Techniques for Hitting the Golf Ball Further


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Everyone to every pick up a club wants to hit the ball further. This presentation gives a few tips on how to achieve that.

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Techniques for Hitting the Golf Ball Further

  1. 1. Techniques for Hitting the Golf Ball Further
  2. 2. Hitting the golf ball further is desired by every golfer especially when there is a large amount of green to be covered relative to the flagstick. Numerous techniques can be used in that situation as you can decide to pitch, drive, chip or putt the ball. What matters most is the effectiveness of the swing delivery to the ball. Body stance and positioning are also very important for hitting the golf ball far.
  3. 3. Practice Makes Perfect
  4. 4. To succeed in this area, a lot of practice is needed because ball control must be well managed while trying to hit the golf ball far. So, you have to get up early on weekends and head for the golf course to practice before it gets crowded. Get a caddie to come along with you and practice long distance shots with many balls, taking a mental note of what happens when you land a good swing and vice versa.
  5. 5. Correcting Your Body Stance
  6. 6. The body stance that helps with hitting the golf ball far is that which gives you the greatest balance before, during and after your swing. You should widen your stance or keep both legs slightly close depending on whether you are driving, chipping or putting the ball. For instance, while driving the golf ball, a widened stance provides you with better stability and more power on the swing. Also, you should consider balancing your body weighting and allow about 60% of your body weight to lean on the left side with the remaining 40% on the right. This is known as the 60-40 weighting technique.
  7. 7. Pace of Delivery
  8. 8. Another important point to note for hitting the golf ball far is the pace at which you deliver your swing. This is best achieved by moving your club at the same pace both on the backswing and on the downswing. By the time you reach the top of your backswing, it is expected that your shoulders would have turned to 90 degrees, with your back facing the target. At this point, you would be ready for the downswing, and be sure not to rush it. It is also advisable to practice the back and forth movement of the club regularly if you want great success while hitting the golf ball far.
  9. 9. Take the Wind into Consideration
  10. 10. Finally, for good control, you need to consider if it is a really windy day as this will determine the pacing you need for hitting the ball far. If the wind is blowing opposite to the path of the ball, you need greater power behind it, while to need to hit the ball softer if the wind is blowing in its direction of travel. This way, you might be able to take advantage of the wind if you practice during different weather conditions.
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