How to Stop Three Putting in Golf


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Three putting is a common and frustrating problem in golf. This presentation gives some quick tips to help you get the ball in the hole in two putts or less.

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How to Stop Three Putting in Golf

  1. 1. How to Stop Three Putting In Golf
  2. 2. Three putting in golf is one of the most frustrating errors any golfer can come across, especially if you find yourself facing more than one three putt in a single round of golf. Generally, three putting translates to the greatest waste of shots during golfing and can dampen your playing spirit if not properly managed.
  3. 3. It is easy to stop three putting if you can understand what causes it, and then work towards its remediation. The major causes of three putts are poor pace control, missing short putts, and poor distance control. Here are tips that can help you to stop three putting.
  4. 4. Deliver Your First Putt Perfectly
  5. 5. To stop three putting in golf, you have to deliver your first putt with precision as it is very important to the overall putting process. You have to make sure that your first putt rolls adequately to a proper distance in order to reduce pressure on you and your subsequent shots. To achieve this, you have to practice all aspects of putting skills, especially those that give you leverage on your first putt. In the long run, this will build your confidence and eventually you will stop three putting.
  6. 6. Control the Pace of Your Putts
  7. 7. To stop three putting, you need to be able to control the pace of your putts perfectly. Remember that your aim during putting is to get the ball to roll as close as possible towards the hole, so the pace at which you deliver your putt is extremely important. The grip on your putter has to be light and you need to choose the proper putter that is suitable for different conditions. For instance, the putter and stroke that will be used on a smooth green will be different from that used on a rough green. Also, while delivering the putt, you have to attempt to stroke the ball and avoid pushing it.
  8. 8. Develop Confidence
  9. 9. This is a very critical concern if you want to stop three putting in your games, because there is a psychological angle to virtually all aspects of the game. You have to re-focus your mind and believe that you will be successful the next time you putt. Developing the confidence needed to excel is known as curing your yips.
  10. 10. By following the previously mentioned steps, you can easily fine tune your game to stop three putting in no time. Understand what causes three putts, practice hard, deliver your first putt well, and maintain a positive mindset throughout the game.
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