-10 and all of your women’s and coed divisions. If you have additional questionsfriends for a healthier, happier Come join us, make new friends, give us a call at 541-346-4113 orU! The challenge for a Well U is a and have fun! Check out our Web drop by our office in 102 Esslingerfriendly, conference-wide Site for information related to Hall. Our friendly staff is alwaysinitiative promoting overall health Leagues in Softball, Soccer, willing to help answer yourand wellness for all of our faculty, Ultimate Frisbee and 4 on 4 Grass questions.staff and students. Complete daily Volleyball. In addition to ourpersonal wellness assessments Leagues we offer Tournaments Cindie Judyand log your wellness activities and Meets in Swimming, Golf and Assistant Directoron Have Track & Field. New thisyour name entered into a grand Spring – Tournaments in Kickballprize drawing every time you and Bocce Ball.participate in one of the wellnessactivities during the week for achance to win a prize! For moreinformation, check out the PAC10 Well U Challenge link on thehealthy campus website at TorresDirector of Healthy Campus Initiative
  4. 4. Swim the Pac-10 challenge is happening now! Swim the Pac-10 happens again this spring term. This is a self directed challenge to motivate swimmers and beginners to move to the pool for fitness. Participants can water walk, aqua-jog, or swim their way through the challenge – the main point is to get in the water to realize the benefits of swimming! You have 10 weeks (spring term) to complete either the beginner or the advanced route through the Pac-10. Distances have been calculated based on general distances from campus to campus. Participants will log their own lengths by recording their Have you found the new distances on sheets kept in a log book at Leighton pool. See the event interactive touch screen yet? table located next to the bleachersLook immediately to your right as you enter on the pool deck for morethe lobby and you will find a great new information. There will be bothinteractive plasma screen with information Beginner & Advanced categories.about Intramurals, Recreation and Fitness Jackie JamesPrograms, Membership information and more.This is the next step in our effort to go aspaperless as possible. Students at the Welcome Assistant Director of AquaticsDesk will be happy to assist you in how to usethis interactive tool. You can email all The distances: Beginner Advancedinformation to yourself right from the screen! 5 yards = 1 mile 25 yards = 1 mile WSU to UW – 312 Miles 1550 yards 7800 yards UW to Oregon State – 181 Miles 900 yards 4525 yards New wait-list feature on Oregon State to Oregon – 107 Miles 525 yards 2675 yards Duck Web changes Physical Oregon to Cal – 520 Miles 2600 yards 13,000 yards Education course registration. Cal to Stanford – 49 Miles 250 yards 1225 yards Stanford to UCLA – 354 Miles 1775 yards 8850 yardsThe Registrar’s new Wait-List feature on Duck UCLA to USC – 14 Miles 75 yards 350 yardsWeb is changing the face of registration for USC to Arizona State – 388 Miles 1950 yards 9700 yardsPhysical Education courses. If you want a spotin a PE class, be sure to sign up for it on Arizona State to Arizona – 112 Miles 550 yards 2800 yardsDuck Web when you’ve got the chance! Classes Total – 2037 Miles 10,175 yards 50,925 yardshave filled this spring at an unprecedentedspeed and wait-lists are being highly used. Themajor change you’ll see is a drastically reduced Everyone who finishes will receive a prize!option to take PE classes Non-Credit. Thewait-lists are ensuring that there aren’tgoing to be very many openings for non-creditenrollment in the future! And per our policy,you cannot enroll for credit then switch yourstatus to non-credit, so get on board for creditand hold on tight!
  5. 5. New fitness options.New workout formats have been added to theRec Fitness Program to continue to challengeyour fitness levels. Boot Camp focuses onfull body exercises in high intensityintervals, addressing cardio and muscularendurance, strength, agility, balance, andflexibility, without fancy choreography. Beprepared to do anything when you comeMondays at 4pm, Wednesdays at 5pm orSaturdays at 11:30am.Another fun option is to jump in the pool forthe Zumba “pool party!” Splashing,stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing,hooting and hollering are often heardduring an Aqua Zumba workout. AquaZumba blends together a safe, challenging,water-based workout that’s the hundreds of users that are in this weights but please be aware, that theycardio-conditioning, body-toning, and space daily. are not certified personal trainers andexhilarating on Saturdays at 1pm. are not permitted to act in that capacity. Weight RoomsCardio Room The North Weight Room has had some Personal TrainingHopefully you’ve taken advantage of minor equipment moves to create an The Personal Training staff have opentrying the various fitness equipment demos in open functional training space as well as hours in the Weight Room (listed atthe Cardio Room (including the Life an educational space for PE instructors. the Fitness Services desk in the CardioFitness Treadmill and Cross trainer, Techno This space will continue to morph, and Room) where they can be accessible forGym Cardio Wave, Woodway Eco Mill and we will be posting anatomy charts in general fitness and exercise questions.Precor Recumbent bike). Temporarily trying weight rooms for patrons to self educate They can give advice on workouts, formequipment gives us an opportunity to hear and use as a reference. There is also a and technique during those open hoursfrom our users, what your preferences are as binder at the desk full of exercises (and or you can schedule a time for personalwell as give feedback to the manufacturers. pictures) to help you with your attention for a modest extra fee.We use your feedback as one factor in our workouts, just ask the staff.purchasing decision making process. We are The Weight Room Supervisors are Chantelle Russellexcited to announce the two new Woodway“Desmo” model treadmills were purchased circulating about the room for your Assistant Director for Fitnessin February as a permanent addition to our safety and to create a welcominginventory. You’ll notice some other new environment for everyone. They areequipment before the end of summer as we trained as first responders in case of anwork through our equipment replacement emergency and are responsible forschedule. educating patrons on our facility and usage policies. These employees alsoIn the Cardio Room the staff should help you help with cleaning and to make surewith the sign-up procedures to ensure patrons are in a sanitary environment.accuracy and fairness. Although there may All Weight Room Supervisors can givebe a short wait time, this keeps the staff you a general orientation to our fitnessactive and engaged with the participants as spaces, policies and equipment as well aswell as facilitating a positive experience for act as a spotter when you’re lifting heavy Have an idea? Let us know! Please fill out a suggestion/comment form located at the front desk. Visit for more information on all facilities, programs, and classes available at the Rec Center.