Resume and Writing Samples


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Resume for Lauren Short and two writing samples from past internships.

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Resume and Writing Samples

  1. 1. Lauren Short Eugene, OR • • Cell (541) 513-2139 EDUCATION University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Expected June 2011 Concentrations: Public Relations, Computer Information Technology, Communications 2006 Graduate of North Eugene High School [International High School] EXPERIENCE Social Media Practitioner 2003 - Current • Facebook friends with +990 people • Twitter following of +400 people • LinkedIn connections of +130 people www.linkedin/com/in/laurenshort • Foursquare, Tumblr and WordPress user NextStep ReUse, Eugene, OR Public Relations/ Social Media Specialist June 2010 – Oct. 2010 • Stay active on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare for NextStep. • Write press releases. • Help brand new education program. • Write various styles of press releases • Add to decision making discussions for marketing direction • Assist with interviewing applicants for Marketing Director position • Help bring awareness to organization events • Nominate business for awards • Write radio public service announcements Associated Students of the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Jan. 2010 – April 2010 Elections Board Outreach Coordinator • Supervised an elections campaign for 80 candidates • Promoted knowledge and interest of elections to entire student body, brought in UO’s highest voter turnout • Acted as a public relations representative for Elections Board, handled all electronic communication University of Oregon Student Recreation Center, Eugene, OR June 2007 – Current Lead Lifeguard – Social Coordinator • Supervise pool and patrons, enforce facility rules, prepare to act on an emergency situation instantly • Organize and plan all facility events for patrons and staff Willamette Angel Conference, Eugene, OR April 2010 – May 2010 Publicity Coordinator Intern • Helped promote events through Twitter and Facebook • Wrote blog posts for start-up businesses Drs. Cassel and Boren MD Rheumatologists, Eugene, OR Aug. 2008 – Sept. 2009 Office Assistant • Faxed all prescriptions, filed and maintained all patient charts • Handled office jobs in a fast paced working environment • Trusted to confidential documents and clients KEY ACTIVITIES • Allen Hall Public Relations • Table Captain and Class Rap Representative for Oregon Student Association and Oregon Voter’s Coalition • Alpha Kappa Psi Lambda Pledge Class President • 2009 LeaderShape Institute Ambassador and program graduate • University of Oregon Women’s Water Polo Team SKILLS Computer: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, FourSquare, Photoshop,, Basic HTML, Indesign, Keynote, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Certifications: CPR, First Aid, Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  2. 2. How  to  Best  Sell  Your  Business  Through  Social  Media     When  trying  to  establish  your  start-­‐up  business,  it  is   highly  important  to  ensure  that  you  are  reaching  potential   consumers  through  all  available  outlets.  A  great  way  to   advertise  to  multiple  audiences  is  through  social  media.   Networking  websites  such  as  Facebook,  Twitter,  and  by   even  creating  a  blog  on  WordPress  allow  opportunities   for  you  to  instantly  communicate  new  ideas,  products,   and  events  to  just  about  everyone.     Though  it  may  be  understood  that  these  are  great  tools   for  promoting  a  start-­‐up  business,  many  still  are  unaware  as  to  how  to  use  these  forms  of  social  media   to  their  advantage.  According  to  an  article1  by  Chairman  and  Executive  Director  of  Inc.  Business  Owners   Lewis  Schiff,  it  is  important  to  set  up  your  social  media  accounts  to  allow  full  leverage  for  search  engine   traffic  to  maximize  your  business'  visibility.     Schiff  provides  three  suggestions  to  help  increase  visibility:   1) Use  keywords  and  keyphrases.  