Improving Your Short Game with Excellent Chipping


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One of the best ways to improve your short game is through practicing your chipping until you become excellent at it. This presentation gives some quick tips to help you chip better and improve your short game.

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Improving Your Short Game with Excellent Chipping

  1. 1. Improving Your Short Game with Excellent Chipping
  2. 2. Improving your short game is an important part of becoming a successful golfer. Delivering your short game in a superb fashion can help you lower your scores and maintain leads if you are ahead of your competitors. Also, having a superb short game can bring you to the top of the pack and have you playing the best golf of your life.
  3. 3. Chipping the golf ball excellently contributes greatly to improving your short game. Let us take a look at how you can achieve this.
  4. 4. Do What Works for You, Personally
  5. 5. Remember that like all aspects of the game, chipping can also be very personal depending on who plays it, where, and how it is played. There is no single best method for chipping, as you need to consider a number of factors which will determine how well you deliver your chip shot.
  6. 6. This includes your current distance to the hole, the condition of the green, and the lie. Proper adaptation of your chipping shots to these situations can greatly help you improve your short game.
  7. 7. Practice, Practice, Practice
  8. 8. The most important step for improving your short game via excellent chipping is to practice as much as possible. Develop a routine and religiously adhere to time lines that you set. Be sure to concentrate your practice sessions on chipping from bad lies, because these are often the most difficult shots to salvage.
  9. 9. Know the Proper Club to Use
  10. 10. While you are chipping, it is very important that you are aware of the proper club to use in different situations, as this is the best way to improve your short game. For instance, the type of iron you will use on a good lie will be different from that to be used on a buried lie. Also, you will need to consider how much time you want the ball to spend in the air and how long it needs to roll towards the hole.
  11. 11. Consider Your Current Position on the Course
  12. 12. If there are obstacles or hazards such as bunker areas, water, or roughs between your current position and the green, then your chip shot has to fly over that distance, landing very close to the flagstick and roll towards the hole. Here, your swing delivery requires that you hit the ball just near the base with the club face open. Proper energy behind the swing will lift and roll the ball towards its target as desired. Lob wedges and sand wedges are advised for use in these situations, though you can use any other club you feel most comfortable with.
  13. 13. Obviously, we’ve only just touched the surface of how to improve you short game through effective chipping.
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