Great Tips for Lowering Your Golf Score


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We all want a better golf score. This is true for anyone- whether you're Tiger Woods or someone just starting to play golf. This quick presentation give a few quick tips to lower your golf score.

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Great Tips for Lowering Your Golf Score

  1. 1. Great Tips for Lowering Your Golf Score
  2. 2. For the uninitiated, do not get confused. Lowering your golf score actually means that you are improving your score. That is why you hear golfers making statements like; “I am trying to lower my golf handicap in order to win.” The game of golf is one that uses so many uncommon words and terms. However, its enthusiasts are familiar with what these terms mean, just like in every other specialized sport. Let’s get back to the topic…
  3. 3. Lowering Your Golf Score
  4. 4. Whether you are a veteran in the sport or just a beginner, it is important to constantly practice towards lowering your golf score, and it’s easier than you may think. It has been noted that a few changes are all you need to get better in the game. Some great tips to help you do this include:
  5. 5. • Mastering Your Swing on the Ball • Practicing as Much as Possible • Utilizing the Proper Putter
  6. 6. Now obviously this list isn’t complete, but like I said before, it only takes a couple of small changes to make a noticeable improvement in your golf game. If you follow these instructions, you can easily see your scores getting lower and lower.
  7. 7. Mastering Your Swing on the Ball
  8. 8. Every golfer has to remember that the main aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole as smoothly and as quickly as possible, and a good swing with your club is one thing that can make this much easier. Mastering your swing on the ball over time greatly helps with lowering your golf score. For instance, if you are having issues with ball control during your swings, you can decide to take it easy on your swing by reducing the force with which you hit the ball. This is because shorter swings generally help with better ball control.
  9. 9. Practicing as Much as Possible
  10. 10. One great tip that surely helps with lowering your golf score is constant practice. It is a well known fact that all aspects of the game contribute to lowering your golf score, from putting to pitching, chipping and adjusting for the wind etc. You should dedicate specific practice periods; for instance, a minimum of three hours per week on the different skills. Like they say, practice makes perfect, and no amount of practice is too much.
  11. 11. Like golfing great Harry Vardon said, “ Don't play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty .” It goes without saying that the more you practice and play golf, the better you’ll become at it.
  12. 12. Utilizing the Proper Putter
  13. 13. The contribution of your putting prowess towards lowering your golf score cannot be underestimated. Therefore, using the proper putter is essential if you want to get the best out of every game. You have to ensure that your putter is not too small, too big, or too heavy for carriage. There is no putter that can be said to be the best for everyone. The putter that is best for you is as personal as the touch with which you deliver your putting. Some golfers have multiple putters and use them in different situations, generally using the light putters for fast greens and the heavy ones for slow greens.
  14. 14. These tips outlined above are just a few of the multitude that can help with lowering your golf score. Start out with these and be back here for more after you have mastered these. You will surely be amazed at the results.
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