Make  sure  to  clearly  define  certain  topics,  words,   and  ideas  that  you  believe  your  potential  customers  may  be  searching  online  for.     2) Construct  your  website  with  high  quality  HTML.  The  easier  it  is  to  access  your   business's  website,  the  easier  it  is  to  attract  more  potential  customers.   3) Share  content  from  other  websites  that  you  have  found  to  be  useful  and   beneficial  for  the  development  of  your  business.  By  passing  on  good   information,  your  website  can  become  a  trusted  source  for  advice.     Consumers  favor  companies  that  connect  through  social  media  and  are  more  transparent  about  its   actions.  Online  networking  allows  start-­‐ups  more  chances  to  reach  desired  audiences.  Make  sure  to  take   advantage  of  these  opportunities!     -­‐-­‐   1.    
  3. 3. Contact:               Lorraine  Kerwood           Executive  Director,  NextStep  Recycling NextStep  hosts  its  second  annual  ReArt  Festival Eugene  –  (Aug  3,  2010)  NextStep  Recycling  presents  its  2nd  annual  ReArt  Festival  in  the  Eugene  Park   Blocks,  Sunday,  Aug  8,  2010  from  10  AM  to  6  PM.  Pacific  Northwest  artists  will  showcase  creations  from   jewelry  to  furniture  -­‐  all  constructed  from  reused  and  recycled  materials.    Also  in  the  works:  Eugene’s   first  ever  Buggy  Dash,  a  race  of  non-­‐motorized  and  non-­‐pedal  powered  crafts  made  from  75%   repurposed  materials.   ARTISTS:  Above  the  Fold;  Adornments  by  Lisa;  Art  O’  Cycle;  Artful  Aprons;  Artists  in  Steel;  Batty  Bats;   Bloomingglass;  Boozy  Baubles;  Chopstick  Art;  Coho  Custom  Cabinetry;  Cute  Girl  Creations;  Jessie  Davis   Does  Art;  Deb  &  Pandy;  Dingle;  Ex  Libris  Anonymous;  Figments;  Hammered  Frets;  Julia  Garretson;   Kilnwerks;  Jim  King;  Lap  of  Luxury  Lap  Desks;  LizMar  Designs;  Lucid  Dreamers;  Neat-­‐Arts;  Olive  Grand;     One  Sun  Metalwerks;  Paper  Demon  Jewelry;  Jason  Pickering  Studios;  Purse  Knitty;  reesikl;  Rock  Candy  Art;   SEH!  What  Handcrafted  Treasures;  Something  Nice;  Tea  and  Squirrels;  Therapy  Bettye;  Tiffany  on  a  Stick;   Transformations  Glassworks   LIVE  MUSIC:  10:00  am  -­‐  Telepathic  Dumpster;  11:00  am  -­‐  Invisible  Arts  Project;  12:00  pm  -­‐  The  Last  Drags;   1:00  pm  -­‐  Soulicious;    2:00  pm  –  Jenny;  3:00  pm  -­‐  Stephan  Nance;  4:00  pm  –  The  Moonbox;  5:00  pm  -­‐   Jerry  Zybach       FOOD  VENDORS:  The  Bliss  Cart;  Chic  N  Shack;  Cousin  Jack’s  Pasty  Company;  The  Divine  Cupcake;  Espresso   Zone;  Kiwina’s  Kava  Bar;  McKenzie  Mist;  Qdoba  Mexican  Grill   LIVE  ART:  MECCA;  Resurrected  Refuse  Action  Team;  NextStep  Recycling;  The  Fountain  Family  a.k.a.  Artists   in  Steel;  Kilnwerks;  Face  Painting  by  Debi  Bennett;  Ruby  the  Resourceress;  and  Habitat  for  Humanity     NON-­‐PROFITS:  Habitat  for  Humanity  Restore;  S.A.R.A.’s  Treasures;  Sexual  Assault  Support  Services;   Experience  Works;  Alvord  Taylor  Independent  Living  Services,  Inc.;  Habitat  for  Humanity;  and  Northwest   Community  Credit  Union  will  be  making  bike-­‐powered  smoothies.   The  ReArt  Festival  supports  NextStep’s  mission  to  provide  access  to  technology  and  training  to  children   and  adults  who  have  barriers  to  employment  and  education,  as  well  as  increase  awareness  about  the   importance  of  reuse  and  recycling  within  the  community.         For  more  information  about  the  ReArt  Festival,  please  visit         NextStep  Recycling:  We  provide  technology  and  training  to  underserved  children  and  adults,  while  protecting  our   environment  and  community  from  hazardous  waste.  Since  1999,  NextStep  has  accepted  donations  of  hundreds  of   thousands  of  computers  and  other  electronic  devices,  putting  thousands  of  pieces  of  equipment  back  into  use  in   the  community.  Thanks  to  the  work  of  more  than  1700  volunteers  providing  136,000  hours  of  service  refurbishing   and  recycling  computers,  we  have  redistributed  over  20,000  computers  and  recycled  more  than  6.2-­‐million  pounds   of  electronic  waste.     ###