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Essential Tips for Pitching from the Rough


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This quick presentation gives you some easy steps to help you pitch from the rough.

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Essential Tips for Pitching from the Rough

  1. 1. Essential Tips for Pitching From the Rough
  2. 2. Pitching from the rough is one aspect of the game that most golfers do not like to be faced with. But, you have to learn to handle it and practice hard in case you find your ball in the rough. So, the most important thing is to develop a mindset of surmounting any obstacle that comes your way. Building confidence and curing your yips are very important to achieve this.
  3. 3. Don't Let the Grass Affect Your Mindset
  4. 4. Pitching from the rough effectively requires that you do not allow the rough grass surrounding your golf ball to affect the quality of your pitch shot, especially because the rough grass is capable of twisting the your club face. Essential tips that can help you go about this are outlined below.
  5. 5. After developing the proper mindset for pitching from the rough effectively, the next thing you need to work on is how well you grip your club and the stance you maintain while delivering the shot.
  6. 6. Aim the Pitching Wedge
  7. 7. Pick up the proper pitching wedge and aim at the position from which you will enter through the grass. This should be between 1 to 2 inches behind the ball. Then, grip the club in a way that ensures that the club head is ahead of your grip during the downswing. The grip is extremely important when pitching from the rough because it contributes greatly to the final quality of the shot alongside other factors. The firm grip allows your club to bite through the grass and lift the ball out of the rough in the desired direction.
  8. 8. Have a Proper Stance
  9. 9. Now to your stance, you have to widen it a bit, just a little less than or about the width of your shoulders. Flex your knees and arms slightly towards the ball as this will combine with your stance to give you a good delivery when pitching from the rough.
  10. 10. Keep the Club Face Open
  11. 11. During delivery of the pitching shot, you have to keep the club face open through the back swing and also on the down swing. Aim at the point through which you intend to deliver the hit and wiggle your club back and forth a little to accustom your self to the position. Also, keep your eye focused on the ball and target point while delivering your pitching shot.
  12. 12. Control the Path of the Ball
  13. 13. Finally, you have to use your body, chest and wrist movements to control the final path of the ball after the hit is made. Keep your chest moving during both swings and let your wrists serve as hinges driving motion into the ball through the club head. You will be amazed at how well you will be pitching from the rough if you practice hard with these tips and develop a mindset that can help you handle such pitches effectively.
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